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Chapter 1Edit

Mike stepped out of the car that had brought him to freedom. Living at a boarding school was alright, but you needed to get away every once in awhile. This party was the perfect excuse. His dad parked the large Volvo SUV as he helped his Mémère old and bent, to the door, holding it open for her as she entered. She hated this, he knew. His Mémère was a proud woman, and she was embarrassed to need help. The inside of the small blue house was noisy and smelled of good food. Mike ducked under a winding staircase and moved directly to the basement, where he knew his cousins would be, passing his relatives in the kitchen to do so. He fixed his brown hair and smoothed his green polo. His entrance drew the attention of one small cousin with fire-orange hair and wide, observant eyes. Daniel was the youngest cousin at eight, and he idolized the fifteen year old Mike. Daniel immediately brought Mike into their game: hockey with tiny, baby sized hockey sticks and a bouncy ball. Mike was elected goalie. Mike didn’t stay in the game for long. Instead, he left the game early to hang with his other cousins, leaving Daniel with Kayla, another cousin whom Dan was good friends with. Mike said his helloes to Andrew, Kayla’s brother, and William as he made his way to the TV, where two other cousins were engrossed with their phones. Hailey was the first to see him, and laughingly invited him over. Hailey was short for her age, only about five feet tall at fourteen, almost fifteen. Hailey was the smallest in the family for her age. Mike, five ten at fifteen, already towered over his uncles and aunts, let alone his cousins. The contrast between the two of them was quite humorous, especially since she was Mike’s favorite cousin. She was wearing a green top that complemented her bright red hair nicely. She was Dan’s sister, solidifying her family as the one with the brightest hair. Mike settled down, looked over his shoulder, and spoke, “Is it secure?” Hailey looked around. “Use your phone” The three phones began tapping rapidly. Mike’s silver and small Blackberry Pearl was difficult to use at first, but now it was second nature. Mike: “Today is Maddie’s, right?” Hailey: “You don’t know?” Mike: “Just making sure. How do we do it?” Hailey: “Idk” Jenny texted next. She had dark hair which she wore long. She was always wearing lots of eyeliner and black clothing. She was among the weirdest of Mike’s cousins, and her habit of bursting randomly into songs that had no bearing to the conversation solidified her position. Well, at least she had a good voice. She also competed with Hailey for “Shortest Cousin” award, but was just taller by an inch at most. The three of them were born in a line: Mike in November of ’93, Hailey in January of ’94, and Jenny in February, also ’94. Jenny: “We could ask him.” Mike jumped up. “No. Absolutely not.” Hailey raised a question, “Why not?” Mike began to pace. “You know how risky it is. If he messes up, she could be hurt. And besides, he doesn’t like it. One day, he’ll just refuse to help us. Then where would we be?” Hailey sat staring at him while Jenny twirled a pen while singing “dancing queen”. She seemed to be favoring that song of late. Hailey finally spoke, “Why are you afraid of him?” Mike was taken aback, “I’m not afraid. I don’t fear anything. I just don’t think he’s up to it.” Jenny spoke, “Maybe we should ask him.” The “hockey puck” flew by Mike’s head, barely missing the drinks on the table. Mike picked up the puck and tossed it back to his cousins. He smiled. “You call him. My dad has the number.” Mike sat down on the couch and watched the TV. Hailey and Jenny sat for a moment, and Jenny moved to the other sofa. Hailey sat on the opposite end of Mike’s couch. Mike slapped his forehead. “We’re not getting anywhere with this, are we?” Jenny turned the other way, “Nope.” Mike thought about it for a moment, than reluctantly dragged himself up the stairs to get the stupid phone number.


Brendan’s alarm rang loud through the afternoon. He slammed it off. Four o’clock, time to go. This late shift was killing him. Shamus, his Siamese cat, greeted him with the usual “Mroow”. Brendan smiled, “And how are you this afternoon Shame?” “Meow” “That good?” “Morw” “Hungry?” “Rwaaarw” Okay, breakfast time. Slop for Shamus, eggs for Brendan. Time for another night. His new nightclub was taking a toll on him. Working part-time for his old job wasn’t helping. He had to break up with his old girlfriend just to get away from his old life. He missed her sometimes. Shamus did too. The cat finished his meal and went to lie in the sun. Brendan looked at his immaculate apartment. This was no way for a thirty year old to live. His apartment should be a pigsty, with old pizza boxes and beer bottles. No, life was nothing like he expected. Shamus sensed his uneasiness, and rubbed against his “father’s” legs. Brendan picked him up, laughing. He may be short on money, have no girlfriend, and be living someone else’s perfect life, but he knew him and Shame would find a way. His phone rang. He snatched it up. Shamus jumped away as he opened the clam-shell device. “Hello?” he asked. The voice on the other end was deep, adult, and familiar, “Brendan?” Brendan smiled an uneasy smile. His cousin hated to call him, so it must be important. “Michael? What is it?” The voice paused, and then spoke as if the words were drawing energy directly from the owner, “I need you to identify someone.” Brendan groaned. Great, another thing to add to the plate. But he knew his cousin. Every time one of his friends had a fourteenth birthday, he called, hoping that it would be true. It never was. Of course, he couldn’t blame Michael. He was so desperate to find others, he ran himself ragged trying to find them. Brendan’s sympathy for him led him to do it every time. Also, there was an upside. If he found and documented one, he would get a little extra cash from his other job. Besides, Brendan owed him something. He let him suffer thinking he was the only one for months before finally revealing another. When Michael heard that Hailey was like him, the two grew a bond that rivaled the best friendships. Brendan still felt sorry for that month though, that month that he watched Mike in pain, alone before contacting him. He held the phone to his mouth, “I’ll need a few minutes.” Michael was overjoyed. “Thankyou thankyou thankyou!” The line went dead. Brendan walked into the other room. Why now, who had a birthday today? Was it someone Brendan knew? He sat down at his desk and began searching.


“Happy Birthday dear Maddie… Happy Birthday to you!” the chorus rang through the silent house as Maddie blew out the candles before the entire room burst into loud applause. Fourteen years old already. Time flew by. Maddie let her mom cut her the first slice, and sat down. She pushed her blonde hair out of the way and rolled up the sleeves of her orange sweater. It was a habit of hers, one she couldn’t get over. The deep brown chocolate cake oozed whipped cream and frosting. She ate it quickly, savoring the new feeling: fourteen, not thirteen any longer. ‘I’m older now’ she thought to herself. Funny, she felt older too. She thought about what it would be like being fourteen. Probably not much different from thirteen really, but she would still go through it with high spirits. Presents would be later. Right now, she had some more time with her cousins. Hailey, check. Jenny, check. Mikey…he hated it when she called him that… no check. Where was he? She liked to annoy him. It was a form of endearment, it really was, but he didn’t take too kindly to it sometimes. Especially around his friends. Especially around girls. It was odd that, although they only moved here a few years ago, she felt like she’d been friends with her cousins her whole life. She was born in South Carolina, her family moved to Texas where her brother, William, was born. They then schlepped up to Chicago, and finally moved to Connecticut to be with the rest of the family. They still lived farther away from everyone. With a twinge of amusement, she realized that Mikey’s boarding school was closer to her house then to his own. Funny how that worked out. Mikey walked in from the other room. His blackberry was still on; he had just finished using it. Hailey and Jenny picked up their phones and read a text on it. They then went immediately upstairs with Mikey. Odd. Maddie followed. They walked up the spiral staircase and into William’s room. Maddie couldn’t see them though, because they slammed the door in her face. She tried to eavesdrop, but heard nothing. Her brother must have soundproofed his room. Weirdo. Now she couldn’t even hear them…


Mike sat on the edge of the blue bed. Hailey cleared off a chair, Jenny sat on the floor. Mike looked at both, then at William’s soundproofing. Why did he need pads all over the walls? Cousins could be weird he guessed. He then began his report. “I contacted him. He wasn’t happy, but he’ll do it. When he responds, I’ll turn it on speaker phone so we can all hear whether she is or not.” Jenny spoke, “I hope that we don’t miss the presents. I got Maddie a new hockey stick to replace the one Hailey broke.” Hailey blushed at this obvious poke at her. Mike chuckled. It had been an accident. Mike was new to it, and the hockey stick met his full strength. It was an accident. Fortunately for Mike, Hailey had been carrying it, and the blame fell upon her. Mike chuckled again. He had come so far since then, fourteen for not even a month yet. He still shuddered, remembering how it felt. He was afraid: afraid of himself for his obvious strength, for the ease at which the hockey stick broke, but mostly, how much he enjoyed it. It scared him that he would enjoy it that much. The three of them began talking about random subjects and unimportant items, waiting for the phone call.


