This article, Smuggler Fractal Grenade, was written by Baracuss. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The SFG Explosive or Fractal Grenade was a Smuggler and mercenary unique weapon during The War of Planetary Freedom. The device is of spherical shape with a half-inch groove dividing it in half. Squeezing these two halves together starts an extremely short timer, detonating roughly 1.5 Seconds after release, which disperses multiple, razor-sharp shards (or Fractals) of a highly irradiated Ichor Crystal core. The device's blast radius is fairly large (six to seven meters from the explosion's epicenter), and the intimidate area around the explosion will glow an eerie green for around three to five hours. It was mainly used by Smugglers for clearing out small, enclosed areas but is just as effective in an open area at short to medium range.

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