Solar is a superhero with fire based powers. His true identity is Erik Light. He is an astronaught. He was sent into space to cover the sun in a force field since it was closing in on Earth. He fired the force field and it covered the Sun. It covered it too tightly though and the force field broke, directing the Sun's heat in the direction of Erik's rocket. The rocket was well protected so Erik did not die, but the heat put an effect on him.

Powers and Abilities: Shooting fireballs, absorbing fire, flight, melting objects, immune to being burnt and creating force fields out of flames.

Weaknesses: Water.


Magma Man

True ID: Trevor Nark

Powers: Shapeshifting, absorbing lava, melting objects, super strength, sending waves of lava and blocking things with his rock hard hands, shoulders, back, jaw, forehead and feet.

The Flaming Soldier

True ID: Gunter Phillips.

Weapons: A flamethrower on each wrist and on each shoulder.


True ID: Victor Godge

Powers: Super Strength, Super Human Agility, Super Smart and Super Human Speed.

Fire Arm

True ID: Rick Lloyd.

Powers: His right arm is on fire and can shoot fireballs, melt objects, has super strength and absorbs flames.

Ocean Man

True ID: Riley Dawn

Weapons: He has a tank of water on his back with eleven spare cylinders to reload with, he has a suit of armour that fires water from the palms of his hands, absorbing water for his tank and breathing underwater.

Jekyll and Hyde

True ID: Martin Josh

Powers: Super Smart (Sometimes), Super Strength (Sometimes) and Super High Jumps (Sometimes).

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