This article, Superhuman experiements of CoRN, was written by Odysseas-spartan-53. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

In the beginning of its expansion, the Coalition of Red Nations started a series of experiments over humans to create supervillains that would execute any mission given to them. These experiments started in the early years of the Coalition, during its formation in many different military bases and labs secretly. At the beginning, the results weren't successful. In 2026, the first successful experiment, Istur was made in a secret lab in islamabad, Megatech-076. After this success, many other supervillains were made.

List of LabsEdit

  • Megatech-077 - Pakistan. The first experiements were done here, no positive results.
  • Megatech-076 - Pakistan. The first supervillain was made there, Istur.
  • North military base - Iran. The majority of supervillains were made here.

List of SupervillainsEdit

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