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Skull (Leonid)
A TheSkull
Leonid clad in his war garb.
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Superhuman
Faction CoRN
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Status Supervillain
Current Location

Leonid, known as Skull was the second surviving Supervillain of the Coalition of Red Nations. He was made in Megatech-080, a lab in Russia. He tested his powers for the first time against the last Islam supporters of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. He still serves the CoRN today.


Early LifeEdit

As a boy, Skull, his name not known to this day, lived life in poverty to a very poor family. His father sold bagels. They were delicious, but not very popular. Skull had no education, and was a very dumb boy. He learned how to spell at the age of 8, when the Coalition of Red Nations was formed. He learned how to read at the age of 14, and a year later, he was abducted by CoRN officers. He saw another, about 18. They kept yelling, "Istur!", and then, "Leonid!"


Megatech-080. That is what he saw. He knew where he was. A CoRN Facility. His father had driven past one on a drive to hunt for food. Three days after he arrived there, he was awoken by a scientist there, they told him they kidnapped him to make him a Superhero of the Coalition. The next days was a drama for him. The drugs they were given to him made him suffer. He never once tried to escape, because he was smart enough to know he would fail. He was grafted metal onto his bones, and dunked in boiling water. After this, more metal was grafted onto his skin, and again, covered in metal, was a skull. They stood him up, and painfully grafted it onto his skin.

He could not speak. He felt older. He felt stronger. His skin was made out of bulletproof, but bendable, metal. He had a skull grafted onto his face, and was unable to speak because the skull had sealed his lips. All he could do was breathe. He knew many more things than normal. He was an expert with his dual Katanas, he knew every form of MMA, and was smarter than Albert Einstein. They called him Leonid, but he wanted them to call him skull, and even without his voice, he convinced them to.


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