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Andre "Dre" Jackson better known as Streak is a teenage superhero affiliated with The Knights. Dre drives a Cadillac CTS

Biography Edit

A streetwise kid from the East-Side of Baltimore, MD, Dre was once part of gang known as the Black Knights. When he was 11 years old, his powers first manifested, when the group tried to send a message to their rivals when a police officer discovered them, as Dre attempted to run he tripped and was about to be arrested when he balled up his left fist and suddenly lighting blasted the cop. Shocked, Dre then balled up his right hand and blasted the car then he formed a lighting blade and slashed rocks and walls. He decided to use his new powers to the gangs advantage and began stealing more valuable things and attacking rival gangs. During a heist he accidentally hit a sprinkler which went off and neutralized his powers and he was arrested and taken into custody. Dre spent nearly five years in Juvenile detention and was then put on probation since then he's tried to reconnect with his parents.

Powers Edit

  • electrokinesis
  • magnetism
  • super speed
  • super durability
  • skilled street fighter

Character Relationships Edit

  • Cousin of Chris Jackson/Blast
  • Older brother of Sierra Jackson/Destiny
  • Stepbrother of Ashley
  • Son of Evander Jackson
  • Son of Jennifer Carter Jackson
  • Nephew of Christina Marie Jackson
  • Friends w/ Johnny Pierce
  • Rival of Kane Pierce

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