"Bring it on, flesh!"

-- Stone Hide

Stone Hide, also known as Michael Mack was a hired mercenary who had an accident that caused his skin to turn into stone like. 

Michael Mack was born into a low middle class family in Michigan. Growing up in a rough childhood he was determined to leave and live a better life. After high school he joined the marines. Michael served five years until he was dishonorably discharged for disobeying orders. Finding it hard to hold a job Michael become a mercenary for hire. He lived a successful life as a mercenary until one day he recived a job to infultrate a industry and steal a serum that can increse growth hormones. As Micheal the lab he was attack by another man who was also hired to take the same serum. During the fight a vat of experimental chemicals spilled over him along witht he serum. The reaction caused his body to bloat and harden until he was turned compleatly into stone. A few moments later he re-emerged from his stone body, a taller more bulky figure covered in thick rock like skin. Enraged he killed the other man and destroyed the lab before his escape.   

With his new found powers Michael now calls himself Stone Hide. Now strong enough to over power and ecape from authorities Stone Hide embarks on life of crime.  

Powers and Abilities Edit


  • Stone-like Physiology - Due to his body being alter into a stone like substance Stone Hide is granted with super human strength and durability. Even though he is composed entirely of stone it is of different minerals which makes him harder than normal stone.
  • Super Human Strength - A side effect of the stone transformation gave Michael phenomenal super human strength. He is able to life 35 tons..
  • Super Human Durability - Having a body of stone gives him a high degree of durability. He can withstand blows from heavy objects and withstand high-caliber bullets
  • Super Human Speed - Even though he is composed of stone his incredible strength is more than enough to support his weight. He can jump over 80 feet in the air and run over 65 miles an hour. 
  • Regeneration - If any part of his body happens to break off, Stone Hide can regenerate it again in a matter of seconds.
  • Sustainability - Being composed of stone, Stone Hide no longer needs food, air, or water to survive..


  • Hand to Hand Combatant - During his time in the military Michael is adept to many forms of mix martial arts.
  • Expert Assassin - Obtaining skills from the military and as a mercenary Michael thrives in espionage methods, covert operations, infiltration methods, and marksmanship. Though now bigger and heavier Stone Hide can no longer do stealth operations but is still a formidable marksman.


  • Supersonic Sound Waves -  Concentrated supersonic sound waves pin pointing directly twards Stone Hide can cause his skin to crack making him more vulnerable to physical attacks.

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