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Sith-venator Wavingstrider (Spartan-077)
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22 BBY


M.I.A. in 41 ABY

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2.4384 meters

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"Life is to much work, I hope I don't get reincarnated."
—Sith-venator's view on his war-like life.

Sith-venator Wavingstrider,also known as Spartan-077 or Sith, was the son of Clone Marshal Commander Gizmo and April Wavingstrider. Later he and his mother crashed on the planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy when they fled the Second Battle of Coruscant and there hyperdrive was damaged. On Earth he was recruited into the SPARTAN-II program and three years later was abducted to reach. He fought many battles during the Human-Covenant War but despite his loyalty towards the UNSC his past caught up with him resulting in him realizing his power. During the Battle of Installation 00 he hijacked a slipspace capable covenant ship and headed towards his home galaxy. He got back during the third year of the Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Empire and Alliance to Restore the Republic. After finding records on Coruscant confirming his father's death he joined the Rebellion and later the Mandalorians. He fought in many wars and in 41 ABY he went on a secret mission to Korriban wearing a very expensive piece of armor,as of 137 ABY the Galactic Alliance Remanment listed him still M.I.A.


Early LifeEdit


Better young Sith

Sith-venator Wavingstrider in 2517 on Reach looking very angry after a hard day of training.

Sith-venator Wavingstrider was born in 22 BBY on Kamino in a Clone Trooper barracks. At the age of two he was able to recite the alphabet flawlessly despite only hearing them a couple of times. At the age of three,during the Second Battle of Coruscant, he saved his mother from a IG-100 Magna Guard droid using his father's sidearm. April,Sith-venator, and a Shadowtrooper then escaped the battle using the family's YT-1300 the Sunhopper. During there hyperspace flight towards Kamino, they hit a Yuuzhan Vong Coral Skipper,destroying the smaller alien ship and damaging the Sunhopper's hyperdrive. With the hyperdrive damaged it headed out of the known galaxy and into another. It exited hyperspace in orbit of the planet Earth in the Milkey Way Galaxy year of 2514. They crash landed in Knoxville,Tennessee, and after a futile attempt by a UNSC Marine Medic both Sith-venator's uncle and Mother died from the crash.

Dr.Halsey,who was in the city during the accident, did not see it as a total lost however. Sith-venator, despite being a Human from a different galaxy, was eligible for the SPARTAN-II program. Until the program was put into complete effect the boy was sent to a foster home where he met another Spartan-II candidate Jugar, who was orphaned from a hostile group of Rebels. Three years later the duo went to Reach, having flash clones replace Jugar at the orphanage,however Sith-venator's flash clone was kept for study due to it being the UNSC's perfect flash clone at the time. During there first day at Reach they met there future demolitions expert Taylor,that day the trio was put into Purple Team and,like Blue Team, was one of the best teams in the program.

SPARTAN-II Graduation and the Human-Covenant WarEdit

Sith-venator and Daisy

Sith-venator during the Harvest Campain closing the eyes of the dead Daisy.

In 2525 Purple Team managed to survive the augmentation process that killed half their comrades. It was shortly after John-117 got into a fight with four Orbital Drop Shock Troopers(ODSTs) that he used the force for the first time convincing a marine to let the fight go. There new skills were put to the test when the team battled a trio of Cyclops in a pitch black cave unarmed. Later they were sent on a mission to recover data from a rebel base on the planet Arcadia ending in the team's version of success. At the beginning of the Human-Covenant War Purple Team got the special privilege to talk to the people that survived First Contact with the Covenant. Later on the Spirit of Fire three marines were added to there team to test to see if Spartans could work with standard soldiers. This included GhilleSuitHero,the only person Sith-venator ever met from the UNSC Army, Snore,who was rumored to be the best ODST in the Marine Corps, and Dartguts, who held the most awards at the time for accuracy with the new Battle Rifle.

File:Purple Team.jpg

During the Second Battle of Harvest the team was sent to capture a Covenant held base. This resulted in Snore and Dartguts getting captured by the feared Elite Zealot Seesa 'Moramee and his Brute bodyguards. Snore and Dartguts were later saved by the rest of the group,but after a shot and deadly confrontation. Taylor had fired a rocket at the Zealot only to have it reflected and knock the whole team unconscious,excluding Sith-venator who then proceeded to tackled the Elite. Seesa managed to get away using his bird like knees to his advantage to kick Sith-venator making him loosen his grip. The rest of the team then woke up a few minutes later in the Sick bay completely fine and ready to take on anything. An unknown time later Sith-venator was known to close the eyes of the deceased Daisy-023 and put her hands around her teddy bear chain.

End GameEdit

File:Reach 1094985 Medium.jpg

Twenty-seven years later Purple Team was recalled to Reach to be reequipped when the Covenant attacked. Sith-venator,after getting out of cryo,was visited by the force ghost of Galen Marek who tried to tell him what to do but the Spartan did not listen. The team got down to the surface to protect the valuable generators that supplied energy to the Orbital Mac Platforms that would help save Reach. Despite having new MJOLNIR and ODST armor, the best weapons, and miles of anti-tank mines the team was eventually defeated from the overwhelming number of aliens led by the Imperial Admiral Seesa 'Moramee. The team,excluding GhilleSuitHero, was knocked out by Special Operations Elites and were made prisoners. The Imperial Admiral,making his bodyguards take off the prisoner's helmets to see if Demons were really human and not some kind of monster, then once again asked them the question he had asked twenty-seven years ago,"Where is your Homeworld?". GhilleSuitHero soon attempted a heroic rescue of his team,taking out many enemies with his needlers only to be impaled by Seesa's energy sword. This gave the Elite an idea to kill every member of the team who did not reply right to his question. When he asked Taylor she replied with one last insult,the Imperial Admiral impaled her with the blade that had just killed another member of Purple Team.

He went to Sith-venator next to find the Spartan's green eyes now bronze. Sith-venator,using the force, killed Seesa and his bodyguards,took his sword, and destroyed a CCS-Battlecruiser in orbit. When Dartguts asked him if he was OK the Spartan force repulsed him into the now destroyed generator. A few moments later Jugar knocked his friend out with the butt of his sniper rifle, and then the team carried there fallen members to the nearest pelican,which then headed towards the nearest Slipspace capable UNSC ship, and just as the pelican got onbard it slipspaced towards safety.

When Sith-venator awoke from cryo he recalled the battle and then was visited by the force ghost of Revan and,unlike the younger Galen Marek, made sure Sith-venator listened to what he had to say. The ghost disappear right as Sith-venator was called to the armory to be fitted in the new MJOLNIR Mark VI with Jugar. During the fitting Jugar gave Sith-venator an Smart A.I. flash cloned from Taylor's brain cells named Juno,which had been made by Dr.Halsey who gave it to Fredric-104,who then gave it to Jugar. Sith-venator put the chip of the A.I. in his neural interface and seeing the Covenant in orbit went to the hanger with Jugar and free-fell with Jugar to New Mombasa. During the fall when Sith-venator used his parachute it immediately broke and in desperation used the force to slow his descent. When Jugar landed on the ground,as his parachute had worked, he found Sith-venator standing in a large crater. They later were reinforced with the rest of purple team and made a push towards a Covenant AA-field. Just as they were successful the Prophet of Regret's Assault Carrier entered slipspace above the city,the team just managed to avoid the blast by jumping down a small vertical cliff.

The team fought for weeks protecting Earth,during this time both Dartguts and Snore got hit by fuelrod cannons and had been sent to the E.R.,leaving only the original duo left. Purple Team later saw the activation of the portal to Instalation 00 and in the actions that followed ensured that the flood did not leave the city. Later on the UNSC Aegis Fate, with the help of Juno he cracked the most secret information the UNSC had. He discovered that his father was unknown to the UNSC,that his mother April had died during the crash,but on a unknown type of ship not a car, and had been flash cloned to serve as an assassin only killed by a train when she attempted to seek her husband. Also he found something else that disturbed him, his flash clone had lived,trained by ONI Assassins, survived SPARTAN-II Augments without harm, and had disappeared during the Battle of Mars. After reading the information he left with the rest of the UNSC forces for the Ark. During the Ark he was able to penetrate a Covenant Loyalist Ship without he help of Jugar. When they killed the Ship master the legendary duo said there goodbyes,Jugar boarded the Covenant Separatist Assault Carrier Shadow of Intent using a group of engineers and a phantom. When his friend left Sith-venator found the right coordinates inside the ship and slipspaced towards his Galaxy.

