Adrian Johnson was a eighteen year old boy he used to live with his parents In detroit but Detroit was to violent, so they moved Adrian into Saginaw some place a little safer then Detroit. He got into the new school and everything was " well it was a high school so it was ok". One day in lab the teacher wanted them to dissect select bug specimens, he got the mantis , the teacher reassured them it was safe and that the bugs wouldn't bite them. He went to grab the scalpel and the mantis bit him on the arm, he blacked out his two best friends Logan walker and Sarah Davis took him to the nurse. The nurse sent him home and he started hallucinating and vomiting, he then went to school and went to school in gym class he had to do the pull vault and he jumped and he went farther then the Mat, after the pull vault he had to lift weights and he was able to bench over 200 pounds. He was freaked out he saw his best friend Sarah he had a crush on her she walked in the bathroom, he blinked and he suddenly got x ray vision, He was starting to get used to this and he went home and researched it.

getting the world record for jumpingEdit

before he made his costume he wanted to use his powers for his own gain once he used his mantis enhanced jump to get the world record for the highest jump. He set the new world record and got 1,000 dollars.


super mantis jump

Mantis super strength

Mantis vision

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