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The Shade civilization, within the Shadow-verse, is run by a caste system:

Class 5: Slaves and ServantsEdit


Shade Slave

A Shade Slave

The Shade slaves are usually born into servitude for the higher classes, but others are usually forced into Slavery due to Crimes they commited.


A Shade Servant, is just a Slave who works within a noble's castle or home.

Class 4: Farmers and MerchantsEdit


Like human farmers, Shade farmers raise Crops and livestock, to provide food for the vast Shade Empire.


Shades who run their own small buisnesses, within towns or citys.

Class 3: PreistsEdit


A Shade Priest

The religious class, Preists usually live in Temples or Citadels for most of their lives, praying to the Shades' dark god.

Class 2: Nobles and SoldiersEdit


Nobles usualy reside in Castles or large houses, and own many Slaves and Servants.


Part of the Shade Military.

Class 1: The King of ShadesEdit

The highest class of the Shade Caste System, and ruler of all the Shades.

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