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Created-by: IshmaelOTDOP
Origin: Confidential
Threat Level: Class 3
Personal Data
Real Name: Earnest Giles
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 140 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Accountant
Place of Birth: Unknown, presumable Mid-Western origins
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
No additional information available.


One lonely Sunday, Earnest Guiles was taking a stroll through a particularly bad neighborhood. A man bumped into him, running from police. The man looked him dead in the eyes as he ran past. Earnest would never forget those eyes, their putrid shade of green burning into him. He looked down at his feet, and saw a necklace. He picked it up and shoved it in his pocket, heading for home.

Once home, he inspected it further. It was a coin on a simple chain, with runes carved into it. One in each cardinal direction, and a big one in the center. He rubbed his finger over the middle button, and looked back up at the clock. It was midnight. He didn't want to be late for work in the morning, and he drifted away into sleep.

He woke up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, and looked at the clock again. 12. He was so late. He ran to the bathroom, and turned on the faucet. No water came out.

"No, I paid that bill. What's going on?"

He checked the shower. That faucet didn't work either. He gave up, and donned his usual attire. As he shut the door, he noticed a couple at the other end of the hall, making out. He walked up to them, his confusion spreading the closer he became. They never moved.

He ran outside to see the same story. Everyone completely still. He didn't even question the fact that it was nighttime. He had seen enough movies, and he knew exactly what he should do. He ran back inside, and grabbed the amulet. He rubbed the center rune again, and there was a loud boom in the bathroom. Followed by the sound of water gushing.

He looked in the bathroom, laughing maniacally, watching the water gush from the spouts he had turned earlier. It was too good to be true.

He locked himself in his house for a while, testing the amulet, realizing that the center rune would put a halt on time, and the two on either the left or right would allow him to speed up or slow down. The top rune seemed to do nothing at all, but he would figure that out later.

His first few experiments proved his theory to be true, and that physics converted all his energy into the timeframe it was used, like the mishap with his faucet handle twisting off. By reversing time, which he found could only be done to a degree, he was able to undo his mistakes, but to his great dismay, he was unable to freely travel time.

Settling with what he had, he began to invest his time in criminal activities, finding it extremely easy to steal from behind counters and the like with the ability to freeze things. He watched the news very closely for the reports about the sudden unexplained gusts of wind being connected to theft at convenience stores and the like.

Eventually it was time to move on to bigger game, and he began to hit banks, timing everything first with his own bank, and eventually opening up future accounts at other locations for future heists.

He used his money sparingly, keeping most of it out of the banks. Eventually, he began to feel uncomfortable with staying in one place and bought several locations across the country, all under different names. Eventually he transferred the majority of his funds to an offshore Swiss bank account, where he would eventually set up his permanent address...

The story continues to unfold as he moved from New York for the first time. He was apprehended in Ohio. Kidnapped by men in masks, and driven to a remote location. There he met the creator of the device, one Ceit (pronounced Kate) Bolton, a strange sort of woman who told him of a strange time traveling man she had fallen in love with during the Korean War. She had been monitoring his progress through her personal computers that had access to every touch he would make to the amulet. She was very intent on releasing him if he promised to continue contact with her and fill out detailed reports about his usage. Explaining that he used it for less than legal activity, she became very excited, as that was what she had created the device for. She gave him his own personal interface, that gave him the ability to use the device to its fullest. Within the interface was a user's manual and several different access codes that gave him freedom when it came to the physics of the time lapses in relation to how it would affect his interactions with objects.

Her company began to provide his transportation, and his illegitimate works suddenly gave him a sense of accomplishment.

When he finally moved to Switzerland, he walked the darkest parts of the city, staying close to the shadows.

This gave him an unexpected gift.

Walking past an alleyway, he heard rumblings from a dumpster. Having a fondness for scavenging animals, he went to investigate. As he opened the lid, a small ferret popped it's head out and surprised him further by thanking him.

The strange talking ferret did not ever give him a name, but thanked him over and over, saying he had been trapped in that dumpster for three days because of some teenagers, and as an offer of courtesy, offered Earnest the presence of his company for as long as he so desired, although the ferret refused to talk about himself at all.

So now with a friend and the backing of Dr. Ceit Bolton's company Hermes Inc., he found his place in the world.


After learning of his new possession, Earnest renamed himself, and disappeared from the map completely. He realized, being a statistics analyzer, that he could do an innumerable amount of things with just the physics.


  • Ability to control time with amulet


  • An Amulet that allows him to control time


  • Humanity
  • Power derived from an Artifact


Shift is a Class 3 (Artifact) and can control time with an amulet.

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