A TitansForever
"Titans, GO!"
—Teen Titans.

After three years as the Fighting Five, and over 20 years after the Makata Invasion, the Nuclear Apocalypse, and Amalgam's crazed rampage, which almost destroyed the earth, the Fighting Five received two new members. After reading and seeing about an old Teenage team, called the Team Titans, the Fighting Five, with two new members, Trickshot, and Ace. These two started the trend of the team that would be remembered in Paragon History forever.


Over twenty years into the future, the Fighting Five heroes, such as Wetwhistle, Stretchgirl, Tiger, Telefreak, and the leader, Burnflow, were on a mission. The hero known as Goldenbolt, a teenage hero of the fifties, was back in action. But something was wrong. He was over 60 years old. His weight had increased to a great extent, his hair went bald and grayed, and he became what members of the Teen Titans refer to as, Oldenbolt. The senior hero was trying to stop a large gang known as the King's Hand. He walked into the building saying, "I am Goldenbo-oh my aching back!". The gang just laughed, and told someone to cut the cables to the elevator, and run up the stairs. When the gang was up, and joking about the ancient superhero, the Goldenbolt walked in. The gang got tired of him, and were about to shoot him, when the Fighting Five, a hero named Ace, and a hero named Trickshot broke in through the windows. The Fighting Five took down the gang boss, Trickshot shot most of the shooters in a straight flush with a stun arrow, and Ace jumped in front of Goldenbolt to protect him from the remaining shooters. The gunshots bounced off of Ace. The team was amazed. Trickshot had taken down many soldiers with one arrow, and Ace had taken more than ten bullets to the chest and head. That is how the team met.

Ace and Trickshot both asked to be in the FF, they were accepted. But the team had a problem, they had seven heroes, when their name stated the Fighting Five. So they did some research, and found an old supergroup of teens. The Teen Titans. Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy. There were many more honorary members, but only the original members were listed and given tribute. The Fighting Five became the Teen Titans of Paragon, and became a VERY large supergroup.

Founding MembersEdit

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