Brendan was shocked. Another. Of his own family. This would get him some good money for sure. He picked up his cell phone and dialed the number. The phone rang for a few seconds before the other line picked up. “Hello?” the deep voice asked. “It’s me Michael.” He could practically hear the intensity of the moment on the other end. Apparently, the suspense was too much for Michael, because a very irritated “And…?” was the next thing through the phone. Brendan smiled. “Positive. She has it, likely doesn’t know it yet though.” Michael practically screamed with delight, “What is it!?” Brendan sighed. Michael knew he wouldn’t know that. Michael finally said good bye, obviously rather anxious. Brendan walked to his couch and took a deep breath. This next call would be dangerous. If he made it, he would be in, and there would be no turning back. He slowly dialed the number. He would later ask why he did this. Looking back he realized that even then he sensed it: His call was the first breeze from which would brew a deadly storm

Chapter 2Edit

Mike sat at the bed, hiding a smile. "It's confirmed. She has it." Hailey and Jenny both jumped with joy. This celebration would have continued had a pair of red and blue lights not driven by. Mike stopped and watched the police car's travel path. "Jenny, what can you hear?" Jenny looked at the car as it turned to corner. She gasped and fell on the floor. "It''s...oh my god...there's a dance at the local high school. There's a shooter! Oh my god..." Mike jumped from the bed and opened the window. No, not now. They would find another way. "C'mon, let's go." ........................................

Maddie was bored. They were in there for a while now. Suddenly, the door opened and her three cousins ran past her and down stairs. She followed as best she could. They left the house, ran across the lawn and into the woods. The thorns and branches scratched at her legs and arms, but she kept up anyway. Where were they going? The woods thinned and disappeared. It was the town high school. There were cop cars around the place, and many cops were out of their cars brandishing weapons. In the glass doorway was a man, tall and wide, muscular and fit. He had an automatic rifle pointed at a boy's head. The boy himself was of medium height with warm brown hair. He was kinda cute too. He didn't look at his assailant with fear, but with defiance. Maddie watched her cousins.
Mike was speaking, "Hailey, target his weapon. Fry it before he can use it. Jenny, bring him down when Hailey does her part.I'll make sure nothing goes wrong." Hailey smiled, "Sounds like a plan." The cousins ran towards the man. The cops didn't see them. What were they thinking? They could get... A beam of red-hot light shot from Hailey's hand into the gun, melting the contraption before it fired. Jenny screamed and the gunman fell to the ground, covering his ears. Mike picked up the boy and carried him away. They didn't see the gunman though. He lifted his head and pulled out a pistol from his jacket. He fired three rounds at Mike and the boy. Maddie covered her eyes, but opened them just a little. The bullets were stopped in front of Mike. Mike smiled, "I wouldn't do that." He flicked his finger down and the bullets fell. The man ran past the police. The cops opened fire, but the bullets seemed to bounce off of him. The man got in his car and drove off across the grass towards Maddie... Maddie ran, screaming across the lawn, but the man was on a mission. He was getting closer, closer, and suddenly... Crunch. The car's hood folded against Maddie's shoulder, grinding to a stop. She froze. Did she just... stop a car with her shoulder? The man ran off. It was okay, everyone was safe. But apparently, her cousins had some explaining to do.


Isaiah ran from the scene. If only he had killed that boy, that boy that would decide so much in the days to come. Oh well. He would manage. His car was wrecked, but that didn’t worry him. He was born and raised in Uganda, where children were forced to work as soldiers. He had gotten used to the walking. He was bigger now. The war was where he learned of his gift. Bullets bounced off of him, insects broke their pincers on his skin. He lived as his friends died. After he was rescued, he stowed away on an American convoy. The convoy hit a land mine, and he survived to reach a nearby food station. They got help, and he was sent to Egypt through Sudan. From Egypt, he went through the Middle East and Iraq. In Iraq, he saw more war, more violence. Would it never end? Would he ever find peace? The answer was, of course, no. In France, when he finally arrived, he had read the history books in the libraries and taught himself to speak and read his language better. He also learned of man’s obsession with war. Since the earliest civilizations, there was always violence. People denied it, or claimed to control it, or believed that it would never reach them. But they were wrong. War was a part of human nature. Chinese Empires, Persian Wars, Crusades, Jihads, Revolutions, Civil Wars, World Wars even. People fought over land, resources, money, treaties, government, or just for boredom. It would never end. He knew of only one place he could go. In North America was the country of Canada. They were peaceful, and spoke French. In Canada, he learned English, and eventually grew curious of the people down south. He decided to visit New York, just to see how the people were. On his way through, he met extraordinary people. They helped him with his ability, and showed him others like himself. One of the others was young, a girl no more than fifteen. Her amazing power: to see the future. And the future was horrible. War, violence, death, all caused by one like them who could not control his ability. People were divided into sides based on their heritage. America became a warzone, Powers versus Normals, “Mutants” versus “Flatscans”. The war spread, the world screamed. In the end, humanity would go extinct. Isaiah would not let that happen. He met a boy who could tell him what he had to do to fix the future. He would be called a murderer, a psycho, a villain. But the alternative? He was willing to be ridiculed and caged to give humanity another chance. The other future, the one where he fixed it? Peace. Humanity comes together after the attack, acting as one voice. They learn that working together would help them, and they dissolve borders, bury hatchets, and peace sounds from every mountain and valley, crag and crevice. He would have that future, his dream, realized at the cost of anyone. Even himself.


“And where is it?” Mr. Zhai listened carefully to the phone. His agent had called. There was another. The voice answered, “Connecticut sir.” Connecticut? That area seemed to be having quite a large amount of them lately. Coincidence? Perhaps. “You will be on the first plane there.” The voice paused, then responded. “Yes sir.” The line went dead. This case may require another’s intervention. He opened a new call. The phone was picked up immediately. “Matthias here.” “I have an assignment for you,” “Bully, when do I begin?” “Now. Get to the nearest airport, get a flight to Connecticut.” “Yes sir, I’ll begin right off.” The line went dead. Matthias would watch him. One thing Mr. Zhai had learned growing up in Communist China was that people, if not watched, would not obey you, even if their life was at stake. Matthias would make it perfectly clear that he was being watched.


This was a good spot. The bridge would do perfectly. Alex walked up to the edge. The people in the cars wouldn’t care about him. Just another suicide victim they would think. They would forget about him in a few days, and all would be well. His shoe toes hung over the expanse of space. He took a deep breath, and jumped. With the grace of a diver, Alex twisted and flipped, spinning as if the Olympic Gold were at stake. As the water got closer, he began to remove his blue polo shirt. The water was only about fifteen feet below when he was successful. The shirt fluttered away, and his wings spread out. Catching the wind, he pulled up with centimeters to spare. It was happening. He was flying! His hand skimmed the water, and he pulled higher, flying above the bridge. The dark night sky masked his trajectory, as he flapped and glided his around San Francisco Bay. It was true, he could fly. He was finally happy, away from his mundane life. His long blonde hair flowed backward in the breeze, his black jean pant legs fluttered behind him. This was how he wanted to live his life: on the edge, no cares.

Chapter 3Edit

Samuel watched the heroes sneak away from the scene. The police were helping the wounded, and an ambulance had shown up. And a fire truck, just in case, you know, someone may spontaneously combust. With what he was seeing recently, it wouldn’t surprise him if somebody did. He walked back into the school. Considering that he just had a gun to his head, he was surprisingly calm. The white hall was decked with streamers in the school’s colors. Balloons were on the ground too. They crossed the floor towards him, as if he had some kind of static pull. Odd balloons. He walked to his locker and opened it, getting a static shock. He pulled out his books and homework he forgot to get earlier that day. He walked down the hall. As he left, he felt another static shock, and the lights went out. Guess they forgot to pay the electric bill. His hair was sticking up. He smoothed it and continued. As he passed the end of that hall, he felt another shock, and the lights went out. His hair stuck up again.


