Dust Devil's Death
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Vital statistics
Participants Captain Cosmic, Sorceress, Bottlerocket, Seraph
Date August 21st, 2012
Location Underground, Egypt

On August 21st, Dust Devil was killed by an acient scarab god who, by powerful techonology, used an Energy Siphoner to hit Dust Devil with one of Seraph's Holy Stars. He managed to survive for a few minutes before dying.

Cause of DeathEdit

Dust Devil was hit by a Holy Star, which severly crippled his suit and inflicted critical damage to him. He succumbed not too long after being hit.


The Galactic Enforcers organized a funeral for Dust Devil, who was heavily mourned by fellow superheroes. Some members of the Legion of Vigilance attended the service.


  • Dust Devil is the only member of the Galactic Enforcers to die, and not retire or defect to another team.
  • The reason behind Dust Devil's short survival after being hit by the Holy Star is because his suit blocked most of the heat.

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