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The Shadow Fellowship was a faction led by Malum, the King of Darkness. The Shadow Fellowship included his siblings, the Demon Lords Glacies, Caliga, and Incendia.


The Shadow Fellowship was formed before recorded history, by Malum and Caliga. They enlisted their minions, and began to take over the earth. Glacies was at first unwilling to join, but dangers from Incendia finally convinced him. Incendia had been trying to melt the polar ice caps (for fun), but failed. Her only alternative was to do it very slowly. Glacies often had to be controlled by Malum, as the demon wolf often went berserk. At one council, the three brothers discussed their younger sister Incendia, who was causing carnage all over the world.

After centuries of attempting to convince Incendia, (mostly for the reason that she was extremely powerful), Malum finally got her to join the Fellowship. However, any attempts to control her went terribly wrong. Incendia almost killed Glacies when Malum ordered Incendia to stop trying to destroy the continent of Australia by erupting hundreds of volcanoes at once. Incendia became furious, and emitted a huge explosion of heat and fire, which fried Glacies' fur, who was sitting close to her.

The Shadow Fellowship
Demon Lords MalumGlaciesCaligaIncendia
Protagonists Natasha AlexandraAnna TysonJames
Antagonists Sophia Kazakova
Factions Black VeilShadow Fellowship
Locations Ice CaveFire CatacombsWater LabyrinthShadow Forest
Stories #1: Black Veil#2: Shadow Fellowship#3: Lady of Fire

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