This article is on the Peacekeepers character The Jackhammer,the Positive Dimension's version of Charles Chrome. For the Negative Dimension's version, see Warhammer



The Jackhammer

Charles Chrome was born on the 13th of April 1981 as the son of the to-be Prime Minister Christopher Chrome. He grew up in the lap of luxury, oblivious to the crime and pverty around him. Charles first found out about the real world when he was taken hostage by a desperate father to get money for food. HE was rescued, but did not press charges.As soon as he was old enough (21), Charles joined the S.N.A.R.E program to try and give something back. He was in active service for 4 years when he lost his arm in a gun fight. Charles was honourably discharged from service. However, when the idea for Project Peacekeeper was activated, he signed up for the Jackhammer program, to build a suit of armor for the leader. he design had to be changed to allow for his disability, replacing the right hand with a gun. Charles became the first peacekeeper, and was tasked with evaluating and recruiting cuperheroes to the team.Along with the other Peacekeepers, Charles was defeated by Myrmech-10. They were saved by a last resort by his father: sending in an 11th Myrmech unit. Though it fought bravely, Myrmech-11 was defeated and almost killed by Myrmech-10. Charles saved it by blowing 10's arms off. 11, in response to having its life saved, developed a soul and renamed iteself Alice. She joined the team and formed a close bond with the Jackhammer. He grew to love her, and was devastated when Myrmech-10 reprogramming her forced him to destroy Alice. He buried her parts in a military cemetary, and found she had left him a backup of the programming that caused her soul. He rebuilt her and uploaded the programming. However, it formed itself into another unit which named himself Dexter and regarded Charles as it's father.==Character== Charles is a determined person, to the point of stubbornness. He refuses to accept help from others because he feels he shouldn't have too. Charles' disability causes him great frustration, and was overjoyed to get the use of his right arm back, albeit in the form if a mechanical gun on his Jackhammer Armor. Charles is also willing to look at the positive side of anyone, even offering the Eliminator a place on the team. Charles is a powerful foe in his armor and a genius strategist.


Charles has no powers. He is incredibly fit (he served in the S.N.A.R.E unit), but relies on his armor to fight his foes. His armor provides him with flight, twin vulcan cannons and missile launchers on his soulders. He also had a plasma beam mounted on his right arm, and Optic Beams beuilt into the visor on his helmet. The armor also makes him bulletproof and super strong.


Gender: Male

Real Name: Charles Chrome

Height: 6'1 (no armor), 7'0 (with armor)

Marital Status: Partner deceased

Age: 28

Birthday: 13th April 1981

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