This article, Splice, was written by IshmaelOTDOP. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

It sits deep in space mimicking the other spheres in it's solar-system. Once a simple satellite imbued with a complex A.I., terraforming equipment, and a highly adept team of androids, given charge to create a new world for a failing planet, the mechanical God-like creation mutinied on it's former masters and began to make a place for his new race, taking in flying debris and forming a world for his "children". The androids shaped the world into it's current form, creating different temperate zones, and laying a landscape that could only be described as "architecturally perfect". Of all the androids that came with their new "God", only five survived the elements of space, and were given dominance over those that were soon to come...

The Cyborgs, created in improbable conditions, first as the clones of the scientists retrofitted with mechanical parts to hide the disfigurements of their haphazard birth, then bred into the second generation, bred perfectly, the mechanical god choosing the very Ribonucleic patterns that made them up.

Within the span of two centuries, Splice had become a thriving planet, completely fed by the "god" that rested at it's center.

The core of a world ruled by soulless beings...

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