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Battle of Alaska




Battle of Brazil

Skirmish in Washington D.C.
800px-Shot salute

Great Human War


July 4th, 2030


Washington D.C.


Techincal U.N. victory


United Nations

Coalition of Red Nations


Boba Vinco

Marc Julianof

  • Many U.N Soldiers
  • Several Superheroes
  • The President of the United States


The Skirmish of Washington D.C., or The Assasination of the supers, was a small skirmish that took place in Washington D.C. during the Great Human War on July 4th, 2030.


The Coalition of Red Nations leader,Marc Julianof,planned this attack during the Battle of Alaska when one of his spies reported of a U.N. superhero program. Marc then got his best fighters together,including the Bounty Hunter Venator, and told them of his plan. All agreed and said it was genious except for the Bounty Hunter,who knew anything(even the greatest plan) could go wrong. Marc then gave the all the info he could about security and who was going to be there. The President of the United States, the U.N. Surpreme Commander, and superheroes were all going to be in Washington D.C. The president was going to announce them to the public to raise morral. If the mission was a success then the effect would be quite the opposite.

Assasination and SkirmishEdit

"A nice day for an award assembly."
Neuroblade before the assasination.

Mars then teleported the strike team into D.C. an hour before the assembly. Incurro got in her sniping tower and waited out of sight while Omega-Serpent cast a spell that would make the selected targets' feet glued to the ground when Incurro gave the sighn.Dragon disquised as a janiter mopped where the supers and president would stand with highly flamable gas that was oderless. When the supers and president got on the wooden stage the assasins let him begin his speech before they acted. Two minutes into the speech Boba Vinco looked down on the stage and saw the danger immediantly but before he could say anything Incurro fired her arrow into the heart of the president. Neuroblade had a preminition that very second of his own death and attempted to move but could not. U.N. Soldiers tried to fire on the assasins but were taken out by Venator.

Neuroblade watched in horror as a arrow came toward his face and fire began errupting all around him. But before the arrow could strike him Nare got out his sidearm and shot the arrow making it go out of control. Unfortunately the arrow pierced one of his eyes. The fire, arrows, and bullets were killing many supers. Blink got hit several times by arrows but luckily not in the chest or head. Just when all hope seemed lost Krokodil broke the floor beneath them with his tail and they were able to move. Krokodil grabbed his Thompson and started firing at the villians position. Unfortuantely they were covered well.

In front of Krokodil jumped Istur a few moments later. Krokodil attempted to shoot him but the lasers just bounced off of his body. Istur then landed a hard punch on Krokodil but he did not move. Krokodil quickly got him out of the way with his clubtail making the villain fly back towards the villains position. Nare then picked Krokodil up and flew him quickly to the assasin's location. Incurro attempted to use her chainsaw against Krokodil but the machine broke upon impact on his skin. She quickly dived under him and ran for Mars. The villains quickly got together so they could be teleported out. Venator nearly was not telleported as Krokodil had bit his left leg off as he jumped for Mars.


"This just in the president is... dead folks."
—A News Reporter in the U.S. just getting the news.

With the assasins gone and the president dead the remaining heroes felt ashamed. Luckily both Neuroblade and Blink were saved by Boba Vinco's medical skills but Blink had to get cybernetics to live. When the strike team reapeared in Russia they were hailed with glory for success. They were all given promotions and rewards. Venator started to leave Russia the second his leg grew back. Even when some soldiers told him to stay and party he refused telling them his job was done. He then was offered a Bounty on Mars by the U.N. a few months later,he got his reputation as a true merciless Bounty Hunter after that job.

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