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Created by:
Origin: Technology
Category: Power Armour
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Sam Shooter
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 31
Height: 1.77m (without armour)
Weight: Average
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Millennium City, USA
Affiliation: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Excellent knowledge of mechanics and electronics
Power armour suit containing numerous weapons and sensory systems as well as flight capability

Once a serious researcher, Sam Shooter turned to a life of crime to support his projects. Calling himself Shockblast, he uses his technological advancements for his criminal ambitions.


Originally an engineer and researcher, Sam spent his spare time working on a suit of powered amour, with lofty ambitions of selling the design for large quantities of money. Unfortunately for him, his suit suffered one severe design flaw in its extremely demanding power requirements. While he had worked hard on developing an efficient battery supply, this would only give it an operational life of a few minutes at best. His few efforts to build an integral generator were scrapped for being too bulky and impractical, and ended up hurting the suit more then it helped it.

Frustrated, he looked to other sources for his suit’s power systems. In one journal, he read about a young researcher, Andrew Starkings, who was developing his own advanced generator design. Looking over the figures, he realised that this was just what he needed. He also figured that any agreement to share the technology would result in him having to also split the profits.

Taking a rather radical approach, Sam decided to simply kill Starkings and steal his research; furthermore, he decided that he would discredit Starkings by sabotaging his prototype generator, giving the impression that his design was one that was completely different and killing off the only person who could know otherwise. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to him, Starkings survived and, furthermore, gained super-powers from the explosions.

In the meantime, Sam completed the design of his suit and built a fully functional prototype. However, he was not able to sell the suit; it was seen as too bulky and expensive and, ironically, the generator too expensive to mass-produce. Frustrated, and considerably out of pocket, Sam decided that if he couldn’t legitimately sell the suit, he’d profit off it in other ways. Further modifying it to make its appearance completely different to the prototype he’d presented, he embarked on a career of high-powered crime to recoup his losses.


Sam himself has no inherent abilities or powers. He is, however, a very skilled engineer and mechanic, as well as an expert in energy weaponry. His battlesuit reflects this expertise. While rather bulky, it is one of the more powerful examples of the type. Its armour is immune to small-arms fire and resistant to most things heavier, while its fully sealed environment is safe for virtually anywhere from the depths of the ocean to outer space.

However, it is in its weaponry that the suit truly shines. Its main weapon is the massive cannon that makes up most of its left arm. Incredibly powerful, the cannon can be modulated to fire different types and frequencies of energy beam, giving it a radically diverse array of abilities, and allowing Sam to customise it for various needs. In addition, the suit is loaded down with advanced sensory systems and is able to fly.


Sam is a greedy and ambitious man who is rather completely lacking in morals and scruples. He has dedicated himself to the only cause that he believes in, which is his own personal wealth and comfort. He has no loyalty to any cause or any goal beyond his own; while he may form alliances and work with others from time to time, he will only do so for as long as it is convenient to him.

Die to his egotistical nature, he is still convinced that he can make a fortune off selling his suit. To this end, he has constructed a half-dozen prototypes of a less powerful but less expensive version, and has been showing them around various illegal organizations and groups in an effort to drum up sales. He has also been considering hiring mercenaries to operate the suits to support his crimes.


Sam Shooter is an astonishingly unremarkable man in his early 30s with short-cropped black hair and brown eyes. He prefers to wear sharp business suits and cut a professional image. His battlesuit is a rather bulky affair with prominent thrusters and a large cannon covering much of the left arm. The suit is primarily purple, with silver and green highlights.

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