Obsessed with causing murder and mayhem, The Bedazzler was raised by his church-going mother, frequently suffering from severe psyical and emotional abuse at her hands, and often comes off as a claustophobic, paranoid psychopath. He is also noted to be highly delusional, lonely, and over time develops dissociative identity disorder, assuming the personality and image of his favorite childhood cartoon character, The Mad Hatter, and possesses the ability to tamper with the mind of any target he chooses, causing them to undergo destructive and sometimes deadly delusions.

At the age of twenty-six, he was admitted to the Halverwege Mental Asylum as a mentally insane high-security patient after going on a murderous rampage, killing his mother and younger sister in the process, though completely unaware of his actions at the time due to the black-out he'd experienced moments before. He is known to repeat the line 'a boy's best-friend is his mother', which is ironic, given as his mother was an extremely cold-hearted disciplinarian who instilled in her son's mind that all men and women (with the exception of herself and her daughter) were evil and deserved to be punished.

Along with his long list of mental illnesses, The Bedazzler suffered from psychotic manic depression, as he was shunned as a child because of his peculiar appearance and was not allowed to associate with anyone except his sister and mother.

Following his escape from Halverwege Asylum two years after his admittance, in a desperate attempt to scrub the unattractiveness off of his face with flammable chemical toxins, his face became distorted and even more unsightly then before, and after realizing this, he jumped into an entire basin of the brightly glowing green chemical, hoping that it would end his life and rid him of his on-going dilemma. Surprisingly, he emerges from the tank unharmed, though more mentally unstable then before.

Apart from wanting to cause pain to anyone he possibly could, The Bedazzler is extremely abusive and takes up the past-time of harming himself when no one else is in range.

He later becomes the ruthless archenemy of both the Black Crusader and Mon-El, having been directly responsible for the death of his adoptive mother, Pamela Harper and the destruction of the presitigious Harper Corp. building, which resulted in Hank almost being killed during the explosion, and is the founder of The Corporation, a secret society of villains, whose most notable members include Rubeth Wisely, the Ringmaster and his unstable sidekick, Jester, and Zarbos. He has been considered dead on many occassions (falling off of a cliff, being shot precisely in the head, etc.), though apparantly, his fall into the chemical waste granted him a certain extent of immortality.

Early Life Edit

The Bedazzler was born on August 28th, and was named Roger Edward Tenniel after his paternal grandfather, and grew up in a single parent household alongside his younger sister, Delilah. As a young boy, he was mistreated at the hands of his mother, who continuously greived over the sudden departure of his father, Robert Tenniel, and dealt with her emotions by drinking vast amounts of alcohol. The relationship Roger shared with his mother often resulted in incest or her preaching to him that all women apart from herself and her daughter were evil whores and were instruments of the devil. Despite her knowledge of Roger's hatred of the Bible, his mother, Augusta, recited the 'book of the Lord' to her children every afternoon for thirteen years, usually selecting graphic verses from the Old Testament that dealt with murder, death and divine retribution.

Although Roger tried arduously to please his mother, Augusta was seemingly displeased with her children despite her sexual advances towards the both of them, under the impression that they would become failures like their father. It wasn't until after her fifteenth birthday (in which Roger was sixteen), did Delilah begin to reject her mother's veiws of the world and became worried of Roger's unusual attachment to her. Soon, she began the habit of speaking ill of Augusta whenever Roger was around in hopes that he too, would detatch from their mother.

It wasn't until Roger was seventeen, did his black-outs begin, which ended with him killing his childhood bully, though having no memory of it the next day. Over the course of five months, Roger had become romantically linked with the very attractive daughter of a local antique store owner, Dahlia Mae Sawyer, who worked part-time as a waitress at a local diner, where she and Roger met. Three months into the relationship, he was brainwashed into killing her by his mother after she discovered the romance and grew extremely jealous of the growing relationship. Though mortified by his mother's request, Augusta explains to him that Dahlia is 'a prostitute of the devil who needs to be dealt' with and hands him a box cutter. The next day, Dahlia's mutilated corpse was found, severed in half with a post-mortem smile carved into her face.

For the next nine years, Roger, haunted by Dahlia's death, began to undergo a series to black-outs, which resulted in him committing murders and not remembering any of it. Delilah states that Roger's depression is due to the fact that he has 'lost his only friend and one true love', and it is then that he has another black-out and kills his mother by slitting her throat, and then gets rid of his sister by means of bashing her skull in with a crow bar. After he realizes that he is genuinely alone in the world, Roger awaits for the police to apprehend him, though by the time they arrive, he has already abandoned his childhood home and has instead, decided to send the police on a confusing manhunt as to where he is hiding, disclosing his clues inside of items such as colored eggs and top hats, which he has composed with clippings of words from local newspapers. After he is located and arrested by none other than Mon-El and his accomplise, the Black Crusader, he is admitted to Halverwege Asylum.

An Endangerment to Himself & Society Edit

After spending two years in psychiatric care, Bedazzler eventually found a way out; by means of convincing his psychiatrist at the time, Susan Stone, that he was just as sane as she was, just misunderstood and even went as far as to admit being 'a little misguided'. Apparantly over the deaths of his mother, ex-girlfriend and sister, the Bedazzler broke out of Halverwege with the assistance of Susan, after she had been cast under a mind-control spell by her soon-to-be husband, the Ringmaster, who'd taken an interest in her patient. Prior to his break-out, Susan, who'd been delivering progress reports of the Bedazzler's near-sane behavior to Hank Harper, desribed him as 'evil without a motiviation'. He later gives light to this statement when he burns down the power plant responsible for his transformation, and upon doing so, ultimately decides that he'd rather 'watch the world burn' than sit back and enjoy the necessities of being the typical bad guy.