Galactic Civil WarEdit



Imperial City during Sith-venator's visit.

When the CCS-Battlecruiser jumped out of slipspace it was immediately shot by Imperial ion cannons,disabling it. Luckily Juno was able to send a fake transponder code to the Galactic Empire high command and in a few minutes the battlecruiser safely docked with an Imperial space station. Using fake codes and Mind tricks he was able to go down to the surface to access the Imperial records in the Imperial Palace. There Juno downloaded all the history of the galaxy the Empire had and Sith-venator discovered that his father was killed by the ruler of the Empire,Emperor Palpatine. In anger he attempted to kill the guard outside the door of the room he was in only to discover that Stormtroopers were bullet proof. He quickly snapped the soldier's neck but not before other troopers raised the alarm. After a short skirmish with Darth Vader he boarded an Imperial Shuttle and hyperspaced towards Tatooine.

Shadow CrusadersEdit

Sith-venator Wavingstrider: "You have quite the name."
Shadow Thedark: "So do you."
Sith-venator Wavingstrider: "Touche."
Shadow Thedark: "So we have an agreement?"
Sith-venator Wavingstrider: "Yes,we both have finally come to the conclusion that we were both named oddly."
— Sith-venator Wavingstrider and Shadow Thedark[src]
258px-Jump trooper

Shadow Thedark,leader of the massive multi-faction privateer group.

Aftet jumping into the Tatoo System he landed on the planet,and in a deep depression,went into the Mos Eisley Cantina and got heavily intoxicated with alcohol. So drunk he was that he did not realize that he was talking to an Imperial Captain, but luckily for Sith-venator this Captain was not interested in his past but only the future. Shadow Thedark was the leader of massive multi-faction privateer group known as the Shadow Crusaders.It was primarily located in the Outer Rim,as it had a sister group in the Core Worlds and the Mid Rim. Shadow Thedark was himself only an Imperial Captain in the Navy,but was able to bribe enough Imperial Governors in the areas where his group existed so the High Command would not know of the groups exsistance. Shadow Thedark convinced Sith-venator to join the group, and if he wanted revenge on Palpatine he should join the Rebellion. On the way out of the cantina Sith-venator was stopped by two Stormtroopers who knew what he had done. But before anyone could do anything Shadow shot both down with his E11 Blaster Rifle. Many patrons were curious to see why an Imperial Captain would do this,but soon got there answers when the Captain kicked off there helmets to show the face of Rodians and told Sith-venator they were not Stormtroopers but bounty hunters. With the patrons at the bar solving their little mystery then went back to their drinks.

Shadow then flew Sith-venator to Mustafar,where the Shade(Short for Shadow Crusaders) Headquarters. On the way there Shade explained the origon of the group and why it's HQ was on Mustafar. Once landed in the base Sith-venator was aquanted with some of the high ranking members, this included Tyree Tiberious,a Storm Commando and cousin to Shadow, Jayem,a expert swordsman and Jedi in training, Spikehead,Zabrak sniper and Medic, Tone'e, Ithorian Jedi who specialized in enginerring, and BurritoBandits, Jedi who specialized in Telekinesis. All of these people were force sensative but Shadow, Tyree, and Spikehead had only limited training while Jayem spent all his spare time learning,Tone'e was a Jedi Master that had gotten off of Coruscant with the help of Sith-venator's father, and BurritoBandits had been a Jedi Padawan when Order 66 was executed and had his training finished by Tone'e. Sith-venator decided to get training in the force before he went to the Rebel Front,currently located on Rori.

Sith-venator trained for twelve hours a day on Mustafar with BrurritoBandits and Tone'e,also it had been the first time in twenty-seven years that he had gon long periods of time out of his MJOLNIR Armor. Despite being in training his Masters often sent him on missions to Tatooine, Naboo, Corellia, Lok, Talus, Rori, and Kashyyyk so that he could make his own fortune and provide good to the Galaxy. It was on Tatooine that his pale skin got sunburned so much that his skin returned to it's old tan color. One of these adventures was the fight with N-K Necrosis on Kashyyk with many other Shadow Crusaders. Though the droid was defeated by Sith-venator's superior strength and experience. However this and more began to make Jayem jeoulous.

Battle of RestussEdit


The Battle of Restuss, in which both Imperials and Rebels had many casulties.

Tone'e: "Your father wanted you to have this when you were old enough."
Sith-venator: "It's not a lightsaber is it?"
Tone'e: "No,it is your father's DC-15A Blaster Rifle."
Sith-venator: "Sick!"
Tone'e: "Yes,that's what your father said when he used it to destroy a Droideka in a single shot."
— Sith-venator Wavingstrider and Tone'e[src]

After a seficient amount of training in Lightsaber training and in the Force,his Masters alowed him to head out to the Rebel Front to try to avenge his father's death. Before heading towards Rori he constructed two lighsabers to use in battle and Tone'e gave him one of his father's DC-15A Blaster Rifles. He then headed towards Restuss,capital of Rori,(with Spikehead) in his new Y-wing. Once landing Spikehead took him up to a destroyed building and told him to give him sniper support on ongoing Imperial Convoy of AT-ST parts. After a quick skirmish ending in the convoy being destoyred Sith-venator and Spikehead went back to the Rebel H.Q. for new orders.

After weeks of fighting both factions were to the point of giving up on the destroyed city. The Alliance made one last assault before pulling out,to attack the Imperial H.Q. A Commando squad lead by Sith-venator and Spikehead was then quickly assembled and dropped behind enemy lines. At the H.Q. they met heavy enemy resistence ranging from Dark Troopers to Dark Jedi. Sith-venator then put his name to the test when he conronted a mean looking Dark Jedi in the facility. The Dark Jedi had the upper hand at first using the lighsaber form of Vaapad against Sith-venator's Form:III. But when Sith-venator surprised his opponent by switching to Form:V he got an oppertunity to go in for the kill. Taking his lighsaber out of the Dark Jedi he quickly fired his grenades and when he ran out he took the grenade laucnher off his rifle and strapped his lighsaber in it's place to serve as a bayonet. After twenty minutes the H.Q. was destroyed by a bombing run. But the offence proved no point as the city had nothing of value anymore and had been a waist of a campain for both Imperials and Rebels alike. When Juno checked the imperial Holonet the Imperials claimed Restuss destroyed by Rebel terrorists despite there best efforts to protect the Naboo citizens. The report made Spikehead giggle to the point that tears were coming out of his eyes.

Jayem's BetrayelEdit

"History repeats itself all to often."
Vader yelloweyes

Jayem,a close friend of Sith-venator, falls to the dark side and betrays the Shadow Crusaders.

With some time for leave from the Rebel Navy, Sith-venator and Spikehead returned to Mustafar to find Shade's base in ruins. When Juno accesed the records showed that Jayem,in much anger after failing to lift a boulder off the ground, had killed many Shadow Crusaders and had dueled the veteran members to a nearby mining facility. When Sith-venator and Spikehead arrived at their destination they found Shadow and Tyree knocked out, and Tone'e and BurriotBandits dueling Jayem. Just before Spikehead got a shot at Jayem with his DC-15x sniper rifle the fallen Padawan used Force Repulse knocking everybody out but Sith-venator who had magnetised his boots and prepared for the blast just in time.

Jayem quickly rushed at Sith-venator using Form:V but Sith-venator blocked using a quick block using Shien. Jayem then used many quick swipes from a very powerful variation of Force Valor making Sith-venator switch to Form:III to defend from the attacks. They dueled through the mining facility,but despite Sith-venator's abilities and Juno trying to hurt Jayem in any way the facility would allow her Jayem kept on the relentless attacks from the Dark Side. Patience prevaled when Sith-venator saw an openening and used Traketa to brake Jayem's left arm with the hilt of his Saber. Jayem then switched to Form:II and was pushed towards the end of the facility. Jayem then force pushed Sith-venator off the facility,but was able to use his skills in Telekinesis to hover above the lava, Jayem the landed on the shore and beckoned the Spartan to attack him on the high ground. Sith-venator then revealed his second lightsaber and iginited his energy sword using the force and sent his three weapons at Jayem. Jayem quickly began dueling the swords and became distracted. Sith-venator quickly gathered momentum with the force and catapulted into Jayem,knocking him down. Sith-venator,whos war instincts had come back during the fight, quickly curb-stomped Jayem's head. Jayem was instantly killed and Sith-venator was victorious and headed back to the mining facility.


