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She Devil
Created by:
Origin: Mystical
Category: Energy Projector
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Sheila Devlin
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 39
Height: 1.8m
Weight: Substantial
Eye Colour: Unknown
Hair Colour: Unknown
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Millennium City, USA
Affiliation: The Underworld
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Can project blasts of demonic fire, superhuman strength and resilience
Training / Abilities

Once a capable pro-wrestler, She Devil saw her popularity wane and decided to do something about it – unfortunately, that “something” was making a pact with demonic powers.


She Devil was once a part of the now-defunct WWFU Wrestling Promotion; while she entered the competition as a female wrestler, her sheer size and strength saw her booked against primarily male opponents. For a while, her unique skills combined with her gimmick – she always wore a devil mask, and nobody had ever seen her face – made her popular. However, over time, her popularity waned as people got tired of her gimmick. A string of poorly-executed feuds and humiliating defeats saw her buried and relegated to the undercard.

She Devil. However, was not ready to take this lying down. While not an actual demon (obviously), there was some truth to her gimmick; she had always been involved with the occult and her knowledge as more then just theoretical. Deciding that her career mattered more then anything else to her, she used an occult ritual to summon a demon to aid her. The ritual was successful, a fel being appearing within her circle.

She demanded that the demon use its powers to give her a big “push” back to the top of the card; the demon refused, pointing out that even its infernal powers were useless against a booking team. Instead, it offered her a deal; if she surrendered her immortal soul, she would gain great powers. She readily agreed, figuring that, at the very least, she could use her newfound powers to earn a return to the top card. The demon used his abilities to empower her, giving her superhuman strength and resilience.

Instead, she found that the WWFU still weren’t interested in her; in fact, as a cost-cutting move, they fired her for under-performing. Angered, she went on a rampage, discovering another ability the demon had given her; she could create and control fire. Ironically, it was the damage done during her rampage that lead to the shutting down of the federation.

Now out of a job, She Devil figured that since her soul was already damned, she may as well turn to crime to support herself. Gathering a small band of like-minded individuals, she decided to work towards two ends; the first was making herself as wealthy as possible in this world and the second to further increased her powers.

Unfortunately, her plans did not seem to work out; her minions proved to be less then fully capable, easily falling in battle. Time and time again, they would be easily beaten up and disposed of, leaving She Devil in unfavourable situations. For the time being, she has been able to escape capture; in fact, it seems that many of her crimes are aimed at rescuing her fallen compatriots from prison.


The demonic pact She Devil made with the demon granted her superhuman strength and endurance; while not on par with the strongest bricks, she certainly is capable of keeping up with most other opponents. She also seems to have a degree of natural regeneration, allowing her to rapidly recover from her injuries.

The pact also gave She Devil the power to create and control flames; besides the fiery blasts that she can project from her hands, she can also use existing fires to her own ends buy causing them to grow and spread.

What she doesn’t know is that her regeneration and other powers are actually fuelled by those around her; She Devil is literally sucking the life from them as she fights alongside them. As she grows more powerful, they get weaker and weaker; which may explain their apparent ineptitude.


She Devil seems to be somewhat living in the past, dreaming of her now faded glory and desperate to recapture it, regardless of the cost. Certainly selling her immortal soul seems to have been not that big a leap for her by comparison. She is very bull-headed and aggressive, and seems to enjoy fighting. If the opportunity presents itself, she prefers to make her opponent suffer rather then just finishing them off straight away.

While she is very aggressive, she also seems to be perfectly happy to run off and leave her compatriots in the lurch if things go against her; similarly, she sees herself as the unquestioned leader of her little band, and the other members as her “servants”; they exist to further her causes, and their own needs are somewhat irrelevant. Finally, she is very sensitive about her face, and will violently attack anyone who touches her mask.


She Devil’s face has never been seen; a contractual clause kept her hidden by her mask and meant that it never would be publicly revealed. Otherwise, she was a large, muscular woman with thick, scarred limbs. She wears a variation on her old stage costume, with the same devil mask and a red and yellow, flame-pattered, sleeveless costume.

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