A shadow moved along the bank of San Francisco Bay. He called his employer. “Mr. Zhai?” He spoke in Mandarin. “Yes?” Mr. Zhai answered, also in Mandarin. The shadow smiled. “I can see him.” He could practically hear the smile on the other end. “You know what to do.” The call ended. The shadow loaded the darts into his tranquilizer and pushed his fishing boat into the bay.


“What was that!?” Maddie demanded. They were back in the woods now. Mike had found a small clearing and they were sitting. Hailey provided light. “That was a school shooting.” Mike responded. Maddie groaned, “You know what I mean. What was with the gun melting, the gunner suddenly getting a head ache, and the bullets stopping in mid air!?” Mike smiled, “You forgot the display of super strength.” Maddie glared at him. Hailey spoke, “I guess it’s time we told you Maddie.” She nodded to Mike, who knew more about it than any of them. Mike began, “On my fifteenth birthday, I found I could move things with my mind. At first, I was afraid, scared. Then, it was cool. I was tempted to use it for personal gain, I was, but then Brendan told me that I wasn’t the first to be going through this. He brought me to an organization in New Amsterdam that helps people like us control our abilities. In return, they will want something from us in the future.” He paused, but continued, “Hailey can generate radioactive waves, and Jenny can control sonic energy. Brendan can find anyone, anywhere, and if he’s close enough, sense their abilities, if they have them. You seem to have super strength. A much more primitive case then ours, but useful nonetheless. These powers usually manifest at age fifteen, but need a catalyst to become accessible. Your brain secludes some of your potential until you are able to use it, so may discover secondary powers even after years of using another.” Maddie interrupted, “But why us? Why do we have these?” Mike shrugged. Maddie began walking away, “It’s too much…my god…this…I mean…this is beyond weird.” She tripped over a branch and into a tree, which cracked and fell. “I’m a human wrecking ball!” she wailed. Mike sighed. This wasn’t going to be easy.


Matthias waited at the plane ticket line. Finally, it was his turn. His dusty orange hair was combed over nicely, and his jacket was top notch. First impressions were everything. The woman behind the counter seemed bored to death. Oh well, nothing he could do for that. “One first class ticket to Connecticut please.” he asked. The clerk clicked on the computer. “I’m sorry sir; no first class seats are available.” She waited for him to say something else. Instead, he flicked his hand. “Could you check to see if there are any cancelations?” The clerk slowly clicked the computer. Her eyes widened. “You’re in luck sir; there was a cancellation just now. Please enjoy your flight.” Matthias walked off. Most would say “imagine the odds”. For Matthias, imagining and creating was the same thing.


Brendan closed his eyes. Beside him sat Matthias. Brendan had never met him in person, but he knew his powers simply by being near him. And you didn’t mess with that kind of power. He decided, just for fun, to scan the people around him. He had honed his powers to the point where he could tell the attributes of anyone near him. The scrawny looking boy in the seat next to Matthias had the potential to become a star basket ball player. Amazing, he likely didn’t know it. He continued to scan. So many people, so many paths they would take. He wished he could read minds; just see what people were thinking. Matthias began snoring. Brendan closed his eyes too. It would be a long flight, and jet lag would make it worse.


Alex woke with a start. A Chinese man stood over him, examining him. He struggled against the restraints of his bed. “Calm down.” The man said. “I mean you no harm. We just didn’t want your wings to wreck our equipment. We’ve been doing some tests on you, measuring bone density, wingspan, everything.” Alex looked around. There was another man, dressed in black, with a rifle holstered on his back. His black hair was down to his shoulders. He had a scar across his face, narrowly missing his left eye. He didn’t smile, nor show any emotion. The Chinese man laughed. “I’m afraid I forgot to introduce myself. I am Mr. Zhai, head of the Glamis Institution. And this is my colleague, Mr. Roberts. He’s the one who retrieved you.” Alex looked back at Mr. Zhai. “Where am I, who are you?” Mr. Zhai didn’t pause, but answered immediately. “You are at the Glamis Institute, Chicago.” “Chicago?” “Yes, we got you here quickly.” “If you mean so well, why don’t you let me go?” “Of course, my apologies. Mr. Roberts?” Mr. Roberts walked over and loosened the restraints. Alex stood up. He spread his wings to full wingspan, taking up the small room. He turned to Mr. Zhai. “Why did you bring me here?” Mr. Zhai smiled. “For multiple reasons. One, to see your abilities firsthand. Second, I wanted to help you understand them. Finally, I want to offer you a job.” Alex frowned. Why him? “What kind of job?” “One that will get you away from simplicity, that will let you live on the edge and feel the wind in your face every day.” “I’m listening.” “Help us. Become one of many who help us help others like you.” “What kind of figures are we talking here?” “One thousand.” Alex frowned. A thousand a year? He could get better than that if he stayed in school. “Sorry, but I’ll have to pass.” Mr. Zhai laughed. “One thousand a day” Alex stopped. That was about… seven thousand a week. Not bad. About three hundred sixty five thousand a year. Now that was more like it. “I’ll do it.” Mr. Zhai smiled. “Mr. Roberts, Alex is your responsibility. Train him, and prepare him for his next assignment in two days.”


The four cousins snuck back into the house. The parents didn’t notice their absence, so Mike decided to bring them in an alternative way. The window upstairs was still open. He stopped and focused. He could feel his cousin’s in his mind. He began to move his hands up. Hailey was the lightest, and he levitated her up first. She climbed in quickly, and he loosened his grasp, instead focusing on Maddie. He lifted her up, and regrouped for Jenny. She went slower, his energy waning. He then targeted himself, and slowly lifted up to the window, floating through. He wiped fell on the bed, gasping for breath, and wiped the blood from his nose. He wasn’t quite there yet.


Sam entered his house quietly, but the lights blazed on around him. His parents were watching a movie, and they turned around to see him. “Sam, you don’t have to turn on every light in the house.” Sam gave her an odd look. “I didn’t touch the lights.” he explained. His mom didn’t buy it. Suddenly, the lights went back out, along with the TV. Sam swore he could feel a shock.

End of Day One.

Chapter 4Edit

Mike yawned and slowly opened his eyes. “Wake up sleepy head!” a joyous voice near him proclaimed. He rubbed his eyes. At the foot of his bed sat a girl, dressed in blue jeans and a simple purple shirt, with her long blonde hair in a ponytail. Mike groaned. “Morning. Did you have to do that?” Molly frowned. “I thought you would be happy to see me.” Mike decided he was. “Do my parents know you’re here?” The call came from downstairs, “Mike, Molly, breakfast.” Apparently, they knew. “Out.” Michael shooed Molly from his room, put on a shirt, and changed his pants to a simple green pair of cargos. He realized that, subconsciously, he had put on a shirt the same shade of purple as Molly’s. Funny how that worked sometimes. Mike walked downstairs. Another great Sunday morning. His dad was cooking steak and eggs, one of his favorites. Molly was helping his mother set the table. Mike helped too, but they were mostly done by the time he got there. His mom seemed out of place with Mike and his dad. She was just taller then Hailey, and she was nearly forty seven. Her naturally curly hair fought daily battles with her brush. It would remain straight all day, until digressing to its natural state come morning. Mike’s dad, however, looked good for fifty seven. He was about six feet, and fit, or at least he used to be. A few months of tough work at the office had cut away his exercise time, and the inactivity was starting to show. His white hair was thinning too, a fact he denied up until his most recent birthday (Mike decided that his midlife crisis was either ending or beginning.) Regardless, he was cheerful and upbeat, and the best cook Mike knew. His mom couldn’t cook; she nearly burnt down her office trying. Mike grabbed the comics section of the newspaper. If a writer’s works continued to be re-published post-mortem, then you knew that he had a huge cultural impact, and Charles Schulz’s Peanuts entertained Mike years after the writer’s death. Molly sat at one end of the rectangular table, and Mike at the other. Mike continued to read his normal sections, and then put the paper down. Mike’s dad finished his cooking by flipping the potatoes and sliding the eggs onto plates. He followed them with said potatoes, and finally carved the steak. The plates were distributed, and the eating began.