Aliens vs Halo by Rahll

Sith-venator fighting Xenomorphs in his MJOLNIR Mark VI.

After the death of Jayem the Shadow Crusaders went into a time of Reconstruction, there headquarters was moved to Rori and many more members were accepted in. Shadow thankfully granted Sith-venator some time off,but he did not go on vacation. Instead he went around the galaxy helping people in peril, making good conections, and rising in the Rebel Ranks. On Hoth ,in case of Imperial attack, he covered an old AT-TE with a hologram so that when the imperial passed him he could flank them. During these quests he encountered a species similar to the Flood called Xenomorphs. He barely got out of the Space Station they inhabbited alive, but had left a seismic charge in the Stations reactor sealing the parasites fate. Also later he commndered a rouge Star Destroyer with only a group of Shadow Crusaders and gave it to the Rebellion.

During these calmer times he also started to meditate more, his skills in the force began to grow. He once even met his famous uncle Boba Fett, but at gunpoint of course. Sith-venator described Fett as being as fast as a Jedi and as strong as a Wookiee. Despite there genetic relationship the two did not become good friends. So further down the road he protected the city of Mos Espa from tuscan raiders, it was rumured that the Tuscan Raider King's blood never came out of the sand in the city. Shorttly after that he went to Yavin IV and defeated the spirit of the Sith Lord Exar Kun in a long vigorious battle. His popularity began to grow, soon imperial Bounty Hunters ,new and old alike, were after the Spartan. Fortunately Sith-venator was never once even shot by a Bounty Hunter. Then when he was meditating he formed a plan to seek his revenge.

Raid on CoruscantEdit

"You killed my father, prepare to die you bastard!"
—Sith-venator Wavingstrider
800px-The Owners 006

Sith-venator fighting Darth Sidious in his Throne Room in 1.5 ABY.

Slowly and steadily Sith-venator built up a fleet of fighters and warships to attack Coruscant. The fleet consisted of five Venator-class Star Destroyers, two CCS-Battlecruisers, three Assault Frigates, and numerous sqaudrens of various fighters, bombers, and gunships. Once well prepared the fleet jumped into the atmosphere of Coruscant only miles away from the Imperial Palace to attack an Imperial factory. One of the CCS-Battle Cruisers then released Seraphs, phantoms and Sith-venator's Light freighter, the YKL-37R Nova Courier Serenity, into the city to assault the Imperial Palace. Upon crashing throught the windows Sith-venator took out his MA5C Assault Rifle and broke the skull of a wandering Imperial Officer, the phantoms shortly afterwards landed on a platform releasing Spec-ops Elites and ODSTs. The small battalion quickly swept through the palace until they got to the top floor where several Imperial Shadow Guards defended the Emperor's Throne Room. After a few moments there was an explosion and Sith-venator was seperated from his troops, but was able to enter his Fathers's killer's throne room.

When Sith-venator spotted the Sith Lord he immediantly took aim with his assault rifle. Before he pulled the trigger the Emperor jumped down from his thrown and cut the weapon apart with his lightsaber. Sith-venator quickly dodged a strike and retreated a couple meters to pull out two lightsabers. The Dark Lord swirled through the air,(Like he did in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith against Mace Windu), towards the Spartan only to have his saber knocked out of his hand by the Spartans immense strength. The Sith quickly retrieved his saber using telikenesis to block a uppercut from Wavingstrider. After several minutes of fighting Sith-venator had Palpatine at his energy sword's blade. Moments before he was about to decapitated Palpatine a Dark Jedi force pushed him out a window. Luckily Serenity was hovering right where he fell in a last desperate attempt at revenge he threw a plasma grenade into the palace, unfortunately it stuck onto the Dark Jedi and not Palpatine. With all his squadmates dead and the Imperial Fleet quickly blocking off the fleets exits Sith-venator ordered a retreat. He quickly landed Serenity in the docking bay of his Flagship, the Venator-class Star Destroyer the Venator, and ordered all ships to jump to the Tatoo System. Overall the mission was not a complete failure, as the fleet was able to destroy the Imperial Factory haulting many lines. Unfortunately his MJOLNIR Mark VI was damaged beyond repair from Palpatine's lightsaber. This flaw with his armors was not fixed until 41 ABY.

The Last BruteEdit

"All batteries fire on that ring, the Rebels will not use it against us!"
—Darth Vader upon learning what Halo's purpose was.

The Executer and several Star Destroyers fire upon the Halo Array.

Only days after the raid on Coruscant Serenity got a strange messege from the Unknown Regions, not other was it unexpected but it was also in the language of the Jiralhanae. The messge only included a location on where it was sent from and the words translated to "Come if you dare Demon." Sith-venator reacted quickly, he did not the Covenant religion in this galaxy to add onto even more destruction. He contacted the UNSC to confirm the status of the Brutes to learn the entire species was contained except for this chieftan. However the UNSC gave him more than just intel, they sent him his old friend Jugar-007 to kill the brute. Upon arriving Jugar and Sith-venator hugged and told stories of what had happened upon their department. Sith-venator told Jugar of his adventures in the new galaxy while Jugar told of how he being the last active SPARTAN-II had kept him quite busy. When they were done they loaded up onto Serenity and headed towards the corordinates.

Upon coming out of hyperspace the two spartans gazed upon something only John had told them about, another Halo. But this one was different, it had no visible atmosphere, (It looked completely metal) and was around a gas giant instead of just near one. Upon docking inside the installation they were greeted by a Moniter. Upon asking several annoying questions Jugar shot it with his M6G only to have nothing happen. Sith-venator then asked it a quastion, "What is this Installation doing so far away from the Milket Way Galaxy?". The moniter answered first with some techincal corrections and then spoke the truth as ,"This Installation was built as an offering frim my creators to the rulers of this glaxy, I belive they called themselves the Rataka. Either way my creators best efforts in the end were frutile as these strange beings attacked them without warning. They had no choice but to stay in their origional galaxy and still manage to defeat the Flood.". Right after that a Brute smashed the moniter into pieces with it's gravity hammer. Jugar quickly sniper it in the head with his rifle but it was to late, without the moniter the brutes controlled the sntinels and a clone army of himself.

The spartans moved through the instalation with some needed help from Juno. Both of their armors were efficient for fighting the enemies, Sith-venator's Katarn and Jugar's Hayabusa. When they finally got to the last brute Sith-venator impaled him with his own hammer using the force. But in the brites last moments he hit a switch releasing what the Forerunner had hoped the Rataka would be able to defeat, the Flood. Infection forms poored into the halls of the facility, infecting dozens of cloned brute corpses. The spartans had a harder time getting out than getting in. Once they got to the hanger they immediantly got onboard Serenity, activated it's shields, and set up it's automated defence system to protect them from the flood while they sent a messge to the nearest fleet to destroy Halo. As soon as the fleet jumped in system they launched into space and hyperspaced back to the Tatoo system. The fleet however was Imperial.

Upon the jumping in Darth Vader was skeptical of the ring being dangerous, but after a flood infected phantom attempted to infect the Executer and gettong a reading of the purpose he thought otherwise. Upon seeing a Flood Combat Form he drew his lightsaber and said, "You don't know the power of the Dark Side!", and sliced it in half. He later cleasned the hangerby setting it on fire using the force. Upon geeting back to the bridge he ordered all batteries to open fire on the ring. To encourage the crew he even said it was a Rebel Superweapon. The fleet tore apart Halo and any Flood biomass that survived the initial bombardment were killed from lack of air or food. The Galactic Empire then used this as propoganda for Darth Vader, the Imperial Navy, and how evil and desparate the Alliance to Restore the Republic was. Going far enough to openly give Halo's purpose and desighns to the public.

Shade's BetrayelEdit

"Wavingstrider and any of his friends will be eliminated, it would be a shame to see this great buisiness you have out there to be found out by the Moffs. Do you understand your orders Captain?"

During Sith-venator's investigation of the brute the Shadow Thedark was contacted by Emporer Palpatine himself. Palpatine gave orders and blackmailed the privateer leader for Sith-venator's death. Shadow had no choice and told his men what to do once their target arrived. When Sith-venator arrived at the base, after he sent Jugar back to the Milkey Way, he found himself at gunpoint from ten Storm Commandos. Luckily one Shaodw Crusader was still on his side, Spikehead, who then sniped three of the commandos quickly and let Sith-venator get into cover. The two later met up after dealing with the commandos and went to go find the Jedi of the guild, to make sure they were alive.

