It was a normal day when he appeared in the city. He laughed a sickly laugh. His life was normal. A regular 17 year-old. Good school, good job, good friends, good reputation, nothing bad whatsoever. But, that one fateful day... he changed.

Episode Schedule:Edit

Every episode contains in this order:

  1. The previous episode recap with new words and pictures.
  2. The Theme Song.
  3. The Quote of the Episode.
  4. Episode.
  5. Credits.
  6. Ending Theme.


This show and it's specials/movies contain graphic battles and some characters with questionable personalities. Please don't be surprised by acts that are too bloody, graphic, or disgusting as this may happen often. Don't add any photos to this, but you may edit the grammar or spelling of this show.......... Enjoy.

Episode 1: That Fateful Day...Edit

In an alleyway stood two figures surrounded by dead bodies, 12 to be exact. Blood surrounded the alley and the younger looking man said," So you will allow me to keep this power?" The elder said," Yes. But only if you make the world pure." The younger nodded and suddenly the elder man screamed and died. The younger man said," So... electrokenesis? Nice." He opened his hand and electricity danced along his palm. "Cool..."

The man walked home in the night and said," So my name will be known around the world. Jason, the electrokenetic beast. Hmhmhmhmhm..." A drunken man stumbled along by Jason and mumbled," Hey, HEY! You the- woah... hey... buddy, wanna fight?" Jason laughed and grabbed the man's face. He electricuted him until he died. Jason laughed over his burning, dead body," You are only the 13th..."

The one called, "Jason", walked for a long time into the night. He walked into a large building. The double-doors opened. Jason walked in and the guard behind the check-in desk asked," Hey, you Jason?" Jason answered," Yes." The guard looked at some papers and said," 5th floor." Jason walked to the elevetors and stepped in. He hit the button to the 5th floor and the elevator closed and rose. Jason activated his powers and the elevator sped up. The elevator, working overdrive, let Jason leave fairly quickly. Jason turned a corner to a large, white room with couches, tables, desks and computers. Many scientists were talking or typing.

When Jason walked in, all the scientists stopped and looked at him. They all sat at a long table and the head scientist said," Please, sit." Jason sat at the head of the table and the lead scientist said," So we all know that you have been chosen, correct?" All the scientists nodded. Jason said," Look, all I know is I have been given the opritunity to rid the world of evil. Let me do what I will with my power." One scientist stood up and said," Listen. We have made a program that influences DNA. You have been given this test and haven't died. We would like for you to help us. We chose you because you have a grudge against anything evil. Our goal is to rid the world of evil and darkness. You, can help us achieve this goal. Simply go into the world and extinguish all evil. Occasionally we will inform you of criminals we know of. You must make these people your top priority to get rid of. Do you agree?"

Jason said," Fine. But I will do as I please." A scientist walked up and put a watch and a laptop with Jason. Jason nodded and

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