Samuel woke up annoyed. Their power still wasn’t on. Stupid electricity, it never worked when you needed it to. Sam smoothed his hair and walked into the kitchen, where his father was inspecting the fireplace. Apparently, they would use it to cook. Sam didn’t get it. So much was happening, his entire world was changed. He couldn’t get that girl out of his mind, the one who stopped the car. Every time he stopped to think, he would see her golden hair or her beautiful face. Sam had had a crush on Maddie for a while now. Apparently, there was more to her then meets the eye. At least now he had an excuse to speak with her. But… she had someone. Another boy, Sebastian. He had a way of making you like him. Every girl in school was gaga over him. Sam would hate him, if disliking him was possible. Sam walked to the wall and leaned on it. His hand accidentally touched the light switch, and he felt a static shock. Suddenly, the lights turned on. The electricity was back. He looked at his hand and saw a constant silver-blue line zigzagging its way from his hand to the switch. He pulled his hand back, and the line lengthened. The lights began to flicker. He closed his hand, and the lights went back to normal. He opened his hand, and inside saw a glowing orb of electricity. Cool.


Hailey rolled over to turn off her alarm. “Hailey, Church!” Hailey did not want to get up that morning. Hailey stayed in bed, and would have remained had Daniel not burst into the room and started jumping on her. “Get up Hailey, we gots to go to church.” Hailey groaned. Daniel could be annoying. Hailey shoed him off and reluctantly left her bed.


“Hit me Alex!” Mr. Roberts yelled. Alex was failing his martial arts training. “Alex, do something!” Mr. Roberts hit him again and again. Finally, Alex struck back. Using all the lift he could generate, he leaped up and did a back flip, his feet catching Mr. Roberts in the jaw. Upon landing, he swung his wings at Mr. Roberts to make sure he didn’t recover his balance. Mr. Roberts fell to the ground. “Good,” he commented, “That’s the idea. Use your ability.” Alex grimaced. Why couldn’t he just call them wings? “One question.” Alex stated. Mr. Roberts waited for him to continue. “What exactly is this mission about?” Mr. Roberts sighed, “One of our operatives has gone insane. He is extremely powerful, and homicidal. We need to track him down before he kills anyone else.” “Why not get someone on it right now?” “We are stretched thin. When he splintered from us, our target took a number of our operatives. The others are on their own missions already.” “Who exactly are we going after?” “His name is Isaiah Tafari. And I warn you, he is the toughest sonofabitch I’ve ever fought.” The two sat for a while, taking a break. Finally, Alex decided to break the silence. “So, what’s your ability?” Mr. Roberts smiled. He pushed a button and a target sprang up about two hundred yards away. Gatling guns appeared closer to Mr. Roberts. The guns began firing. Mr. Roberts dodged bullets while he pulled out a bow and arrow. Knocking the bow, he pulled back while dodging bullets. Finally, he let go, and the arrow flew down the training field and into the bull’s eye of the target. He then dropped the bow and drew his pistols. He fired one round at each gun. The bullets flew right into the barrels where the next bullets were leaving, causing the gun to backfire and explode. He smiled, “That’s how I shot you out of the sky.”


“Wake up mate, the plane’s landed.” Brendan stretched in the large seat. Matthias was already eating the first class breakfast. The plane was coming closer to the run way at Bradley International Airport in the Windsor Locks, Connecticut. Brendan was born in Connecticut, and the idea of staying with his mother and Méméré was a welcome one. His mother, divorced from his father, was the oldest of Méréré’s children. She stayed with her, helping her pay rent and keep the house in good order. The plane came to a stop at the gate, and Brendan disembarked into the terminal. He stopped at the Macdonald’s before baggage check for breakfast. After baggage check, which was delayed until they got their, and where their bags were off first (imagine the odds…), they took a bus to some rental car place and got the last Mustang Convertible (Imagine the odds…).

Sam looked in the nearby puddle to assure that his hair was smooth. She would have the answer, he knew it. She was one of them. He wondered what he would say. He went up to ring the doorbell, but was stopped by a voice. “Who are you?” It was a boy, just a few years younger than Maddie. He had wavy, dusty orange hair and blue eyes. He was broad shouldered for his age. “I’m Sam.” Sam said. The boy smiled a big smile. “I’m William. Maddie’s brother.” Maddie never mentioned that she had a brother. Then again, Sam wasn’t exactly her best friend. “Is she home?” Sam asked. William shook his head, “No, she left with this boy, Sebastian, I think. What you need her for?” Sam thought about telling him the truth. Nah. “I need to ask her a question about something.” He could see Will staring. Sam looked at his hand. It was sparking. Will laughed. “There’s not much she would know about that.” Sam was getting annoyed. This kid thought this was just a big joke. “It’s not what it looks like.” Sam insisted. Will kept laughing. “You need some insulation for that. Wouldn’t want to hurt anyone.” Sam turned to leave. A pair of rubber gloves hit him in the back of his head. The tips of the fingers were cut off, so he could still use his ability if he had to. He turned to see will smiling, but not laughing. “You’re welcome,” he said. Sam did a double take. He could have sworn Will didn’t have those a minute ago. “Those used to be good biker gloves, so don’t you wreck them.” He was sweating, Sam could tell. “How?” Sam asked, pointing to the gloves. Will picked up a stone. He closed his eyes, and the stone began to vibrate. It shuddered some more, then began to sparkle and glow. A yellow shine began to cover the entire rock. “Pure gold.” Will said when he finished. The rock shone a bright metallic yellow in the sun. He tossed it to Sam. He wiped blood from his nose, “Complements of yours truly.”

Chapter 5Edit

Mike sighed as he turned to look at Molly, lying next to him. The air was warm enough to be outside in the grass, looking up at the clouds. It was a favorite pastime of theirs. “So…” he began. Molly turned to him. “What’s happened while I’ve been gone?” Molly bit her lip. She was hiding something. “What is it?” Mike asked, a bit more forcefully. “It’s Shannon.” Molly admitted. “She disappeared last week.” Mike rolled to a more comfortable position. “Everyone’s looking for her, but she hasn’t been found.” Mike sighed. Molly continued, “We didn’t want to tell you because we knew you’d drop everything and help look until she was found. You’re too nice Mike. You should think of yourself every once in a while.” Mike took a bigger sigh, as if he was sad, “She’s my friend Molly.” Molly understood. Mike was like that. “Come on.” Molly said, “Let’s go somewhere else.” Mike laughed. “Anywhere?” Molly gave him a humorous smile, “Anywhere.” Mike picked her up. “Hang on.” His mind strained and he lifted off the ground. He travelled high into the air and across the valley where his house sat, large to the earth, small to the sky. They moved across the clouds as Mike strained his powers to keep him up. They began heading for Carnegie Mountain, just a little ways from the valley. Mike’s powers began to fail, and he lost control. Their momentum carried them straight for an upright slab on the mountain’s top. As they neared, Molly hugged him close. Instead of hitting the rock, they passed right through, and Molly grabbed it on the other side, stopping them. They collapsed on the peak of the mountain, which should take seven hours to climb. Mike laughed, wiping blood from the corner of his mouth and his nose. He wiped away a tear, also red. Molly looked at him with anger and laughter. “Mike… you could have killed yourself.” Mike calmed down. “I’ll never be able to fly if I don’t practice.” Molly laughed and lay down next to him. “Don’t die trying, I, for one, want you around.” Mike gave her a kiss on the cheek. “I’m not going anywhere.”


Sam tossed the piece of gold in the air. “I take it you always have money?” William smiled. “And my parents say I need good schooling to make good money. I can make more in one hour than most people make in their lives. And it’s not limited to gold and rubber. I can turn solids to water, liquids to gas, and vice-versa. I can make explosions by creating hydrogen. I can form a key from a bottle of water. There are limitations, of course. Carbon seems to mess with my ability. I can’t affect most organic substances. But some work; I never run out of gasoline.” Sam was dumbfounded. “You could make billions. You could be the richest person in the world.” “And have no way to explain where it came from? No, I prefer a quiet life.” “But you have so much potential…” “You can disarm an alarm from across the street. You can activate magnetic locks just by touching the door. And if the police ever fought you, you would lay them out faster then light. You could make billions. But do you really want to?” Sam looked at the piece of gold in his hand. More. He could have much more. He could take Fort Knox single-handedly. He could rob every bank and rich-house in the United States before anyone knew he was there. It was a tempting idea. Billions, right at his fingertips. Why not take it? It was always survival of the fittest, why should it change now? Why shouldn’t those with power take what was theirs? A car pulled up to the curb. Out stepped a tall man of about thirty. He had hair similar to William’s: wavy, except his was a brighter red than William’s. He shut the door. William jumped up, “Brendan!”