After running through more Shadow Crusaders they finnaly found the Jedi Masters, who were meditating. They told them what was happening and were off back to Serenity in the hanger. They fought threw many obstacles and even an AT-KT, nobody in Purole Team knew how it got in there. As they got in the hager they were trapped within Ray Shields. Shadow and his cousin Tyree the revealed themselves, both armed with electrostaffs and E11s. For a while they just stood there and looked at their prisoners. After two minutes Shadow fired at a security camera destroying, then released the ray shields. Sith-venator looked at the two imperials in the visors and then saluted. Purple Team then got onto Serenity and blasted towards Mon Calimari. Shaodw and Tyree then evacuated the facility and detonated Shade's HQ. The Shadow Crusaders were no more.


"Siit hu'tuun."
—Trawe Underwood after sniping a Dark Jedi that was attacking Sith-venator(Translated to Sith Coward).

The Mandalorians come to Sith-venator's aid while he is pursued by Imperials.

After he dropped off Spikehead, Tone'e, and BurritoBandits on Hoth he was pursued by Imperials when he refueled on Tattoine. While being pursuited Juno put in a random hyperspace destination to try to loose them. They ended up in the Mandalore system near the planet Kalevala. Sith-venator landed only to look up and see Imperial landing crafts coming for him, the imperials had some how known where he jumped to. He told Juno to cloak the ship and then ran as fast he could across the nuclear winterized planet's northern most continent. Dark Jedi were dropped off and used force speed to catch up to the Spartan. The fastest of these dark side users met a quick end when Sith-venator threw a knife behind him with greater speed than a bullet. The others ignited their lightsaber and sped on towards their target, sending burst of lightning at Sith-venator when ever they could.

Sith-venator's armor was falling apart by the time he had ran four miles. He stripped off his armor in hopes he would be able to speed up, but his lack of skill in Force Speed made him be caught be the Dark Jedi. He tripped and lied motionless on the ground in front of the Dark Jedi. One checked to see if he was was dead only to have Sith-venator's energy sword in his chest. SIth-venator then jumped up to see nine more of his enemies starring him down, he equiped his lightsaber onto his DC-15A and shot presisely into the head of one of the Dark Jedi and impaled another with his deadly bayonet. The others however used a lot of teamwork and Sith-venator's legs were impaled by lightsabers. Write as they were about to finish him off there was a crack and one of the Dark Jedi fell. A mandalorian with red armor then appeared backed up by two others, all equiped with beskads and high power blasters. The Dark Jedi attacked in fear and were quickly cut down by the Mandalorians accuracy with both blaster and swordsmanship. The mandalorians then brought Sith-venator to their HQ.

Once inside Sith-venator recovered for a few days and discovered what the Mandalorians were doing on this planet. Trawe, the sniper, explained that Mandalore was under heavy imperial watch and their brothers were slaves on the planet. They operated on Mandalore's sister planet because the Empire considered it no more than a nuclear wasteland. Sith-venator ,remembering his heritage, asked if he could join them. They said he could if he passed a test, to kill a Rancor single handidly. Sith-venator accepted and said "Thats all?". The mandalorians took him to a cage where their "tests" were kept and locked him in. The rancor took notice of Sith-venator and picked him up, but Sith-venator was not about to be made a meal. He took out his lightsaber and slashed the rancor's hand in half. It cried in pain and then attacked again, this time Sith-venator jumped out of the way, threw his lightsaber into the rancor's skull, and electricuted it with force lightning. There was a loud thud and the doors were unlocked.

For weeks he was taught in Mandalorian culture, history, and combat. He tried to get some Mandalorian amor while he was there but despite being mandalorians they had no more armor to spare. Luckily they had various other armor sets in case they ever had ran out of their traditional kind. They gave Sith-venator some RIS armor, made from the hide of the Kimogila and various other creatures. In addition there was a thim layer of phink for combatting Jedi and Sith alike. So he got new armor, new techniques in killing Sith, and more allies. Trawe then sent him on his way saying his training is complete and to assist the Alliance on Mandalore when the time comes, as they had to fight an imperial garrison on Shogun. He thanked them and told them to remember that the Jedi were no longer the enemy. Trawe answered back "Im color blind! Try not to die without me.".

Battle of Hoth and EndorEdit

"Sith your not on this flight to Endor."
—Han Solo to Sith-venator when he finds him on the strike team's shuttle.

The Second Death Star is destroyed with the help of Sith-venator.

After many months of battle he and his battalion eventualy fell back at Hoth with the rest of the Rebellion. When the Empire invaded Hoth he helped defended it. When the AT-ATs reached a certain point he attacked them from behind from a hidden AT-TE. Although a good plan it was later ruined by a Tie Bomber that saw it. Sith-venator barely escaped the bombing run, but before he fled the planet in Serenity he destroyed an AT-AT singlehandidly using Force Lightning. In orbit he also distracted many imperial ships to let rebel transports escape. After so much damage he had to retreat and hyperspaced to the rebel rendivuie point.

Soon after Hoth he helped the Alliance take Mandalore and helped plan the Battle of Endor. Before the battle he even tried to sneak on the Strike Team's shuttle but was quickly caught by Han Solo and had to be a pilot in space during the battle. Fortunately he had known in the end he would have to be a pilot and with the help of Juno had constructed a Intercepter/Bomber for dog fights. Juno named it the Descendent because it was an ugly, equiped with parts from an ARC-170, ETA-2, and and X-wing. He stayed inside a rebel ship's hanger and did not go into space until they were at their target. Luckily he was not out yet when they discovered it was a trap and was not one of the pilots that was caught off guard by a wave of Ties. He quickly got into space and battled many ties but later was given a certain obective. When the Second Death Star's shields went offline Sith-venator was ordered to destroy a hanger sending out multiple intercepters and bombers that would hurt the few remaing capital ships and bombers.

He quickly bombarded the hanged with all of his missiles and proton toredos only to discover another hanger, so he went inside hoping to be quick only to be stunned by an Ion Cannon. He quickly got out and shot a random pilot with his duel-wielded WESTAR-34 blaster pistols. After dealing with more pilots and some marines he quickly set some explosives on the wall and detonated them as soon as he was out. Soon after the entire Death Star exploded and Palpatine was dead. Sith-venot felt something though, he felt that Palpatine was alive.

Later LifeEdit

Palpatine's DeathEdit

"Noooooo! You are a nobody! How could you defeat me?!"

After the Battle of Endor he fought on the front lines all the way to Coruscant. By the time the New Republic was settled he was a Commodore in the Navy, holding the same equivilent of rank his father had during the Clone Wars. For years he had a simple desk job and only on occasions would he lead a campain on an Imperial world. He was content with this however because he had long convinced himself that Palpatine was still alive, though he had kept it to himself. He constantly had Juno look up leads on where he might be on Imperial planets but she always found nothing. He did this for six years until he got a strong feeling where palpatine was. He got Serenity and hyperspaced towards the planet of Byss, an imperial stronghold. He used to force to find palpatine's general location and let Juno do the rest.

They arrived at an Imperial temple of some kind, Juno told Sith-venator that it had several life froms inside and better know what he's doing. Sith-venator just smiled and said "Open the bottom turret seat." Juno complied and in a few second Sith-venator ws free falling twards the top of the temple, armed with only a Bubble Shield, his energy sword, and his lightsabers. He wore no armor, only a black/brown colored jedi robe. He broke through the glass at the top of the temple and landed in what appeared to be the Emporer's throne room. Sith-venator looked at Palpatine and Palpatine looked back and the laughed. He said "Foolish Jedi, you have fallen right into a trap!". Stormtroopers then appeared all around him, their numbers close to a hundred. They raised there E11s and all fired in full-auto at Sith-venator, but Sith-venator came prepared. He quickly threw down his buuble shield as fast as lightning, blocking every single shot the troopers fired.

