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Created by: Ghost47
Origin: Science
Category: Supervillian
Status: Alive
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: None
Species: Homo Sapien (Past)

Mutant (Present)

Age: Unknown
Height: unknown (past)

7 feet 10 inchs (present)

Weight: unknown (past)

210 (present)

Eye Colour: unknown (past)

Glowing Red (present)

Hair Colour: Unknown (past)

none (present)

Citizenship: USA, Il, Chicago
Place of Birth: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Current Residence: Wanders
Affiliation: None
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Time Related Powers.
torn workers jumpsuit

The monster now known as Singularity was born in a horrible explosion in a science factory. The Monster is guessed as being one of the many works that died in the explosion since it is wearing a workers jumpsuit


One day at the a very well known science factory known as Radson Korp, which was one of many science factories with the same name, a explosion happened that completly destroyed the factory and everyone in and around it. The Explosion caused a select person, who is unknown, who carried the conduit gene that forced him into his conduit stage. Sadly the explosion also altered his apperance and caused heavy mental damage.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Time Manipulation: Singularity can manipulate the flow of time. And by doing that he may stop, rewind, or accelerate himself or others. He can also jump into diffrent time frames and jump right back into his original giving him the apperance of teleportation. He can also move into diffrent versions of time giving him the apperance of intangibility. He may also pull other versions of himself into the time frame. These others area always blue or green. Singularity may also rewind time on other versions of himself to bring them back to life or to heal wounds
Www totalvideogames com 68814 zek 02

A intangiblie Singulaarity (front blueish fiqure) and a other version of Singularity (near the corpse)

Superhuman Abilities: Singularity has enough strength to rip through a heavily armored tank. He can move faster then the average human. He may also stand bullet wounds that would kill even other superhumans. Singularity uses his strength mainly to scale buildings or climb on the walls.

Types: Singularity`s past and future are ever changing and such create diffrent versions of this monster that the Alpha Singularity (Red One) can bring into the present


These Thin faster Singularities explode when in range of prey that sends them into a random time period

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