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Subzero, his real name Dan Frost, is an ice-aligned superhero. He is a class-IV mutant, and was once corrupted to become a villain. His story began, when he discovered his powers, at the age of seven, while lost in Death Valley, Dan's brain went onto a "failsafe" and started creating a literal "iceshell" around Dan. No one knew that Dan created an "iceshell" around himself while lost in Death Valley, and thought it was because of his strength and stamina. It is not known by the public, but if Dan hadn't had his powers, he would've died in Death Valley. At the age of twenty-five, after graduating college, Dan made a uniform out of Kevlar, spandex, and other materials, he then harnessed his power, training with it, mentally, physically, and with it, until he was in the shape of a bodybuilder. He was accepted for the Legion of Vigilance, and recruited in.

A Icewhirl

Subzero, clad in his armor.