From within his shield Sith-venator concentrated with all his might and then crushed both hands, using the force he made every single E11 explode in that room. Palpatine looked at his elite soldiers, now all dead. He looked at Sith-venator and said, "You have been a pain in my plans for too long Wavingstrider!" and barraged an attack of Force Lightning at Sith-venator faster than he could blink. The force hit Sith-venator and blasted him into a wall. He recovered quickly though and did the same thing to Palpatine. Wavingstrider then got up and jumped towards Palpatine, igniting lightsaabers in mid air. Palpatine activated his from under his robe just in time to block Sith-venato's diceing move. Palpatine used force epulse to get some distance from the Spartan and got into his left handed stance to try to confuse Sith-venator. Sith-venator noted it and then attacked using one blade to attack and the other to deffend. After parrying across the room Palpatine was able to destroy on of the sabers, and would have destroyed the second if Sith-venator had not used the force to push palpatine into a statue. Sith-venator then began using Form:V and with his Spartan strength once again overcame the Sith Lord. He got palpatine to the ground by cutting his leg with his energy sword, tat he had got out of his robes by using the force and made it travel to palpatines back. With Palpatine on the ground Sith-venator had a choice, kill his father's murderer or arrest him. Before he could choose Palpatine began insulting Sith-venator by saying he was not important and that he was weak and it was not possible he had been defeated. Sith-venator lost control when Palpatine was used the force to read his mind and said that Taylor's death was his fault. Sith-venator then beheaded Palpatine with the same energy sword that had killed Taylor.

With Palpatine dead he went back to Serenity and hyperspaced towards Coruscant, he was sad and happy at the same time. When he got their he went back to his desk and burried his face in papers. He didn't tell anybody about Palpatine because he was not aware that Palpatine was using clones, and thought he had killed Palpatine's origional body. When palpatine was finnaly dead in 11 ABY Sith-venator was one who was personally told by Luke Skywalker. Sith-venator gave Skywalker a handshake but nothing more. He only said, "Congradulations Skywalker, you took care of that Bastard.". Sith-venator then continued his desk job until about 13 ABY when he went to join the New Jedi Order. He became a Jedi Knight by 18 ABY and by 23 ABY he was a master.

New Jedi OrderEdit

"Be more of a jedi than a soldier here Sith."
—Luke Skywalker to Sith-venator on their first mission together as master and apprentice.

Sith-venator had joined the New Jedi Order with much controversey, many people had not known Sith-venator was force sensative, let alone the son of a clone. He walked into the temple greeted with some familiar faces but not many. Sith-venator saw who was to be his master, Luke Skywalker, he shook his hand immediantly. Luke Sywalker and Sith-venator never were the best of friends, they had gotten along and even had been on some missions together but that is where their companionship ended. It is unknown why for sure but most people that knew Sith-venator good thought it was because of Sith's anti-social behavior. Never the less Sith-venator trained hard under Master Skywalker. In this time as a padawan he focused on usage of the force and history, he was what the jedi called a consular. He trained under Skywalker until 18 ABY when he was promoted to Jedi Knight after saving a school on Kuat using the force. He later set out for an apprentice, he searched the Galaxy but was drawn towards the Milkey Way galaxy. He would have loved to check with the UNSC about current events but was limited on time as it was. The force told him to go to Sanhelios.

Once on Sanghelios he landed at the state of Moram, he was greeted by numorous Sangheili who had never seen a Human taller than them. He asked if there were any children in the clan currenly. The Kaidon of the clan told him there was only one, the rest had been captured by Kig-yar pirates. Sith-venator said sorry for the loss and then went to the family that had the child. At the door he was greeted by a Sangheili female who offered him in and some Sangheili version of tea. He sat down on a couch just as a male Sangheili walked in from gaurd duty. With what he knew about Sangheili culture he assumed that the female was the mother of the child and the male was the uncle. He talked about what the child was capable was and got to the point where he would be able to take the child to the Jedi Temple if he defeated the uncle in a duel. Sith-venator got up and ignited his lightsaber, after a few minutes he disarmed the uncle's energy sword and was allowed to take the child away. But he reassured the family that he would not lose his heritage, he then asked the kid's name on Serenity on the way back to Yavin IV, the small Elite answered Fal.

He trained Fal in a similar way Sangheili trained their children, but less harsh. By 20 ABY Fal knew how to use Mind tricks and knew basic galactic history. Also Sith-venator didn't make Fal construct a lightsaber since he had an energy sword, which he knew the young Elite would use even if he had a lightsaber. In 21 ABY the master and apprentice started going on missions in the core worlds and mid rim. By 23 ABY they were freeing slaves from captivity in nearly twelve sectors, "Apparently Trandoshans Slavers are afraid of reptillians and humans that are bigger than them." Sith-venator had wrote in his journal one evening. It was these noble acts that he was honored the title Jedi Master. Two years later, he and his apprentice would have to put that title to the test.

Yuuzhan Vong WarEdit

"Holy crap your fugly."
—Sith-venator upon seeing a Yuzzhan Vong warrior.
800px-Battle of Ord Sedra

The Yuuzhan Vong War,which brought Sith-venator's M90A shotgun out of retirement.


Swarm WarEdit

"Won't wars ever end?"
—Sith-venator Wavingstrider on the amount of wars in the galaxy.
778px-1217437451 Drone Group

The Drones make a reappearance in Sith-venator's life during the Swarm War.

After the Yuzhan Vong War Sith-venator went back to being a Jedi. However six years later the galaxy was at war yet again and his services were needed once more. He was regranted his rank by the Galactic Alliance of Commondore and led campains against crucial allies of the Killiks, such as the Verpine and Geonosians. His fleet, the Mandalorian Iron fleet, was also reactivated. The two CCS-Battlecruisers remaining had long been abandoned by the Elites so they could return home, instead they were controlled entirelly by Engineers(Species), who had set up communities on the ships after the Galactic Civil War. The fleet also still consisted of the origional Venator-class Star Destroyers that had participated on the Raid on Coruscant, though they were upgraded with better weapons and newer starfighters. His strategies for "Liberating" planets was ussualy quite simple, he would ask the planet to surrender or else his Naval force would destroy a city from orbital bombardment. If they did not surrender he would destroy another one. This strategy was fround upon by many other Jedi and several politicians but by the end of the War he had lost no ground forces.

One day in one of his campains in the Unknown Regions he found a uncharted planet that gave out the signal that the Dark nest transmited, being autious he went down to the planet himself to look around. As soon as he was out of his shuttle he found what he thought was a plasma pistol, which he had not seen in over thirty years, upon closer inspection it was a newer variet of the pistol. Sith-venator's Spartan instincts began to kick in, the memories of marines being torn apart by Drones filled his mind. When one actually flew it by he ran and jumped on it and told it to tell him where'd they came from. The simple minor did not understand basic so Sith-venator used the force to wipe it's memory and soon enough it lead him to the Drone Queen. The Queen upon looking upon Sith-venator hesitated and quickly looked at the exits, but her mass would not let her leave her birthing chambers. Sith-venator then asked her if she had joined the Killiks, she replied with some nasty basic saying, "Humanity is a scorge upon the universe, we use these similar species to gain military power. I will become a god!" Sith-venator remembered covenant saying that during the Human-Covenant War, his instincts took over and electricuted the queen.

After fighting his way back out of the colony he took his shuttle back to his flagship the Venator. Upon getting to the bridge he ordered the planet to be glassed entirely. He would not let the Covenant be reborn, he would not make the same mistake twice. The Venator-class Star Destroyers primed their turbo lasers and fired upon the planet while the CCS-Battlecruisers got low in the planet's atmosphere and glassed the capiatl. The planet was lifeless in a day, no Drones had survived. It was a great Galactic Alliance victory, no casulties of any kind for them, but for the Drones? Sith-venator did not know their status in the Milkey Way and had assumed they had been reasorbed by the Covenant Sepertists, so it was possible he made the species extinct. Upon his report getting turned in he was yelled at by the Fleet Commander for using such lethal force without authorization. Sith-venator was stripped of his command and kicked out of the Alliance Navy, he was not welcomed much by the New Jedi Order either, Jedi began saying he had fallen to the Dark Side, but he ignored them and just went back to being a Jedi. However the Mandalorians told him he had made the right desision, this made him feel better, saying that if the Drones were religious nuts then he did the humane thing and proved them wrong. Trawe personally said to him, "The Queen certainly did not become a god."

Second Galactic Civial WarEdit

"Ya, run away, don't fight the guy who's eight feet tall!"
—Sith-venator to Jacen Solo as he flees a confrontation during the Second Galactic Civil War.

Sith-venator (Bottom Left) attends Mara Jade Skywalker's Funeral.


