The Elongated Woman is the Positive Dimension's version of Helen Backshaw. For the Negative Dimension's version, see Expandex


The Elongated Woman

The Elongated Woman

Helen Backshaw was born on the 1st of June 1985 in Perth, Australia. Her parents had minor superpowers, and used them to entertain people in the Super Circus. Helen began entertaining at age 16 after school. She called herself The Elongated Girl and would be stretched on racks or trapeses using her arms. When she witnessed a mugging, Helen realised she could stop the perpatrator and used her pweres to save the victim. She renamed herself the Elongated Woman and quit the showbiz career to become a superhero. She patrolled Perth to try and save lives, but was caught up in a sex scandal and moved to Novo Londinnium for a new start.

Helen became a high society girl after getting a rich boyfriend. owever, when he discovered she was a superhero (or in his eyes, a freak) was dumped. Helen was dumped on the street. One night wile sleeping in an alleyway, she was raped by a pair of crooks. Having lost the will to go on, she just lay there and took it. However, the Eliminator was patrolling the area and murdered her assailants before taking her back to the Tower.

Helen was nursed back to health and became good friends with Ivan, with whom she enjoyed frequent booty calls until sshe fell pregnant and had to drop off the active roster. She named her daughter Sheila, who inherited her father's demonic abilities and her mother's looks.


Helen is a nymphomaniac who sleeps around a lot. She often had casual sex with the Elminator, until she became pregnant. Helen is also highly charismatic, due to spenind long periods on stage as a circus performer. She is also very neat and precise, and likes things to be in their place, unlike he rlover (the Eliminator) who just doesn't care.


Helen can stretch herself into any shape or size and can flatten herself down to an inch thick. She can glide by extending her arms out to become wings.


Gender: Female

Real Name: Helen Backshaw

Height: variable

Marital Status: Single

Age: 27

Birthday: 1st June 1985

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