This article is on the Peacekeepers character The Eliminator, the Positive Dimension's version of Ivan Hardcastle. For the Negeative Dimension's version, see Crosshairs


The Eliminator

The Eliminator

Ivan was born on the 9th of April 1979. When he was two, a demon attempted to cross between realities and enter Positive Dimension through Ivan, via posession. Luckily, before it could, the Guardian of the Universe sealed the fissure between dimensions and forced the demon back. Unfortunately, enough of its influence broke through to give Ivan glowing red eyes, a murderous nature and a dark set of superpowers.

When he was seven, Nekros broke into his house with orders to kill Ivan's parents. He succeeded, and stole Ivan's siter then birned the house t the ground. Ivan sustained serious burns and a deepset fear of fire from theses events.

He was adopted by a group of thieves who taught him to fight, use knives, shoot and break and enter. When he turned eighteen, Ivan killed them all. He had decided on his path. Ivan donned a mask and costume, armed himself and set out to eliminate all crime. For twelve years he slaughtered his way around the world, learning new forms of combat and murder as he went. Having sworn vengeance on Nekros for stealing his family and home from him, Ivan spent years gradually destroying all the League had built. He slaughtered their ranks until Nekros was forced to send his best assassin, Copperhead, after him.

In the ensuing fight, Ivan recognised his sister and became furious she would betray him to the man who killed their parents. Ivan's rage reached it's peak and he demolished the building they were in. Copperhead ran to the Peacekeepers for help, and together they were able to subdue the demonic vigilante. Ivan was asked to join the Peacekeepers in order to keep an eye on him. He retains the liscence to use lethal force.


Ivan is a sociopathic killer, a trait born from a demon attempting to possess him at a young age. He has no sense of remorse or mercy, and kills without thinking. Ivan views all criminals as insects to be crushed and frequently takes the law into his own hands. Ivan is incredibly sarcastic and has a grim sense of humour. He is extremely intelligent (again, a transdimensional entity got into his head) and uses this to his advantage.


Ivan's powers stem from a demon trying (and almost succedding) to possess him. He gained glowing red eyes, the ability to see in complete darkness, hardened bones and his Fury. This means the angrier or higher his adrenaline is, he becomes stronger, faster and more bloodthirsty. It has a peak, at which point Ivan begins to glow red and will kill anything he sees.


Gender: Male

Real Name: Ivan Hardcastle

Height: 6'3

Marital Status: Single

Age: 30

Birthday: 9th April 1979

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