Mission to KorribanEdit

"Come get some you Sith sons of bitches."
—Sith-venator Wavingstrider cursing out the Drak Lord of the Sith.
647px-New sith order

The One Sith on Korriban see Sith-venator for the first time in 127 ABY after he attempted to warn the Galactic Alliance of the upcoming War.

After the Second Galactic Civil War he began to meditate more often then he once had. He began getting premonitions of another war with the Sith. Sith-venator was not surprised even with the death of Jacen Solo that there were sith still in the galaxy. So he planned a scouting mission to the Sith homeworld of Korriban, but before he left he had to complete some personal stuff. The first was telling the Mandalore at the time, which was Boba Fett his uncle, where he was going and what he was doing. He did not tell the Jedi surprisingly beggining to not trust them as the years went by. Juno told him it was just genetics. The second was aquiring a new set of armor, for his old RIS had gotten old and outdated, so he had donated it to a museam. For a replacement he payed his old Jedi Master Tone'e, who had given up being a Jedi and joined the mandalorians, putting his skills as an armorsmith too good use. Sith-venator gave him the desighn of the MJOLNIR Mark VI and said to fuse it with the standerd Mandalorian Shocktrooper armor. The result was a set of armor so fiercesome that it was rumored years later "to even make a Sarlaac jump". It was equiped with standerd equipment and some extra stuff Tone'e threw in. The third was sayiong goodbye to his former padawan, Fal 'Moram.

With his personal agenda done he hyperspaced towards Korriban from Coruscant in Serenity with only Juno. Upon entering Korriban's atmosphere he was hit by an ion cannon instantaniously. Serenity freefell towards a active volcano so Sith-venator once again had to freefall through an atmosphere for war. Upon getting close to the ground he activated his jetpack to avoid any injuries, then activated his cloaking device and explored the county he was in. He discovered sith, a lot of Sith. With his ship destroyed and the planet under constant watch from the Sith he had no choice but to stay on Korriban until he had an oppertunity to escape. He was not able to slip into spaceports either due to a light on all ships that revealed any cloaked objects or beings. He was stuck, but he would use his time wisely. He used the way of the Sith to his advantage, if he killed a Sith Master than the Sith Apprentice would take credit and be promoted and have an apprentice of their own. He did this for over eighty-six years, hunting to survive.

In 127 ABY he overheard a Sith meeting between Darth Krayt and Emporer Fel III, about an upcoming war with the Galactic Alliance and the Jedi. Sith-venator, now starting to worry risked everything to use a comm station that made all things visible, unfortunately he was not quick enough as right before he sent the messege to the alliance a bolt of lightning destroyed the Comm Station. Sith surrounded him, including the Dark Lord of the Sith himself. Sith-venator looked around and then got out his E5 Blaster and killed an over anctious Sith apprentice who had gotten to close. All the Sith charged and all hell got loose, for the sith. Sith-venator's E5 quickly was cut apart but was not a worry to him, the one that cut it in half was vulnerable for a split second letting Sith-venator jag half of the melted blaster in to the sith's throat killing it instantly. He dodged another's thrust using his jetpack and above the sith he quickly used his wrist mounted flamethrower to take out a small group. Landing on the ground he was attacked by a Sith Twi-lek, but she was kicked into the wall by Sith-venator's physical superiority. Sith-venator then quickly took out his M90A and caught a Sith offguard by the multiple shots from the blast, killing him instantly.

Half the Sith were dead, Sith-venator pointed his DC-15A at one and fired a grenade only to have him use the force to send it back. His armor saved him, only having his shields be depleted. The sith sent forward a terentak only to have Sith-venator kill it instantly with a Sabre dart. Sith-venator out of ammo on everything then activated his lightsabers taking an entire group by surprise with his Or'dinii killing two instantly and another one with the lightning that was part of the technique. The sith retreated leaving only one left with Sith-venator, Darth Krayt. Sith-venator charged in at Krayt, their duel sabers meeting with a loud "Nash". They dueled for several minutes but Sith-venator gained the upperhand when he used Trakata to use his Mandalorian Crushgaunts against Krayt. Sith-venator grabbed the Sith Lord's lightsabers, quickly took them from Krayt and snapped them both in half, and then picked Krayt up and threw him into a small pit.

The Sith stayed back, afraid of the Jedi. But then a cloaked Sith wearing a mandalorian helmet with no visor came forward and force pushed him into a rock so hard that the rock shattered. Sith-venator quickly got up and sent a barrage of lightning at his attacker only to get it asorbed by the Sith's lightsaber. Sith-venator charged at the Sith using an uppercut but was once again blocked. He quickly put away his lightsabers and punched the sith right in the jaw making him back up several feet and knocking off his helmet. The Spartan was very surprised to see himself and soon relized it was the flash clone of himself, he stood still for several seconds letting Jedi-venator use the force to blast him into a pile of dead bodies. Jedi-venator then began taunting Sith-venator with his past and how superior he was. Sith-venator got Jedi-venator monolauging long enough that in the height of his story Sith-venator was able to drive a knife into the Sith's side, Jedi-venator then punched Sith-venator to the ground, took the knife out and threw it hard into Sith-venator's neck. Jedi-venator then knocked out Sith-venator with another punch to the head and ordered some Sith to take him to a medical bay.


"If you think this cell will keep me you are sadly mistaken."
—Sith-venator Wavingstrider to Jedi-venator.

Sith-venator awoke with his armor, weapons, and A.I. stripped. He was imprisoned in a cell constructed of ray shields and durasteel in the new Sith Temple on Coruscant. Jedi-venator entered the cell quickly after he awoke telling him he had been saved by his medics and that he should be grateful. Sith-venator answered back with a smart remark but it did not annoy Jedi-venator. The Sith Lord then told Sith-venator the rest of his story, how he arrived on Coruscant, and why he was working with the One Sith. Sith-venator was devastated when he knew why Jedi-venator had been on Korriban. Jedi-venator had been recruiting Sith to reastablish the Rule of Two, he had already an Apprentice and needed Dark Jedi to do his bidding and to continou the plan if something went amiss. The plan was to build a Halo Array that wiped the galaxy clean of all force sensatives (Save his new Sith order), by the time Jedi-venator told Sith-venator this it was half built. Jedi-venator then pointed to Sith-venator's armor hung up as a trophy down the hallway and said "Figure a way to get that and you might be able to stop me." The back of Sith-venator cell then opened to an arena, the Sith temple had a gladiater arena inside. Sith-venator stepped forward in the light, the door then closed behind him. Scout troopers aimed their Sniper Rifles at the Spartan in the stands, incase he think to escape. To his surprise he was granted a weapon by his A.I. Juno, who had been put to work to maintain the arena and was being guarded by six other A.I.s to ensure she not do anything unexpected. The weapon was a Vibroblade about four feet long and one inch wide with a blunt end. His opponent then appeared from the other side.

His enemy was a young Nightsister riding a vicious Rancor, Sith-venator assumed if one Sith wanted to prove them selves worthy to be trained under the ways of the One Sith they would have to prove it. He thought killing him was one of the options. The Nightsister hissed at the Rancor making it charge, Sith-venator attempted to use the force to knock it over but found himself unable. Sith-venator dodged the rancor relizing that they must have drugged him. He then took the vibroblade and smashed it into the rancor's side. The rancor hit him making him fly into the wall of a pillar. Sith-venator recovered and flipped off the crowd and then the Nightsister. The rancor charged yet again, but Sith-venator was more ready this time. He built up speed and humped into the air kicking the Nightsister off her mount, killing her instantly. The rancor bellowed in horror as his master lye dead. Sith-venator then took the Nightsister's lightwhip and wrapped it wround the rancor's neck, beheading it instantly as he squeezed on it. Sith-venator took one of the Rancor's teeth as a trophy, but then snapped the lightwhip in half and salvaging the mandalorian iron components in it.

So Sith-venator fought in these gladiater fights for ten years. He fought all kinds of things without the force or his weapons. He fought Sith Leviathins, Sith Spawn, squads of Dark Jedi, and once even Voxns. Juno helped in what little ways she could but that was not much. Sith-venator got used to the rough life though and began testing the limits of the drugs. If he didn't eat he would be able to use the force, but be starved and be mentaly and physically fatiqued. The day he had to fight a squad of Dark Jedi his food had been undrugged. The day he fought Voxns he found poison darts in his food. The day he killed the Sith Leviathin he found an E11 in the arena hidden by weeds. Someone besides Juno was helping him.


"Aren't you a little tall for a Stormtrooper?"
—Sith guard to Sith-venator Wavingstrider during his escape.

