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Sweetheart was born in 1933, in San Francisco. At the age of eight Sweetheart and her father died during her family's vacation in Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Her body was never found. Her mother survived and continued living her life in San Francisco, eventually remarrying in 1947. Then in 1953, she boar a boy named Charles. In 1955, years after World War II ended she returned to life carring a brown little teddy bear with two red button eyes. After she returned she weilded strange powers. In the 18 following years, she wondered around Hawaii looking for a way off the island. During this time peroid she did not age or hunger. One night she found a man with a broken arm in the forest. She used her powers to heal his wound. The man thanked her and asked if she wanted anything in return. All she asked was for a boat ride to San Francisco. So the man bought tickets to San Francisco. After the long boat ride, they finally made it to San Francisco and for the first time since she died, Sweetheart was happy. After docking Sweetheart said goodbye to the man, and she set off to find her mother. For the next few weeks poor Sweetheart searched the city until finally a young man named Charles walked up to her and asked why and what was she doing. She answered

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Immortal Spirit

Amazing Healing Power

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