SuperHero Fanon Wars

Prototype poster I made.


SuperHero Fanon Wars was origionally started on 7-8-09. It is essentially a spinoff of Halopedia's Halopedia Warz. In SuperHero Fanon Wars users play a variety of games ussually on X-box Live, such as the Call of Duty, Halo, and Gears of War series plus many others.

Matches and SchedulesEdit

(Features latest game scheduled; time, date, and game settings are subject to change)

When: August 15th, 2009

Time: 5:00pm (Pacific) | 5:30pm (Atlantic) | 8:00pm (Eastern)

Host(s): Sith-venator

Region: Earth (North America and Europe)

Game(s):Halo 3

Match Type: Unknown

Map: Unknown

Hosts, Rules & Game RosterEdit


Each match will be coordinated by a host, that will establish the game and monitor behavior of both teams. Volunteers and Temporary hosts for less-organized games and game set ups will be requested on a need-for basis.


1 - Denotes permanent volunteer status.


  • Enjoyment: Have Fun!

Game RosterEdit

Place your gamertag in your respective region of Earth.

EXAMPLE: # ''''' ]])

North AmericaEdit

  1. Sith Venator:Sith-venator(Pwning Sith all night long)
  2. BloodThorn17:EliteMaster117 (BEWARE, I AM RANDOM AND VERY ANNOYING LOL!)
  3. Baracuss1:Baracuss (Warning: may cause temporary jaw-dropping)
  4. ABS0LU7Z3R0:SPARTAN-08BLAM! (Epoch sniper, has zero tolerance of high and/or squeaky voices.)


Vode AnEdit

The team led by Sith typically consisting of Admins.


The game , gametype, and map will be voted on by the players , prior to the matches on Saturday.

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