After years of fighting for the Siths' amusement Sith-venator was cracking under the situation. He was captured, enslaved to be a gladiater, the New Jedi Order had nearly been eradicated. He started halusinating his fallen comrades,had several thoughts of suicide, and began talking to inanimate onjects. However in the year 137 ABY he escaped that what drove him so close to the edge of insanity. One day during a nap after battling a Sith Inquisiter his cell opened. It was three Stormtroopers, like those that guarded his cell or brought him his food and water. They entered the cell slowly like usual, one put down his food and water while the other two aimed their blasters at Sith-venator. Sith-venator had his eyes opened when he saw something out of routine happen. Right as the Stormtrooper that held the food placed down at Sith-venator's bed the other one other gave another one a signal and both then simutaniously knifed the stormtropper in the neck where the armor did not protect him or her.

Sith-venator stood up, ready to fight for his life as it had been 24 hours since his last drugging. But the two remaining stormtroopers did not attack but took off their helmets, revealing people Sith-venator had not seen in 136 years, it was Shadow and Tyree. Sith-venator was breathless but Shadow filled him in on recent events while Tyree stripped the dead Stormtrooper of his equipment. Shadow explained that "You probably don't know, and if you do then I give you some credit for being drugged all the time, there is another Imperial Civil War going on. Seven years ago Darth Kraght and his minions took control of the Imperial Throne on Coruscant, but the Emporer was not killed and rallied loyal troops to fight against the Sith. Rumor has it that he even has an alliance with what left of the Galactic Alliance and Jedi Order. As you can see we are loyalists. It's a war that would be in our favor if we had a Sith Hunter." Sith-venator upon seeing his two old friends broke away from his crazyness and said, "Just like old times!" Tyree then gave him the dead stormtroopers armor and weapons so they could get to Sith-venator's armor, which was in a open display in the entrance of the Sith temple. Once he was fitted they moved out after they kid the dead stormy.

The group moved throughout the temple without being noticed for the most part. When they were a couple of meters from Sith-venator's equipment a Sith gaurd holted them. She said, after looking and looking at the Spartan of the group, "Halt troopers. Aren't you a little tall for a Stormtrooper? Are you a wookiee?" Sith-venator liked Wookiees but was not in the mood and punched the Sith so hard in the face it killed her. A passing Stormtrooper looked at the dead body but instead of reporting it just gave the group a thumbs up. They quickly disposed of the body in a trash compacter full of Dianogas. They then got to the equipment, making sure the coast was clear, smashed the glass. Sith-venator quickly suited up in the armor he had worn for ninety years before his imprisonment. With his armor was all his weapons, even those that had been destroyed had been repaired for the exibet, and his A.I. Juno. Sith-venator held his father's DC-15A in his hands again and spoke to Juno, it felt good to him to be able to do both. The three friends quickly hijacked an Imperial shuttle and hyperspaced towards Empire-in-Exile friendly Space.

Behind the ScenesEdit


"If you expect the unexpected then you will unexpect the expected."
—Sith-venator talking his usual nonsense to entertain other people.
"You're gay!"
—After getting shot in the chest by a Kig-yar Sniper.
—After completely obliderating a enemy that has caused him a lot of stress.
"I bet you can't stick them."
—During the Battle of Gamma-12.
"What kind of experiment? As you see we are getting kinda sick of them....Sir."
—To Captain James Gregory Cutter on board the UNSC Spirit of Fire.
"People always say that the best defence is a good offence, I have learned over the years that the best offence is a good defence."
—Sith-venator to Jayne Reynolds and Samantha Skirata.


  • United Nations Space Command: UNSC Navy= Petty Officer First Class (2525)
  • United Nations Space Command: UNSC Navy= Master Chief Petty Officer (2552)
  • Alliance to Restore the Republic: Alliance Navy= Lieutenant (1.5 ABY)
  • Mandalorians: Mandalorian Protectors= Ruus'alor (Sergeant) (1.5 ABY)
  • New Republic: New Republic Defence Fleet= Comondore (6.5 ABY)
  • New Jedi Order= Padawan (13 ABY)
  • New Jedi Order= Knight (18 ABY)
  • New Jedi Order= Master (23 ABY)
  • Galactic Alliance Remnant: Galactic Alliance Core Fleet= Rear Admiral (137 ABY)
  • Jetii Ori'ramikade= Ani'latoon al'verde (Leader)



ODST Battle ArmorEdit

Sith-venator Wavingstrider in 2525 wearing ODST Battle Armor.

The ODST Battle Armor was first used by Sith-venator and the rest of Purple Team in 2525. In that year the team wore it against a trio of Cyclops and later an assault rebel base. The armor itself was very durable being made by very hard metal and plastic. These suits also included a early version of the Visual Intelligence System, Reconnaissance mode in there helmets. Also being black it is great for night operations, and is very light and flexible. It's protection is easily demonstrated by being able to survive a .50 Calliber round to the head. This piece of armor was then replaced by the MJONIR Mark IV as Sith-venator's armor.

CP armor

Sith-venator's MJOLNIR armor in 2545.

Sith-venator used many types of MJONIR armor during the Human-Covenant War ranging from the Mark IV, Black, Mark V, and Mark VI. When he left the Milkey Way Galaxy in 2552 he brought along the Mark VI and wore it during his early adventures in his home galaxy. It's shields were strong enough to withsatnd the shot of a medium laser cannon and the armor itself was fairly resistant against blaster fire. The armor also enchanced his already formidible abilities,making him faster,stronger, and more nimble. The armor was capable of holding up to eight grenades, four guns, and a cloaking device. During his fight with Darth Sideous in 1.5 ABY his armor was damaged beyond repair, as much of it was damged by lightsaber. The Katarn Armor replaced it then.

Katarn-class commando ArmorEdit

Sith-venator Wavingstrider in 1.5 ABY wearing Katarn-class Commando Armor.

The Katarn armor was origionally used by the Galactic Republic Clone Commandos,but was faised out by the new Storm Commando armor. In 1.5 ABY the retired clone commando Mort gave Sith-venator a set of armor to replace his late MJOLNIR armor. Although the newer armor did not improve his strength or speed it did give him more prtection, both the shields and armor itself was stronger than the MJOLNIR's. In honor of RC-1207 he painted his armor with blood from an Imperial Officer that had been rounding up Twi-leks in a concentration camp. The armor saw alot of action in the first year of Sith-venator's homecoming but like his prvious set of Armor failed to meet the requirement to fight Sith safely and while fleeing fomr Imperial Forces in the Mandalore system the armor was destroyed.

R.I.S. ArmorEdit

An Imperial probe droid readout on Sith-venator Wavingstrider in 3 ABY wearing his R.I.S. Armor.

The R.I.S. Armor was orrigionally used by Special Operations Officers on both sides of the Galactic Civil War,but later branched out to regular commandos and bounty hunters. It was made from the rare scales of the Kimogila from the desert planet of Lok. Sith-venator aquired this set of armor by the Mandalorians as a gift. He painted it red to continue to inspire fear like his previous armor did. It reflected very high rates of blaster fire,even laser cannons from an AT-ST. He used the suit much longer than the previous ones as it was never destroyed or criticly damaged because of a thin layer of phink that protected him from lightsabers. It was later put into a museam in 40 ABY ,decorating the early battles of the Galactic Civil War, as Sith-venator was in the process of having a truely diabolicle set of armor made.

Mandalorian ArmorEdit

Sith-venator Wavingstrider in 127 ABY wearing his Mandalorian Armor.

Sith-venator's armor was made from the initial desighn of the MJOLNAR Mark VI,to ensure max mobility and strength, and more plates were added. Every part of metal on the armor was made out of rare Mandalorian Iron which would protect him from lightsabers and had Bacta injectors to heal him from injuries in the middle of a battle automaticly. The Helmet was a Mandalorian Armor Helmet with a neck brace made out of Mandalorian Iron to avoid decapitation.Also to ensure survival from heavy vehicles and artilery the armor had a energy shield that was as strong as a T-4b Tank's. On the right arm there was a built in Dur-24 wrist laser, ZX miniature flame projector, Whipcord launcher, poison dart shooter, and wrist Rockets. On his left were more wrist rockets, a grappling tool that could also be used as a Knife, and a vibroknife under his gauntlant.He used Mandalorian Crushgaunts to be able to grab onto enemy lighsabers and improve his already incredible strength. He also used a Z-6 Jetpack,typically armed with missiles and grapling hooks.The armor also had a cloaking device for scouting missions, and when Sith-venator conealed himself from the force he was completely invisible.The total cost of the armor was close to that of a Imperial II-class Star Destroyer.


