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Light Interceptor

The Silver Fang is a stolen UMFE Light Interceptor that Jason Cruise uses as his main transport between Mars, Earth, Deimos, and Luna.

Description Edit

Alikeness to Normal Light Interceptors Edit

Like all other UMFE Light Interceptors, the Silver Fang has the appearance of a 1997, B-2 Spirit (Stealth Bomber) fused with a C709 Longsword-class Interceptor (From the Halo franchise). It has a more slender body however, and has much more cargo space. It is outfitted with four UMFE Heavy Gauss Repeater Cannons, four UMFE Sonic Pulse Missiles, and Heavy Iron Plating capable of withstanding massive amounts of damage.

Differences from Normal Light Interceptors Edit

Jason Cruise initially customized the Silver Fang to make it much more valuable and to get a better price for it, but after all the hard work and sweat put into it, he ended up keeping it as his own trade ship. These customizations include an extra missile pod on both wings, a more powerful engine system with greater fuel capacity for Inter-Planetary travel, a Cryo-Chamber to sleep in during said travel as to avoid aging, and a specialized auto-pilot, programmed with the knowledge of Jason's best mid-fight stunts, tricks, and evasion tactics.

He even re-painted the Interceptor a gleaming silver color, which gave him a greater incentive to name it the Silver Fang. The paint has been chipped all over the ship's surface from Jason's encounters with UMFE Forces, but he refuses to re-paint it again. He usually gives two different reasons for his refusal: The first being that the chipped paint and dented panels held to many memories to replace. The other being that it took him enough time to customize it in the first place, and he isn't about to go through it all again. The Silver Fang to Jason is like the Millennium Falcon to Han Solo: Both pilots never want to leave their ship behind.

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