Quick FactsEdit

Real Name: Hayato Yamamoto

Birth Date: August 4th 1211

Date of Death: August 4th 1256

Date Reincarnated (As a Spirit): 1257

Date of Banishment from the Living World (As A Spirit): 1457

Date Escaped from the Spirit World: 1612

Home: Japan (Former), The Astral Plane (Former), Hell (Current)

Date of First Possession: 1612

Date of Last Possession: 2005

Date banished to hell: 2012

Race: Human (Former), Spirit (Current)

Powers (As A Spirit): Possession, When inside the Physical Body can Teleport, Super Strength, Can Travel in a cloud of Black Smoke (As A Spirit)

Current Status: In Hell For Eternity

Alignment: Evil Spirit

Weapons: Samarai Sword 


Hayato Yamamoto was born in 1211 in Ancient Japan. From an early age he was trained in the Ancient Japanese Martial Arts, and Taught the Secrets of Combat. He was the best with a sword out of the Samarais. He fought in many wars, and died a veteran of war. He died after being tortured and killed by the enemy. He made a deal with the Devil, in exchange for doing the devils work on Earth, his spirt will be able to inhabit physical bodies and live and thrive. He being obssessed with not facing judgement said yes and inhabited the body of the man that killed him, and killed all his friends, his family, and all his samarais. He eventually turned the blade on himself and left the body. He left 1,500 dead. He loved it and went on a ramage into the world that was unknown to many at the time and went to the Americas. He became what people called a "Sickness" that once one is infected with everybody must hide. From that time, he killed millions of people, until 1457 when an excrosit in Midevial Europe sent his spirit to what they thought was hell, but its the astral plane. He could not escape, he spent hundreds of years filled with hate trying to escape. His spirit was so hateful, he wanted nothing more but to kill everybody. He was able to escape a couple times, but the body decayed when his dead soul was in it. He had to leave in shorter order then when he wanted to. He still was able to cause pain. He escaped the astral plane itself in 1612, and turned on the devil and became a rogue spirit. Their was a new name for him, because both the Devil and his maker were after him. He was the only pure evil that every existed. He killed, and loved every minute of it. He possessed millions and killed millions of people. In 2001, he gained access to a terrorists body and caused 911. He left the body immediatly, it being worthless to him, and went to the president of the US and decided to create a war and be the cause of the death and destruction of countless lives. He caused earthquakes using supernatural power he discovered. In 2012, he possessed the commisioner of superhumans on earth. He turned them on each other. They discovered that what they need is an excrosit. Because he killed the commisioner and kept on coming, they discovered he was possessed and it was an evil spirit. It took 200 excrosims and 30 men, but eventually he killed his excrosits and in his dying breath he called out his real name and his real decayed face turned towards him, and he said "By the power of all that is good, I condemn you back to hell!" He screamed and the spirit started falling out of the body, he grasped on to life. He escaped that one time. But the next time spirit combating artifacts were placed in every town in the world. He made the mistake of one day running into the body of a nun, and it was excrosized by 30 nuns. He killed all 30 of them, but in all their dying breaths they cursed him. Eventually going up to 30, it was enough to beat his strength and send him to hell. He was sent to the lowest (most torture filled) layer of hell. He had to relive the pain of the hundreds of millions he had killed. 
Samurai by lubliner

As A Human

Samurai ghost by PootDamnYou

His Spirit


His Sword

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