Maddie lay in the tree, watching Sebastian and his friends play their baseball game. Sebastian was so smooth, so cool. His black hair stayed just out of his eyes, and he hit the ball far every time he swung. He couldn’t run for his life, but the refs loved him. They went easy on him. Maddie waved to him as he played third base, very close to her. The game was ending. His team was winning; there was no way the other one could catch up in the last inning. The finally out came, the crowd cheered, the teams shook hands, and Sebby came over to her tree. “Hey beautiful.” He said, making her blush. “So, enjoy the game?” Two could play at that game. “I liked watching third base.” He laughed and kissed her. It was just a quick peck, but her heart leapt at his touch. “You hear what happened last night?” Maddie knew, and she would likely get a lot of questions. “You mean about the shooting?” “Precisely. I heard your weird cousin was involved in some kind of super hero team that saved that geek Sam Teslar.” “Mike’s no super hero. He’s such a nerd. I mean, he just got a facebook the other day. I don’t know how he finds friends.” “All the more reason for him to be a hero. Good cover you know.” “Believe me; he was at my house all last night. It was my birthday, by the way.” The comment was pointed. Sebby laughed. “I didn’t forget.” He pulled out a silver chain of charms and gems. Maddie gasped at it. She picked it up and tried it on. A perfect fit. “Like it?” Sebastian asked. “I love it.” Maddie was nearly crying. “You’re a good friend Sebby.” Sebastian frowned. “Just a friend?” Maddie laughed. “Maybe a little more than friends.”


Mr. Roberts walked along the hall. Alex was asleep, preparing for their journey tomorrow to Connecticut. Mr. Roberts walked into Mr. Zhai’s room. The man was standing in front of a large screen where Matthias’s face was on display. “…he’s going to go back tomorrow after her school lets out. There is a possibility that HE may have gotten to her.” Mr. Zhai frowned. “Make sure they do not know of her. I will send two operatives after him.” “You have two operatives to send?” “Mr. Roberts, and a new arrival, Mr. Davidson. If only Isaiah hadn’t taken so many with him…” “We could find them sir. Brendan and I have a lot of free time on this one. No offense, but wouldn’t this be a job for the newbies?” “I don’t want it out of control. Use your power, make it go smoothly.” “Yes sir. Nothing further to report. Matthias out.” Mr. Zhai turned to Mr. Roberts. “How’s our boy?” “Asleep. He’s ready in his mind. Heck, anyone else, I’d say he had it smooth. His wings are great for fighting. But Isaiah… Matthias is right, I don’t think Alex can handle him.” “He doesn’t have to. All he must do is distract Isaiah so you can put a bullet through his mouth.” “What if I miss?” “Your powers will prevent that. Stop acting like a child Jake.” “I am still entitled to my childhood.” “You’re eighteen. You are an adult. Act like one.” “Dad…” “When I adopted you, I promised myself you would be a strong boy, a healthy boy, and a mature boy. You are strong, yes. Healthy, yes. Mature? You act as an adult but think as a child.” “What difference does it make? My thoughts are my own.” “Jake, I’m dying.” Jake froze. He stared at the man in front of him with shock. Dying? No, he must have heard wrong. “What?” “The doctors say I have about a year left.” “What is it?” “They don’t know. Some rare disease. I have abused my abilities, now god is punishing me.” “But father…” “When I die, Jake, you are to take my place.” “Me? But certainly, Brendan…” “Brendan left this life years ago. He’s not back, he’s helping.” “Matthias…” “Matthias is arrogant, and easily influenced.” “RJ, Austin, Brittany, Nick, Avery, Melissa, Caroline, Johna…” “Each has their downfalls. You are my heir. And you must learn to think as a leader.” Jake looked around the room. He held back tears. His stepfather had always been healty and fit. He was the strong one. Mr. Zhai continued. “In Chinese philosophy, the eldest son is of great importance. Second only to the father, for he will succeed and support him in later life. Therefore, the eldest son is trained to be the heir to his father’s wealth. The father wants his son to be better than himself in all ways. I am greedy, selfish, and close minded. You are caring, intelligent, and accept new thoughts. You are my successor, my son.” “Yes Father.” Jake turned away. Dying? His father was…dying? And he wanted HIM as an heir? All his life he thought his father didn’t care about him. Now, he realized just how much his dad loved him. “I will leave in the morning father.” Mr. Zhai wiped a tear from his face as well. “I love you my son. Good luck.”

End of Day Two

Chapter 6Edit

Bweepbweepbweep! Mike turned off his phone’s alarm. With a great yawn, he slugged out of his bed and onto the floor. His roommate was also just waking up. Mike threw on his clothes for the day: Khaki pants, a blue dress shirt, a yellow tie and a navy blazer. He waited for his roommate to dress. David was slow. He was an awkward kid. His nose seemed just a tad big for his face, his hair never stayed straight, and he was much too skinny. He was also clumsy and forgetful, a poor match. He too slipped on his clothes and the two headed out to breakfast. The cafeteria was packed with kids already. Mike entered the kitchen and retrieved his pancakes. He sat down at one of the plain white tables next to another kid. The kid in question was short with smooth, black hair and glasses. He was almost pale, but not quite. Tyler couldn’t tan, no matter how hard he tried. Mike sat down with his pancakes and David joined them. “So, how was your weekend?” Mike offered. David shrugged. Tyler did likewise. Tyler was picking with an orange, trying to peel it. Finally, he got annoyed. Looking to make sure no one was watching, he lifted his finger. It began to crawl and shift, like metal melting. Finally, it formed a sharp, metallic point. He sliced the orange in half, and then his finger reverted to normal. He smiled, almost an evil smile. He ate the orange easily and quietly. Mike continued with his pancakes. He was annoyed. He had just gotten over a week of that stuff just to come back to it.


Hailey walked in the front door to her high school. She didn’t like school. Jenny was waiting for her. They walked to their first class. Hailey was a social butterfly. Jenny, not quite. Hailey stopped to talk to everyone, Jenny would rather just get where they were going. “For someone so popular, you can’t seem to get a boyfriend.” Jenny mocked. Hailey turned to her, “I could get any boy in this school.” “Then why don’t you?” “It’s…complicated.” “Is it because of what we can do?” “Kinda.” “You’re afraid to get close to anyone.” “I’m not afraid. I CAN’T get close to anyone. Mikey was lucky; he found another one of us to be with. I just can’t live with hiding what I am from everyone.” “Why hide? What do we have to fear? What’s the worst that could happen?” “You’re that desperate for attention?” “It’s not attention; it’s not having to hide.” “People hate what is different. People always have. Slavery, Holocausts, the extinction of entire species even. We hate those not like us. They’ll hate us.” “Not our friends. They’d stand by us.” “How many people do you consider your friend?” Jenny had to admit, Hailey was right. Humans hated change, and they hated what they didn’t understand. If both happened at once, the result would be disastrous. Best to keep things quiet.


Maddie shut her locker and began walking away. Sebby wasn’t here yet. Oh well, she could wait. She heard foot steps behind her. She turned, hoping it to be Sebby, but it wasn’t. It was that boy they had saved on Saturday. What did Sebastian say his name was? Sam Teslar? He was looking at her with an accusing glare. “What?” she asked, mildly annoyed. She tried to move around him, but he stopped her. “I need to know the truth. What was that on Saturday?” Maddie stopped. She knew these questions would come. “Nothing.” She said, still moving away. “Don’t lie to me, I’ll just feel stupid.” Maddie was very angry now. “I don’t care if you believe me, just leave me alone.” Sam stopped her again. This time though, his face was softer and kinder. “Thanks.” Maddie looked at him questioningly. “For Saturday. You saved me. Thanks.” Maddie was surprised. She didn’t think anyone had seen her. “I don’t know…” He interrupted her, “It’s ok to admit you’re special. Don’t worry, your secrets safe with me. See ya round.” He turned to see Sebastian in his face. “Hello Teslar.” He said. Sam clenched his fist. “Clark, how…nice to see you.” Sebastian eyed him with hatred. Sam could feel the sparks igniting in his hand. He could fry Sebastian, send him to the emergency room, and all of his troubles right now. He watched, hand ready. Sebastian backed off, smiling. “We have class.” He said, putting his arm around Maddie. As he walked past Sam, he whispered, “Back off Teslar.” All Sam could say was, “If you weren’t afraid, you wouldn’t be telling me to back off.”


