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Shade is a Land Raider in the Heaven Ops branch of the IPPP.


Shade was the president of an animal protection program in Heaven Ops. His group protested against animal cruelty, like seal hunting. On one occasion, they discussed with seal hunters to stop hunting, but the hunters refused. The Land Raiders followed the hunters. When they started killing the seals, Shade ordered his men to open fire. They killed five hunters, and wounded the sixth. As the hunter tried to escape, Shade used the icepick the hunters used to kill seals to finish off the hunter. Shade was charged with unauthorized murder and was sentenced to death. However, he rejoined the Land Raiders when the terrorist war started, as Heaven Ops needed all the troops they could get. Their plan was to let the war take care of Shade, but he survived.

Heaven OpsEdit

Terrorist WarEdit

As the war grew desperate, Heaven Ops needed all the men it could spare. Shade was released for prison and thrown back into combat. Officers hoped that the war would kill him. His company, Rice Company, suffered heavy casualties, but he survived and left the officers with no choice but to lift his sentence for "good behavior".

Infection OutbreakEdit

Rice Company, or what was left of it, was redeployed in New York City after the infection was released with no replacements for the dead Land Raiders (a final ploy to get rid of Shade's eco-terrorist group). Rice company was scattered all over the city and many were killed or infected. Shade managed to link up with a local gang that was running the Survivor Checkpoints, where survivors could stay until evac arrived. Shade later met up with Stone Squad. Clown called in an evac and supply drop for Shade's checkpoint. Shade joined Stone Squad in its search for survivors and the rest of his company. After survivng an ambush by Sneaks, the group linked up with another Checkpoint. After evacuating them, they met up with General Hare, who was overseeing the evacuation. Shade got permission from Hare to assist Stone Squad in finding and extracting Cougar Squad, who had been shot down in the city. Later, Shade found a survivor who owned a fur shop, and engaged in a brief argument which resulted in the civilian shooting him, but once again, he survived.


Shade was taken to the town of Graveston, NY, after being shot. While in the infirmary, he learned that he was in fact not off the hook for his previous crimes and that he was only sent to battle to die. Shade enlisted the help of several Land Raiders who believed in his cause and they helped him escape. Shade also recruited Green Marines Fidelis and Dagger. The deserters hijacked two Heaven Ops planes and flew to Russia to continue Shade's animal protection work.

World GuardEdit

Shade and his group, under the call sign Dead Kitty, flew to northern Russia to meet up with deserters of the Eastern Protection Program (EPP), whom he had planned with prior to deserting. The EPP deserters had set up a base camp, known as Tormented Puppy. Together, the group was known as the World Guard, a universal defense organization devoted to protect the innocent of all species. It was immediately targeted by Heaven Ops as a terrorist organization. Shade intended to prove them wrong by showing the public that they were not terrorists.

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