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Created by:
Origin: Technological (?)
Category: Power Armour
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Emperor Supremeus I, ruler of Earth
Species: Human (presumed)
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Eye Colour: Unknown
Hair Colour: Unknown
Citizenship: Unknown
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: At large
Affiliation: The “Supremus Empire”
Marital Status: Unknown, claims to have been married
Known Relatives: Unknown, claims to have had a daughter
Known Powers
Superior intellect (claimed)
Training / Abilities
Can construct advanced technological items
Suit of advanced power armour, claimed to be one of the most powerful in the world; suit features advanced weaponry, enhanced strength, flight capability and possibly teleportation systems.
Claims to be the ruler of an alternate earth; veracity unproven

Supremeus is an incredibly powerful, power armour-using villain who claims to be the emperor of an alternate earth. He aims to either return to his homeworld or, if that is not possible, conquer this earth instead.


“You wish to know of my history? Very well, then. I shall enlighten you, so that you may understand why your only option is to swear fealty to me.”

“I hail from what your science laughably calls an ‘alternate Earth’; however, if any world is the ‘alternate’, it is this one, not my beloved Earth-Omega. At any rate, it was clear from even an early age that I was above the common man of that world. As I grew, it became apparent to me that my world was a corrupt, decaying one, doomed to extinction unless something was done to avert this seemingly inevitable course. I took it upon myself to save my world from its demise.”

“Using my superior intellect, I was able to construct a number of fantastic technological devices superior to any seen on that world before. Assembling an army of those who shared my vision, I armed them with the technology that I had developed. And then, form those humble beginnings, we embarked on a war of liberation, one that swept the globe clean of the corrupt and decadent powers that had held it in thrall for so long. Instead, we freed the people bringing them into a glorious new age of peace and prosperity for all.”

“After five long, hard years of toil, I was triumphant. The world was united under my banner, a single, global empire dedicated to the betterment of all humanity. We eliminated poverty and hunger, making war and suffering and oppression a thing of the past. Under my benevolent hand, my world grew into a veritable paradise, a veritable new garden of Eden.”

“However, that Eden also had its serpent. A small group of my once-loyal followers betrayed my dream, seeking power for themselves rather then accepting my rule. Knowing full well that they could not dream of defeating me openly, they instead resorted to vile trickery to defeat me. Using my beloved daughter against me, they lured me into a trap; as they could not defeat me, they instead used a dimensional projector – an incomplete, experimental device that I had developed myself – to tear me from my native world and instead hurl me into this one.”

“I quickly assessed my situation and realised what had happened. Unfortunately, I found that this blighted planet that I had been banished to was one even further gone then the one I had left. My research discovered the reason; this world had not been blessed with a counterpart to myself and, as such, had never received the blessings that I had bestowed upon my homeworld. Unfortunately, it also meant that I was not able to find an intellectual counterpart that would aid me in returning to my home.”

“Regardless, I did not give into despair as a lesser man would. Instead, I devoted myself to building a new dimensional projector, one that would return me to my homeworld. Unfortunately, the primitive technology of this world was not up to the task; furthermore, its authorities refused to recognise my natural superiority and aid me in my quest. Instead, I was labelled as a ‘supervillain’, painted as an agent of evil, regardless of how just my cause was.”

“Nonetheless, I chose to continue on my path. I assembled an army which, while inferior to the one that I had used in past, I felt would provide me with the manpower that I needed to complete my great work. Unfortunately, there were those who felt otherwise and endeavoured to stop me. Those forces arrayed against me clashed with my own armies and, for the first time ever, I admit that I tasted the bitterness of defeat. My minions had failed me, leaving me unable to complete my great work.”

“Despite this, I felt that I should continue my work, with this defeat serving only to spur me on. I became only more eager to return to my homeworld and reclaim my righteous place as its ruler. However, as the science of this world is not up to par, I have begun to realise that the assembly of a new Dimensional Projector may not be an option. Instead, I have begun to consider another course of action, one that will yield a similarly favourable result.”

“If I cannot return to my own world to rule it, then I shall instead take control of this one and save it from itself. I have no desire to be imprisoned in a world that is certainly doomed; instead, I shall elevate this one in its stead, transforming it into a duplicate of the paradise that I once enjoyed myself.”


By all accounts, Supremeus wears a suit of sophisticated power armour that is one of the most powerful in the world. While its armour is nearly impenetrable to attack, the suit provides Supremeus with full life support, enabling him to survive indefinitely inside it. Additionally, it protects him in even the most extreme of environments; he claims that the suit could take him into the depths of the oceans or even into space if needs be.

The suit itself greatly enhances his strength and gives him a number of other abilities. It features numerous, built-in energy weapons of incredibly sophisticated and lethal design. The weapons are reconfigurable to allow them to adapt to different circumstances and be adjusted for maximum effect against specific targets. Furthermore, the suit is equipped with a vast array of sensory systems.

Finally, the suit is able to fly; its maximum speed is unknown. Furthermore, unconfirmed reports say that it is able to teleport. If this is the case, it would appear that doing such is incredibly draining on its systems or takes time to execute; the few reports of him teleporting never depict him arriving at a location the immediately departing again.


Supremus is, at heart, something of a megalomaniac driven by his desire to rule and control the world. He genuinely sees himself as being above the rest of humanity and, as such, the only person fit to lead. While he speaks rhetoric of building a better world, he has never once considered any other option to his ruling it. Similarly, he sees himself as being above petty concerns of good and evil – he is always right, regardless.

While initially driven by his desire to return to his homeworld, it appears that he has become more and more driven towards taking over this one. Whether he has made this decision is because he has decided that he is unable to return to his home or if it is for some other reason remains unclear, however. To this end, he has made numerous bids fro power, frequently assembling small armies of hired minions, both mundane and superpowered.

While he claims that Earth’s technology is lacking compared to his homeworld’s as the main reason why he has not been able to construct a new dimensional projector, there does appear to be a number of inconsistencies in his claims. While his battlesuit is clearly of advanced design, he has never been seen to build anything that comes close to its levels of sophistication. Much of his technology, while it is cutting edge, is no more advanced then that used by other super-powered criminals or agencies.

Similarly, he does seem to be somewhat vague with regards to details of his homeworld and his past; while he will readily talk at length about the greatness of his power and his rule, he is noticeably vague about his rise to power and how he actually conquered the world. He will, however, gladly talk about his beloved daughter who he states as being one of his key motivations- he wanted to create a better world for her.


Supremeus has never been seen outside of his battlesuit; some suspect that he may not be able to leave it, or that he may be some sort of robot. Regardless, his suit is a very imposing sight. Towering a little over two meters tall, its heavy frame gives it a solid, intimidating look. Its surfaces are covered with smooth, shiny armour with its weapons systems largely concealed. The helmet completely covers Supremeus’ face, giving no clue as to his identity. The suit itself is largely blue and gold, with a red trim.

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