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This article is about the super villain team in the RP A New Divide.

The team consisted of eight members, each acquiring their power from one of the captured heroes. Their original leader was an earth mutant who was brainwashed into being loyal to the Makata. He himself was a combination of abilities, as the human body can tolerate more changes than a Makata body. He has since left the team to help Earth again, but died at the hands of the Fhurer. The team was destroyed shortly thereafter when they fought Michael Young. Although at first they were beating him, he absorbed power from the Fracture of Time and became much more powerful. He then disassembled the team into mere atoms, destroying all members.

Former MembersEdit

  • Bar'thok (Alex Constantine): Originally a member of the Legion of Vigilance, Alex was captured and experimented on. Realizing that his mutation could not be separated from his genetic code, they brain-washed him and enhanced all his attributes. He also gained the ability to heal. His once feathery wings have turned batlike. He is also able to suck blood out of victims. However, he has since overcome the brainwashing and worked against the Super Makata. He was killed by the Fhurer.
  • Unnamed Makata, #1: Could discharge electricity, possibly taken from Bolt.
  • Unnamed Makata, #2: Could turn invisible.
  • Unnamed Makata, #3: Made of Stone.
  • Unnamed Makata, #4: Had large spines growing from his body.
  • Unnamed Makata, #5: Could control fire.
  • Unnamed Makata, #6: Could Teleport.
  • Unnamed Makata, #7: Could turn into liquid metal.

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