Like any other wiki, Superfanon has fifteen rules that all users must follow. These rules are listed below.


1. Page must not bend existing Superhero (Marvel, DC, etc.) canon.

2. Characters must not have ridiculous powers.

3. Page must not be ridiculous.

4. Inappropriate behavior, such as attacking to another users, is not allowed and may result to a ban.

5. Vandalism is not allowed, and Vandals will be punished with a ban without warnings.

6. Do not ridicule or make fun of people for their writing abilities or lack thereof. Also, do not make fun of people for story lines and characters.

7. Do not make articles that are not superhero/villain-related unless in the Superhero Fanon Wiki/Star Wars/Halo/Other Continuum.

8. Do not write on people's articles or change them without permission, unless it's something small, like spelling or grammar mistakes. If you want to comment on the article ether do it on the discussion page or the user's page. </font0

9. Remember to sign your messages with three tildes (~~~) to have the name displayed or four tildes (~~~~), if you want to display the date the message was posted.

10. Please sign your user name after your work so you can receive full credit. With a template such as, {{YourSigHere}} .

11. All heroes/villains exist in a corresponding Universe, with smaller universes. Other FULL universe's will be moved to the user's namespace.

12. Comedies and parodies must be used in a namespace, such as this example, User:Example/The Story of Bloomy-Blom-Bloomberg.

13. Three counts of incivility will cause a three day ban.

14. Any plagiarism will result in a one week (7 day) ban. It WILL NOT be tolerated. Any user who has been told and visually tried to correct it will receive a 4 day ban.

15. Do not use someone's articles without permission from that user. This applies to admin's and regular users.

These rules will be enforced by the community of Superfanon, and also obeyed. Only Administrators may change these rules, with consensus of other administrators on a blog first.