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Ship-Wreck Grotto Exploration

Smuggler's Shelter is a large base of operations for many Martian Smugglers and other members of The Pirate Factions of Deimos. It is located on Deimos, one of Mars' moons, and is a kilometer under the surface. The base has only six entrances, three located in the Swift Crater, three in the Voltaire Crater, and four of which are too small for anything larger then a dropship to descend into, the largest being able to grant access to ships the size of Heavy Interceptors and Cargo Ships.

After finding an entrance large enough to fit through, the pilot must then navigate through a large cavern filled with stalactites and stalagmites, given the name Ship-Wreck Grotto by the local Smugglers. The Grotto has a track record for wrecking 1 in every 100 Smuggler ships, and there is even a record for the top speed that someone got through the dangerous cavern. The record was 3.26 Minutes, and is held by Jacob Cruise II, now deceased. As if the pillars of death aren't enough, many of the Pirates also installed automatic defense turrets which attack any ship that hasn't been registered in the defense system (Mainly used on UMFE Ships). These turrets can also be controlled manually from within the Shelter.

The Shelter itself is roughly six miles wide, three miles long, and contains over seventeen stories. The entire complex was built from the scrap of old colony ships, and can hold up to 1800 Humans. Its docking section is separated from the main structure, and is only connected by a 50 meter long, air-tight tunnel. Ships docked closest to the tunnel only have to walk a few feet in the Zero-Atmosphere environment, while those docked at the far ends need to walk a good twenty meters. In whole, the dock is approximately 50 Yards in length, long enough to house a UMFE Light Frigate. There are more defense turrets, three Medium Flak Cannons (Anti-Air/Spacecraft Batteries), and a single Heavy Plasma Dispersion Line Gun, all of which can be controlled and reloaded from within the shelter.

Within the Shelter, there are over fifteen different bars, 350 8 by 10 foot living quarters, and a huge open center that serves as a grand market place. Some parts of the facility are still under construction, and certain sections are forced to deal with gravity fluctuations. Despite these few problems, many infamous Smugglers call this facility home, because its hard to find and out of the way of any UMFE Patrols. Jason Cruise usually comes here to rest or have a beer with his fellow contrabandists and pirates.

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