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The Spartan Program, also called by the civillians as Superhero Program was a military program made by GDI in order to make commandos that would be able to execute any mission succesfully as well as guard major cities and important locations. Despite the small number of Spartans, they became very popular

General DescriptionEdit

The original purpose of the Spartan Program was to defend the major cities that were under the control of GDI. Later, when the Standard Spartan Armor was upgraded, the members of this group were also sent to offensive operations in other countries in the world, giving valuable victories to GDI. Spartans were soon called by many people as Superheroes due to their supernatural abilities and their great skills in battle.

Differences between normal peopleEdit

Spartans were considered as the best soldiers in the army of the GDI due to their supernatural and uncommon abilities. The most notable skills of the Spartans was their great power of lifting heavy objects and their great endurance. Apart from that, Spartans were trained to fight with any weapon, under any circumstances.

List of SpartansEdit

The GDI totally recruited more than 5000 Spartans. Most of them, died in their first missions when others survived in many operations, becoming famous and achieving higher ranks. Very few of them managed to stay alive after the Great Human War. The known Spartans are: