The Great Superhuman War (sometimes referred to as the War of the Supers) was a superhuman conflict that took place in the United States from May 13th, 2022 to January 5th, 2024 and involved all of the United States' military forces and superhumans. This is considered by many to be the first superhuman war in history.

Over the course of the war, over 100,000 United States military troops and citizens were killed.


On March 28th, 2016, the terrorist group known as VIPER attacked Washington D.C. Discovering the fateful news, nearly half of the nation's superheroes traveled to the warzone to protect the President and the rest of the United States' leaders. The battle ended with a large shockwave caused by a crashing VIPER hovercraft enveloping all of D.C. Over 200 citizens were killed, and the President was seriously injured while trying to escape the area of battle via helicopter. The cause of the crashing VIPER hovercraft was several superheroes, including Ares, destroying the craft's engines. Several months later, the United States' leaders declared a state of emergency and martial law against the superhuman civilizations, blaming them for the disaster in Washington. The leaders then ordered government agencies to track down and capture all superhumans across the world. Although, superhumans who surrender and agree to help take down other superbeings will be granted amnesty for their "honorary service". As a result of this "martial law", superhumans such as Captain Cosmic, Hurricana, Ares, Bottlerocket and Mr. Clairvoyant formed an underground movement called the Rogues, an organization designed to fight against the government's martial law.

The war lasted for one year as over 15,000 superhumans were captured.

Known ParticipantsEdit

The following is a list of known superhumans who fought in the GSW. 

  • Names in bold font indicate superhumans who made an important role in the GSW.

*Names in italic font indicate superhumans who were captured in the GSW.

  • Shade
  • Paranormis
  • Jason Cruise

Over 5,000 superhumans fought in the GSW. Only 48 went underground and waited out until the war was over.

End of WarEdit

In late 2018, NASA discovered a Blue Giant heading towards planet Earth. Due to the war still raging, many organizations across the world became helpless and accepted that the end was nigh. Although, one of Captain Cosmic's scouts had learned of the event, and quickly announced it to the Rogues, who also became helpless. Captain Cosmic, however, looked at it as a sort of "refreshment" for worldwide superhuman peace, so, Captain Cosmic assembled a task force of the Rogues' toughest and most powerful superhumans, and traveled to the Kennedy Space Center. With the help of several astronauts and engineers, Task Force 119 used a shuttle prototype called the Daybreaker to travel into space to try and stop the Blue Giant from hitting Earth. In a daring act of bravery, Ares told the others to escape in the Escape Pods before the Blue Giant hit the shuttle. Ares stayed behind and continued to aim the shuttle at the incoming star. At the very last second, Ares quickly got into an Escape Pod and flew away before the shuttle hit the Blue Giant. Afterwards, The Giant's core imploded, sending it into a major explosion that many say was like a "supernova going off in your face" by pedestrian witnesses. All task force members safely reached Earth, however, Ares was critically injured due to being so close to the explosion. He suffered third degree burns and was sent into a coma that lasted for many months. To this day, the explosion was dubbed "the closest Earth has gotten to dying". It took congress a mere two days to call off the Superhuman Martial Law, therefore, bringing peace to super-civilizations. However, a year after the GSW ended, a new threat was soon approaching , one that would change the history of Earth for years to come...


The Blue Giant star that would soon come within Earth's perimeter.


  • XtranormalGeek's main inspiration for the GSW was an idea of heroes and villains fighting each other in a big, giant war and ending it with a bang.

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