Mk 14 Mod 7 Enhanced Battle RifleEdit

Sith-venator's M14 EBR MK7 in 2545.

The M14 EBR MK7 was first used by Sith-venator in his SPARTAN-II training. He later used it during his missions against UNSC Rebels and against the Covenant during the Human-Covenant War. It could accept attachments including aiming lasers, scopes ranging from the magnification range of 1X-10X, 40mm grenade launchers, thermal scopes, bipods, grips, and masterkey shotguns.

Energy SwordEdit
800px-Energy Sword Halo3

A render of his Energy Sword.

The Energy Sword came into Sith-venator's possesion in 2552 during the Battle of Reach when he temporarily used the Dark Side of the force. The Elite Zeolot that previously that owned it was impaled by the enraged Sith-venator. Sith-venator carried it with him from then on and even used it against Darth Sidious in 1.5 ABY and 11 ABY. In 40 ABY it still looked the same as it did fourty years ago.

M90A ShotgunEdit
800px-H3 Shotgun

The M90A in 25 ABY.

The M90A shotgun first got into Sith-venator's inventory in 2552 during the Battle of Earth. He took it with him when he hijacked the covenant ship but later hung it on the wall in his ship,Serenity, when he learned that Stormtrooper armor was bullet proof. In 25 ABY he gave the weapon another chance during the Yuzhan Vong War. With it taking claims to many kills he had it upgraded in 40 ABY by the Verpine. He later took it to Korriban.


Sith-venator's lightsaber in 40 ABY.

The lightsaber used by Sith-venator was first made in 1.5 ABY. It was green and in 40 ABY he rebuilt it in Mandalorian Iron to ensure it would not break. It also featured a single click on the button to keep the blade activated so that he could use all his attention on the battle. He was also seen ocasionally seen using a blue blade but ironicly was often destroyed.

DC-15A Blaster RifleEdit
250px-DC-15a Blaster Rifle

The Blaster Rifle before being customised.

His DC-15A Blaster Rifle was his father's,Gizmo, that he used during the Clone Wars. It was equiped with a Sniper Scope, an aiming laser, a bipod, bayonet and a grenade laucher.Sith-venator Wavingstrider received this weapon in 1.5 ABY from one of Gizmo's friend. In 40 ABY it was reconfigured by Verpines to be able to fire thier ammunition and improve it's overall effectiveness.

E-5 BlasterEdit
E-5 blaster rifle

The E-5 in 1.5 ABY.

The E-5 blaster was a small rifle used by Sith-venator that he often used in small combat areas due to it's good stopping power but bad accuracy. He got it off the first B1-Battle Droid he destroyed in 1.5 ABY. He kept it and even used it to his trip to Korriban.

WESTAR-34 blaster pistolEdit

A render of one of Sith-venator's sidearms.

The WESTAR-34 blaster pistol was a sidearm that Sith-venator bought in 4 ABY. It's power impressed him enough to get another one and during the Battle of Endor he was duelwielding them like his grand father,Jango Fett. In 40 ABY he had them upgraded by the werpine to increase clip size, accuracy, and range. He took them to Korriban later where the HUD recording was able to get atleast twenty kills with these side arms alone.

Winchester BlasterEdit

The Winchester Blaster was a lever action blaster that caught Sith-venator's eye in 220 ABY. The thought of never running out of ammo pleased the commando and purchased it immediantly. After extensive use by Sith-venator the Winchester Blaster became one of the most common guns used by the Jetii Ori'ramikade. By 418 ABY Sith-venator's HUD recorded over two hundred kills with this weapon alone.

Personality and TraitsEdit


File:Reach 1094996 Medium.jpg

Sith-venator Wavingstrider had quite the unique personality. Like his grandfather he was anti-social, it is unknown where he got the trait as it was bred out of his father, it is possible that his mother carried the same gene the bounty hunter did. With what people he did socialize with he could be heard making jokes or telling them about something they did not know. Around people he did not feel comftorble with he ussually kept quiet and only talked when nessesary. Despite being a Close Quarters Combat Specialist he did not like using knives to kill an enemy. He also disliked the first two forms of lightsaber combat. Like his father he had a liking to history, this is most likely heriditory. His favorite food were burritos and favorite drink was Diet Soda. He also enjoyed playing Lacrosse with the other Spartans. In combat he was sometimes a different person, he made no jokes or humorous times during these moments. He spoke only in serious manners regarding current battle situations, orders, and communication. His favorite weapon during these situations was the M14 EBR MK7 and later the DC-15A Blaster Rifle. He also had a northern concordian accent like his father and grandfather.

Lighsaber combatEdit


BurritoBandits,teacher of Sith-venator for Lightsaber combat.

Sith-venator Wavingstrider used a wide variety of Lightsaber techniques to keep his enemies guessing. These included Jar'Kai, Form III: Soresu, Form V: Shien / Djem So, Tràkata, and The Unorthodox. He was most commonly seen using Soresu and Djem So in blaster fights to protect himself and his allies. In lightsaber duels he was often seen immediantly switching froms ussually being Shien or Jar'Kai. He was taught these forms by the Jedi BurritoBandits, who used Shien most the time. With Sith-venator's immense strength he could easily employ Jar'Kai without weakness and was known to use Tràkata to actually do physical damage with the hilt of his saber. He would also employ these styles of fighting with other melee weapons including his Energy Sword and Vibroblade. In 23 ABY he developed a new type of lightsaber combat that would stretch the skills of even the most experienced swordsman. The combat form was called Or'dinii, translated into Mando'a it means complete lunatic, as only a complete fool would try it without years of experience. It involved holding two lightsabers in each hand in a Shien like grip and using force lightning to electrify the blades.

Force PowersEdit


Sith-venator using his powers of Telekinesis to dodge a Sith's lightsaber during the Galactic Civil War.

Sith-venator Wavingstrider was a master of Telekinesis and Force Lightning, ironicly similarilar to his fathers killer, Palpatine. However besides Force Mind Tricks and Force Cloak ,Sith-venator had trouble with some of the most basic core force powers, such as Force Speed. Although this was not a complete weakness as his SPARTAN-II Augumentations allowed him to move faster, stronger, and more nimble. Often his oponents in a duel had to be skilled in Force Valor to be able to match his superhuman strength, such as Palpatine who had his lightsaber wacked out of his hands in the first seconds of their duel on Coruscant. He was able to use Telekinesis with such mastery that during the Battle of Reach in, during the Human-Covenant War, he was able to make a CCS-Battlecrusier's reactor malfunction, which then resulted in a large explosion with the death of all aliens onboard. His mastery of Force Lightning was proven when in 3 ABY during the Battle of Hoth he took down a AT-AT single handidley with this force power.

Physical AppearenceEdit


Sith-venator at the age of 150.

Sith-venator in physical appearence looked very similar to his grandfather, Jango Fett. All though there were some exceptions, but not to many. The first was his eyes, which were a bright green instead of brown like most of the Fett family. A trait adopted from his mother. The second is his size, at eight feet tall he was taller than most Humans and was the tallest Spartan. He was also very muscular because of the augumentations. Also despite his frequency in combat he had no scars. The third was how young he appeared, at the age of 150 he still looked 40. This was due to two contributing factors. The first was his connection with the force, the second was his SPARTAN-II augumentations. The combination of the two kept him relatively young and expanded his lifespan greatly. Doctors estimated a 450 year lifespan for him.


Sith-venator old

Sith-venator at the age of 440 in 418 ABY.

  • Origionally Sith-venator Wavingstrider's name was to be Shysa Onasi.
  • Many of his allies and enemies were actual people playing the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies.
  • Sith-venator is not the only person to use the DC-15A after the Clone Wars, the canon character Judder Page used it during the Yuzzhan Vong War.
  • Sith-venator practiced the belief of Guided Evolution.
  • Sith-venator had an extreme dislike of Kig-yar and an even greater dislike of Yanme'e.
  • Sith-venator's armor was a mix of green and blue, meaning he was cared about duty and was a reliable soldier.[1]

Theme SongEdit

30px|right Sith-venator Wavingstrider's theme song is Two Steps from Hell's Heart of Courage. Template:Imagecat


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