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"I don't care about all that magic crap. I'm a man of science, and that's all I know. Don't expect me to keep up with this mystical stuff."
—Sprite upon meeting Animus.

Richard Maddox/Sprite is a superhero created by MrFluffman. He is a man of science, and dispite disliking his name, is one of the premier members of the Council of Light. He is an ally of Animus.


Richard Maddox was a man of science. He had a wife, a daughter, and was happy. That is, until his transformation. Maddox had invented a machine that could peirce the visible spectrum, allowing humans to see the invisible. When he first used it, he found Animus battling a fiend. Aiding him, Animus introduced him to the Council of Light, where he was given strange powers and a strange costume. He joined them in fighting the Wolf Wars in the Kiel Dimension, and soon returned home.


Sprite gained his name from his daughter, and after returning home from the Wolf Wars, had to make up a story regarding his absence. Though his family believed him, Maddox hated decieving them. When Animus summoned him to help him fight the fiend Bahumut, Sprite only gave his services reluctantly. He later admitted that he didn't really like the superhero buisness.

Moving to DetroitEdit

Later, after LA (his home) was trashed during the battle with Bahumut, he moved his family to Detroit under Animus's advice. Now closer to his friend, Sprite aided him in battle frequently, often moonlighting on his own. He became one of the founders of the new Council of Light, and briefly lead the group before handing it over to Animus. However, he didn't give his name to his family.

Sprite vs Malus

Sprite's death at the hands of Malus.


When the creature known as Malus escaped, and the rebuilt LA was his first target, Sprite was the first person to respond, briefly battling the creature before it wounded him enough for him to retreat. After alerting Animus, he went back home, where he revealed his identity to his family and said goodbye.

He then attacked the creature again, and a brutal battle followed, which lead to Malus being injured, who retailiated by crushing Sprite's eye. He then trapped Maddox in a web of his own necroplasm. He then summoned as stake, and impaled Sprite through his heart, killing the hero instantly. Later, Animus came, and, in a rage, ripped off Malus's head.

After DeathEdit

Sprite's chair in the Council of Light remains, and his sigunature weapon, his spear, was impaled on his gravesite. No one is allowed to sit in his chair. To mourn the lives lost fighting the monster, Animus wore Sprite's insigna.


Sightings of a figure with similar powers and abilities as Sprite have plagued the Detroit area. Whether Sprite could have returned from death such as Animus, or if a new Sprite has risen, remains to be seen.


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