Soon after his escape from Halverwege Asylum, the Bedazzler murdered congresswoman Jane O'Conner because of her powerful presense and motivation for the goodness of humanity. Beleiving that his message for fear of his name has been delivered, the Bedazzler recruited the first member of the society he'd soon call 'The Corporation', the same person responsible for his escape from Halverwege, the Ringmaster. Convinced that his tactics have captivated the Bedazzler into making him his 'top executive', the Ringmaster gives half of his magical powers to the Bedazzler as a token of his appreciation. Unbeknownst to him, the Bedazzler never had nor needed any friendly support and merely used the Ringmaster, along with his growing stable of supervillains, for his own personal gain of obtaining public notoriety and respect, given as he was never respected as a child or young adult.

Yet and still, the Bedazzler's black-outs continued to happen, and fed up of his memory loss when it came to 'taking lives and taking names', he sought out the help of his numer one henchman, the Ringmaster, who instantaneously cured him. Unfortunately, upon doing so, the Ringmaster accidentally removes most of the Bedazzler's childhood memories, leaving him with unfilled blanks in his brain that drives him even more insane than before.

Not long after the death of congresswoman O'Conner, does the Black Crusader take action, reprising the role as Meridian City's superhero after Mon-El's defection from Earth in search of the galactic witch Galaxia, in hopes of restoring his home planet.

Using his impressive power of confusion and manipulation, the Bedazzler creates a semi-Crusader, who takes on the appearance of Hank Harper's alter-ego and uses him to rob banks. Initially, the city of Meridian grows to the conclusion that the Black Crusader is working with the Bedazzler, as told to the city during a public service announcement. Enraged yet entertained at the fact that the city would think that he would build a partnership with the man who threw him into Halverwege to begin with, the Bedazzler, disguised as a janitor, infultrates the Harper Corp. building and plants an explosive, leaving behind colorful eggs and hats with clues inside of them, even mailing the first clue to Hank's office along with a gift basket. Ultimately, Hank is not able to evacuate the building in time, nor is he able to find the bomb in time, and the property explodes in a matter of ten minutes, leaving half of the inhabitants dead, including Hank's mother, Pamela Harper.

Still disguised as a janitor, he makes way to a retirement home, where he has the Ringmaster and a dazed Susan Stone set up a fake explosive, knowing that his next clue, which he has confidence that Hank has found, will direct him to the home in attempts to deactivate the second bomb. Sure enough, Hank has arrived, disguised as the Black Crusader and succeeds in getting all of the elderly people out and watches as the bomb squad rushes in to locate the explosive. They later find that the bomb is a fake and watch as City Hall goes up into flames, killing General John Stone and Harvey O'Conner, the widower of congresswoman Jane O'Conner.

Celebrating his newfound infamy, the Bedazzler begins to cut his face with a razor, signifying that he has no care for himself or his own well-being.

In No Mans Land: Mad as a Hatter, Mon-El has returned to Earth and is devestated after catching news of his adoptive mother's death, and is shocked when Hank's promises to end the Bedazzler's life. Although Mon-El tells him that 'by killing Bedazzler, you're no better than he is', Hank retaliates by shooting the Bedazzler in the head at point-blank range after cornering him in his hideout, an old, rundown warehouse. This causes major tension between Mon-El and Hank, who Hank says 'doesn't always have to be such a boy scout' and leaves the vacinity. Mon-El questions Hank, quoting that 'the Bedazzler being dead will not bring back Pamela'. They leave the warehouse, leaving the Bedazzler's remains to be discovered by the Ringmaster and Susan, who uses his powers to ressurecte the Bedazzler, who'd actually been in a coma.

Seeking revenge on the Black Crusader, the Bedazzler traps him into a alternate-reality world, where he has to watch his mother and father dying, only to be bought back to life and killed again, though in more ways than one (including a car accident, falling out of the window, ect.) He further entertains himself by killing the Sapphire Mistress, Doctor Death and the Black Dutchess, his newest henchman and henchwomen, in numerous, comedical ways, blowing up the entire city of Meridian, only to do the same thing over and over again. Eventually, Mon-El, who had returned to his home planet after the presumed death of the Bedazzler, returns to Earth once again, this time accompanied by his mother, Aura and the inter-galactic witch, Galaxia, who strips the Bedazzler of his magical abilities and restores his memory, causing him to faint due to massive extent of his insanity.

Mon-El discovers Hank, whose began to suffer from insanity after watching his parents dying over and over again, and convinces his mother to strip him of his memory of the event ever happeneing, and Galaxia then restores Meridian City to its original state before the Bedazzler cast it under his spell. He then returns the Bedazzler to Halverwege, becoming a city-wide hero in the process of doing so.

Trivia Edit

  • The Bedazzler's namesake comes from the serial killers Roger Dale Steffan and Edward Gein, who's childhood was reflected upon Roger's early years. His last name, 'Tenniel', was depicted from the surname of John Tenniel, the illustrator of Alice in Wonderland.
  • His straightfoward, deranged homicidal actions and bizarre appearance are all dedicated to the creation of The Joker.
  • The Bedazzler's mother, Augusta, was also the name of the mother of the psychotic serial killer Edward Gein, as is the date of his birthday.

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