Isaiah walked down the dark stone hallway, to the door at the end. Opening it, he saw a small collection of people, three of them, seated at a big grey table, surrounded by the same dark stone walls. There was a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Isaiah sat in a metal chair. “Did you get him?” asked a boy, about seventeen, to his right. His hair was curly and long, and he brushed it from his face to reveal startling blue eyes. Isaiah shook his head. “Bad coincidence” he said in his deep, resounding voice. The entire group sighed. “What about our operatives?” A girl to his left spoke next. She had long, smooth, black hair. She was kinda short, but not too short. “Our field operative is tracking Maddie, the new one. Our mole has dug up some good data on the others. I have it here.” She passed a manilla folder with the words “Glamis, Top Secret” written on top. Isaiah pulled out the files. There were ones on the kids that stopped him. That boy, Michael Young. He was the strongest of them all. He would have to be dealt with. He then pulled a file on Hailey Young. She was the one he needed. Unfortunately, he didn’t have an address. But how to get Michael? The next file was one Molly Collins. Her relationship with Michael was listed as “Intimate”. He raised his head. “Shannon?” The girl at the end of the table, just fifteen with blonde hair and a petite figure looked up. “How well do you know Molly Collins?” Shannon smiled, “She was my neighbor.” Perhaps Molly was the bait he needed.


The school bell rang, and the kids ran out of school. Brendan waited in his car, hoping to find her. He closed his eyes. In his mind’s eye, he was a fly, soaring between children, searching for that sparkle of difference. There. He flew closer… no, it wasn’t Maddie. It was that boy that was at the house yesterday. He backed off, circling around. Another sparkle caught his eye. It was brighter, because there were two together. He recognized the first as Sebastian, an acquaintance of Glamis. The other was his target. Maddie. As she approached the curb, he pulled up and opened the door. “Hop in.” He said to Maddie. “Brendan?” She asked, bewildered. He reached out and pulled her in. “Where are we going?” Maddie asked. “To a friend.” There was silence. “How long have you known?” Brendan asked. Maddie looked at him questioningly. “About your ‘gift,’” “My…gift?” “Super Strength. Amazing, you have much potential.” “How do you know about that?” “I can sense others and their abilities.” “Cool. Can you explain WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?” “Calm down. I represent an organization interested in helping you. We have ties to your cousins as well.” “Glamis?” “You’ve heard of us?” “Mike told me that you helped him with his ability.” “And we can help you with yours.” The car pulled into a secluded grove of trees. Matthias stood in the center of the grove. He smiled. “So this is the girl I’ve heard so much about. Maddie, is it?” Maddie made a feeble, “hello?” Brendan spoke. “This is Matthias. He is going to study your ability.” Matthias walked over. “Why don’t you wait over there Maddie?” Maddie walked away. Matthias waited until she was out of earshot. “Brendan, you have a new assignment.” Brendan smiled, “Cool. What is it?” Matthias handed him a gun. “We have a hostile target in the area. He cannot be allowed to be a further nuisance. I need you to take him out.” Brendan sighed. Okay, who’s the target?” Matthias handed him picture. “Someone you know.” Brendan looked at the photo and gasped at the face of Michael Young.

End of Day 3

Chapter 7Edit

Mike’s alarm went off, the usual BS. School was a real pain in the ass. As he got dressed, his phone buzzed. It was a text from his father. It read, “Call when you can”. Mike stepped outside of the dorm and called his dad. After a few minutes, his father picked up. “What is it?” Mike asked. He heard a long, pained sigh from the other end of the phone. “It’s Molly. She’s…she’s…well…she’s missing.” Mike felt his head grow hot. “Was there a note, a message, anything?” “No.” “Okay. I’ll call you back later.” Mike hung up. Almost immediately, the phone rang. He picked up. The voice on the other end was deep and resounding. “You have a lovely girlfriend, Michael.” Mike froze. “Who is this?” Mike already knew. He had read a file not too long ago on an Isaiah Tafari. He sounded a lot like him. “It doesn’t matter,” Isaiah continued, “Meet me at the warehouse on the corner of Fifth Street and Gates Boulevard. Twelve o’clock sharp. And come alone.” The phone hung up. Fifth and Gates, that was in New Amsterdam. It was seven thirty. Time to hit the road.

………………………………… Two Hours Later Ted waited for Isaiah’s word. They were ready: armed with taser guns and automatics. The automatics were for extreme situations. Ted had qualms. The future needed to be fixed, didn’t it? It was worth it, no matter the cost, right? Why then did he feel so guilty? Because people were getting hurt because of him. His gift, the gift of instinct, told him what to do to fix anything. He could see how everything worked, how it all fit together. Therefore, he knew how to fix the future. He told Isaiah, they would fix it, and he would feel good. But something wasn’t right. He had told Isaiah to do such horrible things, how could he condone them? Killing innocent boys, kidnapping girls, it was his fault. He looked at his small bag of possessions. He carefully picked it up and ran. Out the stone room, down the long hall, out of the warehouse and down Fifth Street. He would no longer stand by as Isaiah worked his evil. He couldn’t stop him, but he knew what to do. He could find someone who could.

…………………………………… Two Hours Later The hum of the motor cycle drowned out the outside world, and Mike was left alone with his thoughts. Weaving in and out of traffic, he moved at break-neck speed. However, he didn’t see the boy in his path. At the last minute, he swerved. Leaping clear of the skidding bike, he tackled the boy out of the way. The bike stopped a few feet away. The boy was fine though, no injuries. He looked up into Mike’s eyes. “You’re the one,” He said, “The one who can stop Isaiah.” A red car pulled up. Inside was a man, about nineteen, and a boy about fifteen. The boy looked pained. The man stopped, “You kids okay?” The boy on the street turned to them, “And you can help.” Mike examined the man closer. Holy shit. “Mr. Roberts?” Mike asked. Mr. Roberts nodded, “This is Alex. And that boy there is Ted. Ted was one of Isaiah’s group.” Ted nodded, “And I need help to stop him.” Mike looked at Alex. “I’m kinda late. I don’t suppose you have super speed.” Alex laughed, “Not quite,” He said, “But I can help.” He ripped off his shirt to expose a pair of huge, angelic wings. “Ever flown before?” He asked. Mike smiled, “Perfect.”

…………………………………… Fifteen Minutes Ago Brendan loaded the gun. Could he do this? Could he shoot him? Matthias walked in with Maddie. “Brendan, good lad. It’s taking you quite a long time.” Brendan smiled. “Sorry, just getting ready. You know, mentally.” Matthias frowned, “You can’t take this long to decide to do the job.” Brendan’s smile faded. “It’s not that. It’s this.” In one smooth motion, Brendan drew his gun and fired three rounds into Matthias. Maddie screamed, but didn’t run. Brendan picked up Matthias’s phone. The most recent text read simply, “Michael Young needs to be taken care of. I’m baiting him to me, see what you can do.” It was from Isaiah. Brendan swore. That filthy rat! He was acting as a mole for the bad guys! Who knew how much info he gave them. He sighed. Maddie was curled up in the fetal position. Brendan looked at her. “Maddie… he was a bad guy. He wanted me to kill Mike… please, don’t be like this.” Maddie looked up. “Was it the same guy who shot up the High School?” Brendan nodded. Maddie composed herself, “Then he deserved it. And the man deserves ten times more.” Brendan smiled. “What do you say we go give him what he deserves?”

Chapter 8Edit

Now Mike couldn’t help but think about the events of the previous days. He wondered how just one event could have effected the entire past, and the future. He looked at Alex, who was holding him as tight as possible as he flew through the air, aided by Mike’s powers. “Drop me off when we’re close,” Mike said, “He told me to come alone.” Alex nodded and focused on a nearby building. “Mr. Roberts and I will move in when he gets here. Just don’t kill him before we get the chance.” Mike sighed. “This guy has my girl. No promises.” Mike wiggled out of Alex’s grip and landed on the building. Leaping from it, he gradually slowed his decent until he lightly touched down. Now, Isaiah would get exactly what he deserved.


