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The Catering is an underground service run by retired superhero, Mr. Incognito.

The PurposeEdit

The Catering was in, 1952, a large four-rail underground train-station was found to be obsolete. Bobby Dale, a young man who worked, hemming and patching up clothes, was also a genius in technology, but wouldn't show it, and was a detective superhero known as The Who, working as a detective, but not as himself. Bobby had already been many years past the technology of that era, he used a voice cloaking device, which could change or mimic any voice, and it was the size of a mouthpiece.

Bobby took the advantage of the condemned Train Station, and made a headquarters in all of the old, but functional, cars, jammed into the station. The cars, of course, wouldn't move, because they were jammed into place, the reason the station was closed. They still had all technology working, light bulbs, fans, and such. So Bobby set up his headquarters there.

When Bobby gave up detective work in 1978, he set up a superhero catering station. It was highly secret, and Bobby would make sure to only give it's location to Superheroes that he knew by hand. He told them to knock on the barred up doors, and they would open, leading into the underground hideout. Bobby then started letting his superhero friends stay in his hideout, while he designed suits and repaired them for others. Soon the place was a hotspot for all heroes in a slump, and in the 90s, when The Who, his alias, went away, a new one was gained. Every hero knew it was the same person, with a new name, for a new era.

Mr. Incognito then placed a sign on the barred up doors, saying,





It simply looked like an ad, stapled to the doors of the abandoned subway. Anyone who would call, would get rejected, with a simple, "We are booked for the month." But all Superheroes knew it's real identity. Catering for SUPERHEROES. Mr. Incognito then made it an official Superhero shelter, for those in slumps, but for those needing a new design, or simply repair, for their suits, would all go to the Catering.

After Amalgam's Apocalypse, The Catering, located in Washington D.C., was unharmed, and in the new era, Mr. Incognito let the members of many small time supergroups stayed at the station, such as the Specialties, and the second generation of the Legion of Vigilance.

The Catering still exists, in the King's Row district, to go there though, you must first contact Mr. Incognito, and get confirmation from him, then travel to the Catering, knock on the door, and say your Superhero alias.

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