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Created by:
Origin: Accident
Category: Brick
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Jill Vader
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 25
Height: 2.05 meters
Weight: Considerable
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Red
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Millennium City, USA
Affiliation: Lolcat Brgud
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Superhuman strength; maximum capacity unknown; superhuman endurance and resilience; super leaping
Training / Abilities

Skadi is a superhero gifted with incredible strength and resilience following a chemical accident. Realising what she had become, she vowed to use the powers she had been given to fight crime and to do the right thing.


Jill Vader’s life was, for the most part, none to extraordinary. A bit of an achiever, during high school she served as a member of several of the school’s sports teams when she wasn’t studying. However, it was her studies that were her principle focus. She excelled in science, specifically chemistry and biology. Intending to pursue a career in the field, she enrolled in university, aiming at a degree.

As a part of her studies, she managed to land a job as a lab assistant at Origins Chemicals, a leading chemical research and manufacturing firm. While fully aware of her junior position, she regardless was glad to be working in such a well-known and large company and gladly took whatever duties were offered – even if they did mean sitting in the lab overnight while experimental chemicals mixed and processed.

Unfortunately, it was during one of these late shifts that an accident occurred. An incorrectly mixed formula quietly bubbled away, reaching a critical mass under her nose – and blowing up in her face. The lab was wrecked but, strangely, Jill was unharmed save for a few small cuts and some bruises. Even though she was cleared by the doctors, she was given a week off work just in case there were any unexpected side effects.

There were, but not ones she had expected. Over the course of the next month, Jill began to dramatically grow, gaining over a foot in height while her mass increased considerably. She began to carefully monitor and document these changes, making sure to properly document the changes as well as any other side effects. The first that she noticed that was her eyesight had improved; she no longer needed glasses to read.

However, she also discovered that there were other changes. Her strength had increased dramatically, and had continued to grow to superhuman levels when she began accidentally destroying household objects. After being nearly hit by a car – she stopped it with her hands, crushing its front end in the process – she reached the conclusion that she had developed superhuman strength and endurance. She continued to carefully document these changes, using her spare time to go to scrapyards and see just how much she could lift.

After about a month, she found that her growth had stopped; she was now more then a foot taller then she had been, while her mass had increased dramatically to far more then it should have been given her tone and physique. Based on that, she reached the conclusion that her bones and musculature had become far denser then her proportional growth would suggest. Similarly, she found that her strength had stopped increasing.

Not outstandingly unusual (living in a city known as a centre for superhuman activities), Jill realised what she wanted to do. She had been given these powers, and, as such, it was her responsibility to use them to help others. At the same time, she felt rather growingly confident in herself and her abilities, and almost looked forward to the idea of using them.

Taking the name Skadi (form the Norse goddess of the hunt), she began spending her spare time prowling the streets of Millennium City, looking for a chance to use her powers. While her first few battles were low-key fights against muggers and other common criminals, it wasn’t long before she had her first battle against a true supervillain – sort of. She ambushed Droch, a member of The Underworld and flattened him with a single punch, knocking him out in seven seconds. The battle (such as it was) was caught on-camera, and quickly spread across the media and the internet, both giving the anonymous superhero some degree of publicity while helping to bury Droch.

A week later she made her public debut; arriving at a bank as it was being held up by the Atomic Pimp, she waited until he left (and thus was out of the way of any innocent bystanders) before simply flattening him with his own customised low-rider. Following this battle, Skadi attracted the attention of another young superhero, Red Comet. Approaching her, Red Comet suggested that they form a partnership, working together to fight various superhuman threats to the city. She enthusiastically agreed, glad to receive some recognition and support.


The chemical accident that altered Jill gave her superhuman strength and endurance. Her upper limits are unknown, but she knows she can lift –and throw – at least fifty tons, and isn’t afraid to try something heavier. (When she thinks nobody is looking, Jill will go to junkyards and industrial wastelands to find things to lift and throw to see what she can do). This has two other net side effects; Jill can hit hard; her blows hurt like hell and are enough to leave a mark on metal or concrete. She can also leap long distances, simply due to how strong her legs are.

Similarly, Jill is quite ridiculously tough, able to take hits that would flatten a normal person. While far from indestructible (Something she has found out the hard way), she is very resilient and hard to hurt. The end result is that she can be hit hard, and rarely suffer any serious injury as a result. Certainly getting thrown through walls, falling of buildings and hit with heavy objects will hurt like hell, but don’t seem to slow her down much. Exactly how much punishment she can take, much like the limits of her strength, is unclear; understandably, she’s been a lot less willing to experiment.

The chemical accident that altered her had one side effect; due to the chemicals now floating around her system, Jill is rather vulnerable to chemical poisons and toxins. They tend to have a greater effect on her through unbalancing her system. As yet, she is unaware of any way to treat this.


Jill is bold, outgoing and somewhat reckless. She likes to think that she is, indeed, the strongest woman – nay person – in the world, and wants to prove it to anyone who will listen. Certainly she seems driven by some desire to prove herself. This, in turn, combined with her resilience, has given her a somewhat reckless edge; she seems to have very little regard for her own safety, instead being somewhat confident in her ability to take whatever hit is coming her way. This is yet to get her seriously hurt, but it could just be a matter of time.

She likes to stand up and be noticed, and could be borderline obnoxious in some cases. Simple fact is that she does seem to like attention; while she’s not the sort of person who demands to be the centre of everything, she likes to be in the loop and know what’s going on. And, every now and then, read a good book.

Jill’s powers are somewhat innate; they can’t be switched on or off; in essence, she’s always big, strong and tough. She’s lead her life being used to them being always there; she couldn’t dream of being without them. In fact, she’s somewhat afraid of what would happen if they were somehow removed; the thought of being “normal” is quietly terrifying. Her powers do have a few drawbacks; there’s the ever present concern of losing control and accidentally breaking something – or someone – from just casually handling them.

Above all else, she’s a fundamentally good person. While yes she wants to prove herself, she also figures that she can use the abilities she has been granted to help others. And probably get into a fight along the way.


The first thing anyone would notice about Jill is just how freakishly tall she is. Just over two meters tall, she has a solid, muscular build. Her body is clearly toned and athletic, and would suggest a high level of fitness and strength even for someone who wasn’t superhuman. Despite this, she is still attractive. She has a nice face with long red hair, and blue eyes. Similarly, she still has something of a figure – which can be a problem, as that puts her not inconsiderable chest at eye level to most people.

Normally, Jill wears what are politely called “big mens” fashions, simply because of how hard it is to get anything in her size. She prefers slacks or jeans and button-up shirts, sometimes with a jacket if the weather demands. When in her civilian identity, she usually wears her hair tied back and also sports small glasses – they’re purely cosmetic. (She wore glasses before her accident, and keeps them as a form of disguise)

Her “uniform” as such consists of a form-fitting bodysuit that serves to enhance her figure and physique. Mostly shiny black, the costume sports vibrant purple designs. She does not wear a mask.

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