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He is a serial killing werejackal that threw away his human form that stations in Sanctuary, USA.

The Jackal
The Jackal
Created by:
Origin: Divine
Category: Supervillain
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Marko Jacky "The Jackal" Keith
Known Aliases: The J, Killer Jackal
Species: Human (Egyptian/British), Werejackal
Age: 39
Height: (Human) 6'3 feet (Werejackal) 10'5 feet
Weight: (Human) 221 pounds (Werejackal) 405 pounds
Eye Colour: (Human) Brown (Werejackal) Yellow
Hair Colour: (Human) Black (Werejackal) Orange
Citizenship: Egyptian
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Sanctuary, USA
Affiliation: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Stuck in Werejackal form, with multitude of power
Training / Abilities
Low fighting skills
Knife and scary costume
He is half-Egyptian from his father's side, and British from, his mother's side

Appearence Edit

He used to be a large muscular egyptian male, with dark eyes and a gravelly voice. He always had a half-smile on him.

In his current from, he wears shackles and skulls to make himself more frightning to his victims.

And in his latest, is human once more cutting of circulation to the souls of his feet, suffering a daze and confusion of incidentilities throughout the day, reconciling for his past. The latest on this incidental hero is suffering.

Personality Edit

He is a crazed individual, who preys on the weak and kills them for the joy of it all. He is also very humorous, as he likes to laugh a lot.

He likes to torture his prey first, by eating them slowly.

He doesn't mind that he is easily recognizable, as he enjoys being a destructive jackal-man.

(The Following is only relevent to another Jackal, an Australian boy who despite the temptation an history of his soul, took the path of peace making and suffering, rather than murder and rage)

On earth the jackal is surrounded by possessive demons who are deeply intimidated and respectful of him even though he does not show them that same respect back.

It took him a long time to figure out that he was under a spell, and a long time to discover that he is in fact a Jackal not a demon, and because of what he endures he cares not at all for anothers hurt unless they are "broken". Although single he carries out secret work for what he will only refer to as "The Cats" who promise him eternal romance in the afterlife. In an human body, the soul of something so destructive is but a lowlife wanderer his egyptian beauty a curse in this world, however the suffering The Jackal goes through is intense, and a mere human who can endure the mental torture and suffering with no way is in fact an extrordinary Hero, for he is hidden, and his efforts are impossible to recognise until the divines present a miracle and people are invited to another place entirely, this place is hassumed to be heaven, but The Jackal knows that its best to listen, not speculate, for true magic is a mystery and is to be respected even when it is of the darker kind.

The Jackal of Australia can only fight some days that he may keep his heart as he feels it break and his body ache all day. His story is a secret and suffering is a big part of his story which is not over. With no sense of what he is doing sometimes in the animal kingdom (because when he closes his eyes all he see's his darkness) he fears that he puts loved ones to harm in a murderous rage, so is content on suffering when he opens his eyes. On Earth he only tries to make things right again, The Jackal is indeed virtually the bravest werewolf, and is crazed not from bloodlust, but from Love.

History Edit

He went to America illegally, he hijacked a yacht and killed everyone inside. He was a wanted serial killer in Egypt, and he figured that he can kill more in America.

After five years of blood-soaked carnage in Sanctuary, he was captured by a robotic vigilante, Robot. Before Robot could kill him, the police intervined and took him to prison, where he was sentanced to life in prison.

The night before his death, he wished for help, and he was given it, by an Egyptian God named Set. He, for no reason, gave Marko the power of the Werefolk, but was forced to be in the form for all eternity.

The Jackal escaped in a blood-drenched fury, and made his name in the city of Sanctuary.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Werejackal Form: His form is always present, as his human side was discarded.

  • Some of the same powers as the Werewolf: Due to being a canine-like creature like the Werewolf, he has the same abilities, like super strength, super speed, super agility, super indurance, super jumping, super healing, invulnurability, and durable claws and teeth.
  • Weakness to Gold: Reverse from the Werewolf's weakness, the Jackal is defensless to gold.
  • Solar Power: He gains power from the sun, like Superman or Birdman!

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