Brendan arrived at Mike’s dorm too late. By the look of it, he left. And in a hurry, too. His phone was sitting on the desk. In it was an unfinished text: “Gone to get the SOB who kidnapped Molly, brb.” Brendan swore. Mike was falling into the trap. He turned to leave. In the doorway stood two boys. The short boy with smooth, black hair spoke, “You looking for Mike? He left this morning.” Brendan examined the two. Ooh, interesting. They could help. “He’s in trouble,” Brendan said, “And I think you can help me save him.”


Mike walked slowly into the warehouse. He looked around at the stone walls. It must be old. There was something wet on the floor. He bent down and felt it. He looked at his hands. They were red. He stepped back and watched the trail of blood. There was a figure on the floor. He could make out blonde hair, drenched in crimson… “MOLLY!” he ran over to her, bending down. She coughed and slowly opened her blood-crusted eye-lids. “M-m-mike…” She whispered, then closed her eyes and leaned back. Mike let her down carefully, than picked her up and carried her to the doorway. In his way stood a tall, colossus of a man. It was the same man from the school. “Isaiah.” Mike growled. He put Molly down, and then walked up to him. Isaiah spoke to him in a deep, resounding voice, “I need to know the address of Hailey Young’s house. If you tell me, you can take her home. She isn’t dead; she just wouldn’t give out your phone number. Now, I have Hailey’s, but she won’t come for Molly. But she’ll come for you. Either you give me the info I need, or she will.” Mike yelled and leaped for Isaiah. Isaiah met him mid leap, but a blast of telekinesis sent Isaiah flying backwards. Mike used his power to splinter a nearby board and send the flying shards at his enemy. The splinters bounced off him like sand on a rock. Isaiah picked up a nearby barrel and threw it at Mike. Mike caught it mid flight and sent it back. Mike ran to Isaiah, deflecting projectiles as he went. A crowbar flew across the room into his hand and he swung at Isaiah’s head. The bar bent with each strike, and Isaiah punched him in the gut. Mike doubled over in pain, and Isaiah kicked him in the face. Mike pulled Isaiah’s legs out from under him. He drew another bar and stabbed at Isaiah’s face. The bar split upon contact. Mike forced open Isaiah’s mouth and shoved a wad of metal scraps down his throat. Isaiah coughed and choked, and then fell down, his eyes rolling back. Mike stepped away and walked over to Molly. Suddenly, a massive fist hit him in the back of his head. As he went down, he saw Isaiah, holding the ball of metal in one hand, and the other was clenched in a fist. Then, the world went black.


Hailey waited at her house. Mikey was missing now. Maddie had shown up just a minute ago with her boyfriend, Sebastian, her brother and her brother’s new friend, Sam. Sam and Sebastian seemed less than friendly towards each other. Jenny was there too. Suddenly, Hailey’s phone rang. She picked up. “Hello Hailey,” said the deep voice, “if you’re wondering where Michael is, I have him, and he’s gone through a lot to protect you. It’s a shame that he passed out from the torture, because I still need to know where you are.” Hailey gasped. Who was this? “Where are you?” Hailey asked. “At a warehouse on the corner of Fifth Street and Gates Boulevard, New Amsterdam. Get here quick.” Hailey ran to the garage, taking spare car keys with her. She started up her mom’s Volvo. Jenny jumped in the passenger seat, Maddie and Sebastian filed into the back. “We’re coming too.” Jenny said. Hailey nodded and pulled out. She floored the pedal, and took off towards New Amsterdam.


It was a good thing they were quick. Maddie wouldn’t have let William come, and Sebastian would never allow Sam to tag along. Getting into the trunk was a smart idea. They felt the car pull out, and then heard the screech of rubber on asphalt as the car accelerated. Sam spoke, “We’ll get out once we give them time to get away.” William nodded. “Agreed.” Sam continued, “If this is the man I think it is, I want to see him. Me and him have a score to settle.”

Chapter 9Edit

“Isaiah!” Mr. Robert’s yelled. Isaiah walked out of a nearby recess. “Jake boy, how nice to see you.” Jake growled, “Cut the crap Isaiah. Come with us quietly.” Isaiah laughed. “You cannot stop me. Even then, you have no right to ruin the future.” “And when did it become your job to fix it?” “No one else would.” “You don’t even know what you’re doing.” “Wrong. Do you remember Ted and Shannon? Between the two of them, I know exactly what to do.” “There’s another way.” “No, there isn’t.” “Well than, I’m sorry old friend.” Mr. Roberts drew his guns, “One shot through the throat, one through the roof of the mouth. And you know I won’t miss.” Isaiah laughed. He charged Jake, who fired his guns. The bullets bounce off Isaiah’s closed mouth. Jake was so stunned at his stupid mistake that he didn’t react when Isaiah punched him across the room. Isaiah didn’t see Alex leap across the room and push him up a flight of stairs and through the roof. Alex flew up about twenty feet, then threw Isaiah back to the roof. He landed with a crash, and the floor fell away. He grabbed the edge of the gap and pulled himself up. Alex swooped around and dove for him. Isaiah picked up a single cinder block and threw it with all his might. There was a disgusting crack as it connected with Alex. Alex fell like a bird hit with a stone. Isaiah was a little light headed. The impact must have hurt him internally. And he had bitten his tongue. Ted walked up the stairs. Isaiah smiled. “Ted, I was wondering where you went. Help me get rid of these people.” Ted didn’t smile. He looked at Isaiah and spoke in a depressed tone. “It’s never going to end, Isaiah. More people will be hurt. I cannot stop you, but I can give Mr. Roberts and Alex time to get away. I’m sorry Isaiah, for putting you on this path. God forgive me.” He ran and tackled Isaiah, who lost his footing from his lingering lightheadedness. The two went over the edge of the building. The wind buffeted his face as he fell, moving ever closer to the pavement below. It was ending. There was no way he could survive this, even if he was rescued. It finally came to him, the answer to his problem, to life. Finally, it all fit together. To bad he wouldn't live to act upon it. In his final moments, he felt a peace, as if his journey was over, his burden lifted, and his conscience free. As the ground moved up to meet him, he welcomed the end.


Isaiah woke up. Ted was a few feet away, blood around his still body. Isaiah knew that Ted was merely doing the right thing. He walked over to the fallen comrade and closed Ted’s eyes. Then, he picked him up and carried him back to the warehouse. He laid Ted down on a nearby table. It would have to do for now. “Shannon!” Isaiah called. Shannon walked through a doorway. “Yes?” Isaiah smiled. “Have I done what was needed, is the future fixed?” Shannon closed her eyes. “It’s cloudy, in flux. I can’t see it.” Isaiah nodded. “It’s okay. Go back to your room until I call you.” Shannon began to leave, but Isaiah heard her gasp. “Mike?” She whimpered. Isaiah looked over at Mike’s unconscious body. Oops, she shouldn’t have seen that. “You monster!” Shannon yelled, “He was my friend!” Isaiah had nothing to say. Shannon ran. Fine, let her. Isaiah didn’t need her anymore.


