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The official sign of Stone Squad.

Stone Squad is a Green Marine squad in the Heaven Ops section of the IPP. It is lead by Lt. Razer Raptor. There are ten known members.

Known MembersEdit


Stone Squad was created as an elite fire team. It was created after all non-human members of the Green Marines were present. By request of Razer, the symbol is the same as the Schutzstaffel from the Nazi era, a reminder of the squad's origin. The new symbol stands for "Stone Squad". The emblem received immediate backlash for its Nazi ties, but Razer insisted in giving it new meaning. The team was later joined by regular marines that showed excellent performance in the field.

End of the WarEdit

The last mission of Stone Squad was to infiltrate the terrorist headquarter ship along with other squads. The team split up throughout the ship. Grace was placed on the deck, while Dagger and a few other men were sent anther direction inside the ship. The rest of the team moved to the bridge. Along the way, Hup went up a vent to release sleeping gas into the bridge. Dagger caught site of a missile in the process of being launched and warned Razer about it, and suggested that the controls must be in the bridge. Once the bridge was breached, a terrorist took the controls for the missile and fled after a failed attempt to grab him by Ivyweed. Razer pursued the terrorist until he was attacked and stabbed by another terrorist, who was taken down by Shark. Grace caught the terrorist who was knocked unconscious by Ivyweed. However, the missile had already been launched. Dagger returned and reported that charges were placed to blow up the ship, but the charges blew prematurely and the team needed to leave immediately. However, moments before boarding the rescue helicopter, an explosion caused the ship to capsize and the marines of Stone Squad were forced to jump ship, where they were rescued by sea plane.

Infection OutbreakEdit

General Hare assigned Stone Squad to stop a infectious disease from spreading in New York City that was caused by the terrorist missile. Sgt. Dagger was assigned his own squad, Cougar Squad. Stone Squad was sent with little intel and briefing to NYC, before being detoured by the US Army to their camp, where General Hare explained that there had been a change of plans. They were deployed the next day into the city to find any survivors. The squad encountered a group of survivors in an apartment, but the survivors tricked them and held them captive and took their supplies. Razer managed to escape and free his teammates. He then attacked the hostile survivors with support from Flamer from the streets. Later, they raided an abandoned grocery store to replace the supplies taken by the hostile survivors. Afterwards, Stone Squad came upon an office building under seige from infected civilians. After killing them, they were met by the Land Raider Shade. Shade explained to them that the people in the building were survivors running a protection program called checkpoints to get stragglers out of the city. Stone Squad helped call an evac team and a supply drop for the checkpoint. They agreed to help Shade bring the weapons to other checkpoints. The Land Raider had scavenged two trucks from infected soldiers and drove the squad to the next checkpoint.

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