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NOTE:Slickspeed is no longer with the Legion of Vigilance, he died honorably while fighting a Makata Speed Warrior. He was mourned by some, and his family was informed of his powers, and his death.

Slickspeed, or Jared Breaker, is a 24-year old who was given the powers to run at superhuman speeds. In college, Jared ran first place in his 400 racing event. It is not known how Jared got his powers, but when he did, he was 15 years old. He proved he would use his powers for good, and created a Kevlar suit to do so. He was accepted for the Legion of Vigilance, like Zero, Nightmare, Neutron, Katana, Wrap, Laser, and others.

A Speeder

Slickspeed, speeds at 500 miles per hour.

Confronting Amalgam Edit

While saving the hostages from the bus incident, the team encountered Amalgam, the culprit, and Slickspeed moved in first, after running towards her, she spread out lava, and caused him to trip, only his Kevlar coating protecting him, Neutron arrived and fought with Amalgam for about fifteen minutes, and after Neutron was incapacitated, Slickspeed came back at her with a flurry of punches that almost severely immobilized her. Amalgam escaped, dropping the bus off the side of the building, with the inhabitants barely surviving.