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The Children of Darkness is an ancient brotherhood of Umbrals, who are trying to take over not only the Universe of the Supers, but the Shadow-verse as well.

History Edit

The Children of Darkness Brotherhood has been around since the existence of Inter-Dimensional Rifts. When the first Shades came to Earth, they were disgusted by what they saw and left as soon as they could, leaving behind ancient Shade Literature that trains the Reader in the art of Shadow-Manipulation. Many humans have tried to utilize this ability, but all have failed, and were transformed into Umbrals.

Many Umbrals were exiled from society do to their changed appearances or homicidal attitudes. These Umbrals banded together into what is now called the Children of Darkness.

Known Members Edit

Since Umbrals never age, many members of the Brotherhood have lived through major historic movements. Also, because of this Immortality, The position of Leader of The Children of Darkness is always contested over by other members. The only way for an Umbral to become the Brotherhood's leader, is to kill the current leader.

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