The Geist in costume.

This article, The Geist, was written by MrFluffman. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Geist, real name unknown, is a superhero created by MrFluffman and Hyperion Comics. He first appeared in Demigods #7, and is about to get his very own comic book series.


While his history will be revealed in The Geist #1, to this day no one knows who The Geist is or where he got his powers. He wears a cowl, a cape, and a amulet he calls the Amulet of Vengeance. Anyone who stares into it when it is activated feels the pain of their victims. The Geist seems to be a full time superhero, being scene all around Citadel City. He prefers the night.


The aformentioned Amulet of Vengeance is his main tool, but besides that, The Geist's body appears to be trained to a human's fullest potential. He has excelerated healing, and is slightly faster than the average man. He is a superhero in every sense of the world.

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