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Umbrian Skymount

Umbrian Skymounts (slang term; Umbrites) are genetically spliced beasts made up of the separate genes of female Komodo Dragons, deep ocean electric Eel's, and North American Eagles, created in the labs of Xen-Tech.

The flying serpentine beasts were made as a gift for Amalgam, as when they were still young they reminded her of small Aleonicaian flying snakes. When they grew larger do to steroid injections and other chemicals, they became more reminiscent of Godzilla's children then snakes.

They are now used as police in Alliance controlled territories and as war mounts within the Umbrian salt flats. The Skymounts can operate on their own with a special telepathic linking system, directly into Amalgam's mind. This way, they seem more terrifying as omnipresent animals instead of domesticated animals. As mounts, they act in a role similar to helicopters, dropping off dozens of soldiers at once and helping them deal with enemy ground and air forces from the skies.

They are all untamed, and breed prodigiously. The exact method or reproduction is undocumented, but since all Skymounts are female, it is most likely an asexual "lay the eggs and leave" ordeal. This way the children will learn to survive and become more rugged and experienced adults.

Skymounts are excellent hunters, and skilled fliers, literally snaking their way through the air with their long tails adding extra propulsion. Their large wings allow them to fly unhindered for a year, the muscles so well toned they rarely tire. The ends of their wings have a single large talon, capable of cutting through tank armor like an industrial laser to a piece of paper, and only seeing them kill a human could a person understand how in-describable it is.

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