Hailey pulled up outside of the warehouse. The group quickly hopped out of the car. Hailey checked the street signs. This was the place. They ran up and inside, Maddie busting down the door. They looked around the stone warehouse, but saw no sign of they’re enemy. “Welcome,” said a deep voice behind them. They turned to see Isaiah standing in the doorway. “Hailey, you brought friends.” They were all tense, but Isaiah seemed calm. “This is all unnecessary. Simply give me your brother, Daniel, and I will let you all leave with your lives.” Hailey nearly exploded with energy, flashing with brightness as her powers readied. “You’re not laying a finger on him monster.” She said. She threw a blast of radiation at him. His shirt caught on fire, but he didn’t shed it. “Lisa!” He yelled. A girl ran out of nowhere to his side. She was faster than anything they had ever seen. She ran up and punched Hailey into a pile of boxes. Maddie charged Isaiah, punching him back across the room. Jenny ran to Hailey’s aid. “You were right Isaiah. This is unnecessary. I can stop this now with one sonic scre…” She fell to the ground. A taser wire ran from her back into a gun. And the gun was held by Sebastian. ……………………………………. Sam popped the trunk and climbed out. Will followed. As they walked off, a red car pulled up behind them. Inside were Brendan, and two boys they didn’t recognize. Brendan hopped out and the boys followed. “You here to fight the guy who shot up the school?” Sam asked. Brendan nodded. “Will you help?” He asked. Sam smiled, “Do you have to ask? They ran through the broken door to find a huge battle. Maddie was brawling with Isaiah, and doing pretty well. Hailey wasn’t as lucky. Caught between a really fast girl and…Sebastian? Sam felt his face grow hot. That double-crosser! He ran over and punched Sebastian. Sebastian was shocked for a moment, but than laughed. “Teslar, you don’t want to fight me. See, I have this gun here. What do you have?” Sam laughed a hollow, mocking laugh, “A brass pair. Ten bucks says you’re too chicken to pull that trigger.” Sebastian hesitated. His finger hovered over the trigger. Instead, he fired the taser gun. “You’re right. To bad, I win anyway.” But Sam didn’t fall. Instead, he laughed as the electricity ran over his body. “Sorry Sebby, but this time, I win.” He sent an electrical surge back through the gun’s threads into Sebastian, who fell shocked (excuse the pun) to the ground. Sam felt a punch to the back of his head and he fell down to the ground. Lisa watched as Sam fell down. Easy. Hailey was knocked out back aways, and Maddie was finally getting tired… whack! Lisa fell down as something metal hit her head. Tyler laughed. This fight was taking on a slapstick kind of humor. He looked at Brendan and nodded. While Will and David pulled away the wounded, Tyler rushed the tired Isaiah. Pinning him down by transforming into spiked cuffs, he attached both of them to the floor. Isaiah struggled and yelled, but he couldn’t break free. Brendan walked up with his gun ready. “It ends here Isaiah.” He said “One bullet through the roof of your mouth. It’s the only way.” Isaiah continued to struggle. “No!” He shouted. “You don’t understand! The future must be saved!” With all of his strength, he pulled himself from the ground. Tyler screamed and shrunk back to his normal form, worn out. Brendan fired, but the bullet bounced and hit him in the leg. He fell to the ground as Isaiah hit him over the head with a crowbar. Isaiah walked over to Hailey’s car. What luck, her phone was in it. And what luck, there was a return address in it. Now he knew where Daniel was. He prepared to leave. Amazing, all of his soldiers had either left him or were injured. “Don’t do this.” It was Shannon. “Don’t do this Isaiah.” Isaiah sighed. “You’ve seen the future. You know better than anyone what I need to do. Don’t try and stop me, I don’t want to hurt you.” Shannon began shouting, “I can’t let you!” Someone grabbed her arm. It was William. “He’s right Shannon. You can’t stop him. He’s too powerful.” Shannon looked between the two of them, “You can’t be serious, you’re just gonna let him…” William shook his head. “Either we die or than he gets Dan, or he just gets Dan and we live. We can’t make a difference. All of them couldn’t, and we’re just two. I’m sorry Shannon, but we can’t stop him.”

Chapter 10Edit

Isaiah continued on his way. The car still had the keys in it. This was it, the end of his journey, the final step. He smiled. Finally, it was at an end. He opened the door to the car and climbed in. He revved up the car and drove down the highway. As he passed towards the corner, he stopped. There was a boy in the street. Isaiah gasped. It was Mike. Mike smiled, “You owe me a rematch.” Isaiah climbed out. “How…?” David walked from the side of the road. “My power, the gift of healing. Whataya say Isaiah? Afraid to fight him again.” Isaiah laughed. “You couldn’t beat me before, you won’t now. My skin doesn’t only protect against physical damage, it prevents your powers from affecting me directly. You can’t hurt me. You can’t even give me stomach pain.” Mike ran up to Isaiah and drew back his hand. Isaiah laughed harder, “Go ahead, punch me. You’ll break your fist.” Mike smiled again, and punched at Isaiah’s chest. His hand passed right through Isaiah’s skin without making a dent. Isaiah was dumbfounded. “Impossible…” He stammered. Suddenly, next to Mike, holding on to him materialized Molly. Of course, the tricky little devils. She ghosted his hand inside of Isaiah, the turned invisible so Isaiah would suspect nothing. Isaiah looked into Mike’s eyes. Many thoughts were swirling in Mike’s head. But the dominant one was that he had Isaiah right where he wanted him. And it was payback time. “Please,” Isaiah begged, “I entreat you, don’t do this.” Isaiah felt his bones become rigid as Mike seized control of them. Isaiah continued, “You’re a moral boy, don’t do this to yourself.” There was a loud snap as bones broke. Isaiah screamed. Still, he didn’t give up, “How can you hurt me? I was just trying to save the future…” Mike yelled a loud, primal scream. “Save the future? SAVE THE FUTURE?!” Mike’s eyes grew angry, “YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE FUTURE. YOU’RE LIKE SOMEKID WHO’S FOUND HIS FATHER’S GUN. YOU HAVE ALL THIS POWER AND YOU MISUSE IT. TELL ME, WERE YOU REALLY TRYING TO HELP OTHERS, OR WERE YOU JUST DOING IT FOR YOURSELF?” Isaiah couldn’t respond. He could feel the bones pressing against his lungs, heart, and stomach. His skull cracked and began to bend. All he could gasp was, “I’m sorry…” “Bull Shit!” Mike screamed, “If you were truly so noble, you wouldn’t have hurt Molly.” Isaiah gasped as his ribs constricted his lungs. Mike continued as Isaiah squirmed on the ground, “You’re dead, Isaiah. You were dead the moment you entered Molly’s house, took her from her parents, and tortured her to find me. Now you’ve got me. God will forgive me. I’m sacrificing your murdering soul for an innocent boy’s. He’ll forgive me. Unfortunately, I don’t think he will be as understanding with you.” With a disgusting squish and crack, Isaiah’s bones ruptured his organs. His body and face caved inwards on his deformed skeleton, and blood began pouring from his mouth. Isaiah, mutant, child soldier, war hero, scholar, world traveler, future fixer and murderer, was dead. Mike and Molly drew back. Molly had been covering her eyes. Mike moved her hand away from her face and spoke four words: “Don’t worry, it’s over,” Before pulling her into a long, loving embrace and kiss. In the background, David was healing the wounded, William was helping, and everyone was figuring out what had happened. But none of it mattered. There were only two things that mattered. Michael and Molly.


A Little Time Later. Mr. Zhai stepped up to Mike and congratulated him on killing Isaiah. Behind them, Mr. Roberts and Brendan were pouring oil on the warehouse. Isaiah’s corpse and the body of Ted were being carried to a van with “Glamis Electrical” written on the sides. Sam was talking with Maddie, who was leaning on him with a look that was more than grateful. Imagine, all the time this boy walked the halls of her school, even sat in some of her classes. And yet, she never saw him for what he was: Handsome, brave, smart, and loyal. All she had seen was Sebastian, who, as it turned out, was using his power to get her to like him. He used her to keep tabs on her cousins. So much of her life had changed in the last few hours, it made her dizzy. She clung to Sam to stop from falling over. William was comforting Shannon, Alex was talking with Hailey, and Jenny was singing to herself. The world was normal, or as normal as it would ever be. Mike sighed. It felt good to have things back the right way. Brendan and Mr. Roberts ran up to them. Brendan was panting, a little out of shape, “They’re gone! Sebastian and Lisa have taken off. They could be in the next state by now.” Mr. Zhai didn’t seem worried. “We’ll find them eventually,” he said, “And they won’t try anything while we’re around.” They all breathed a sigh of relief. Shannon walked sheepishly over to Mike. “I’m sorry Mike, and Molly,” she said, “It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have told Isaiah about the future.” Mike put his arm around her, much to Molly’s chagrin. “It’s okay Shan. I forgive you. You didn’t mean to do it, I understand.” Shannon smiled a weak smile. No, things would never get back to normal. Mike looked at the motley group. They were from all different places, all different people, and yet here they were, laughing and mingling with each other. Yes, things would work out for the better. Suddenly, Shannon screamed. Mike looked to see her hands glowing brightly. The glow slowly spread over her body. Her screams intensified as the glow got brighter and brighter. Without warning, the glow expanded over them in an explosion of light and the world was lost to the brightness…

To Be Continued in Fracture of Time