The Cavalier is a character from the Unit-N4 series.


The Cavalier

The Leader of Unit-N4 and Agent Zero's psycho: The Cavalier.

Edmund "Ed" Morgan was born into a military family. His father was a soldier and often abusive towards him, often referring to Ed as a waste of money. As an attempt to impress him, Ed took up boxing and joined the Combined Cadet Force. However, his father mocked his efforts. Ed's mother would often comfort him after being ridiculed by his father.

When Ed turned 18, he left school to join the army. With WW3 in full swing by this point, Britain was desperate for soldiers. By 20, Ed was a decorated soldier, but this still wan't enough for his father. When Ed returned from a tour of duty, crying because of the deaths of most of his friends, Ed's father mocked him for. When his mother tried to get him to stop, Ed's father punched her, knocking her back into a fireplace, killing her instantly. In a moment of fury, Ed turned on his father and strangled him.

Ed was arrested and sentenced to life in prison. He was given a Dishonourable Discharge from the army and would have been locked away, had he not been contacted by a mysterious man referring to himself as Agent Zero. He told Ed that he could get him out of prison in return for Ed agreeing to sign up for the Secret Service. Ed agreed and was provided with a new uniform and a shield with the Secret Service logo on it.When the Prime Minister commisioned a military superteam codenamed Unit-N4, Ed was put forward by Agent Zero to be it's leader. He agreed and Ed, now codenamed "The Cavalier" was set to lead N4 to undermine the American Empire in any way he can.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Ed was trained in much the same way as Mr E. He learned Muay Thai boxing and was provided with an experimental automatic plasma weapon: the Union Arms Autobreacher. He is trained in black-ops tactics, advanced weapons training and stealth combat. Ed's shield is completely plasma-proof and can withstand a grenade blast. He also has survival training and carries a firesteel, combat dagger and long range scope for his Autobreacher. Ed is a psychopath, a personality trait cultivated by his boss, Agent Zero. He revels in combat and doesn't know how to react otherwise.


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