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Blue Unicorn

Yeah... I know

The Rainbow Gang is a team of mutant child superheroes who's powers relate to mythical creatures, because they themselves are related to mythical creatures, and have discolored skin/hair.

Members Edit

There are 5 members.

  • Blue Unicorn/Charlie Swallows (age 14 3/4): Charlie Swallows was born with blue skin, hair, and a lion's tail. Now a highschool freshman (with a 10 inch spiral horn on his forehead), Charlie decided to call upon fellow mutants and start a team of superheroes to fight crime and stuff.


  1. Can heal himself rapidly
  2. Can heal others rapidly
  3. Can shoot out beams of light
  4. Can make loud, deafening noises with his voice
  5. Immune to all poisons
  6. Can fly
  • Bronze Basilcock/Carly Curry (age 14 1/2): Carly was born with scutes, feathers, chicken feet, and a pair of reptilian bat wings on her back. She is in the same grade and class as Charlie and they are best friends


  1. Has venom that can kill people instantly
  2. Can put people into a vegetable state if they stare into her eyes
  3. Can fly
  • Mauve Vampire/ Drake Bunin (Age 274, physically around 12): Draco (Drake for short) was born many years ago in a village somewhere in the Slavic regions. He was born with a light purple skin and sharp teeth. His skin was sensitive to sunlight and it made him uncomfortable.


  1. Super-strength
  2. Super-Speed
  3. Rapid healing
  4. Able to do complex calculations in split-seconds
  5. Can turn into a mist-like fluid
  6. Can read minds
  7. Ages very slowly
  8. Can fly
  • Green Dryad/Holly Dayes (Age 11): She has green skin and hair, because of the chlorophyll in her cells. Her hair is really bushy... Because it is a bush. She uses hedge clippers instead of scissors to cut it.


  1. Can control/manipulate the growth of plants
  2. Can regrow any body part (Except for her head)
  3. Can Splurt out vines from her body
  4. Can shoot out thorns filled with plant toxins
  5. Can Fly
  • Red Salamander/Jason Crow (age 9): His skin is orange-red insead of just red, but his costume is red because red is cooler (metaphorically) then orange.


  1. Pyrokenisis
  2. Ability to withstand any temperature between 1-28,000 degrees kelvin
  3. Can shoot out flames from his body
  4. Can walk on walls and other planes
  5. 5. Can fly


  • The Gnome/Old Man Perkins- Owen Perkins is a retired superhero who decided to live a peaceful life during his later years. He is a very small old man who lives in a hole. He is the main target for Charlie's antics.


  1. Can dig through the earth really fast
  2. Can turn into a giant at will (Usually around 30-70 feet high)

Villains Edit

The Baddies also have mythical creature powers

  • Manticore (Snowblood)- A chaotic store-robber who is the Rainbow Gang's main enemy since he is hard to catch and shows up a lot
  • Pwwka- A Jewel thief who turned into a shapeshifting creature by a powerful crystal
  • Fuchsia Naga
  • The Chimera Triplets
  • Panthera
  • Capra
  • Serpentes

History Edit

The Rainbow Gang came to be when 8th grader Charlie Swallows a.k.a. Blue Unicorn decided to form a group of changelings to fight criminals. Charlie firs recruited his heavily mutated best friend, Carly Curry, and they fought some criminals. After this went on for a while, another mutant, named Holly Dayes who "wanted in". After beating up more crooks, they met their match; a supervillain nicknamed Manticore. Charlie, Carlie, and Holly decided to peruse him and found the evil mutant robbing a jewelry store. However, Manticore just used his tail to shoot darts at the kids, immediately causing Carly and Holly to pass out. However, Charlie was immune and started to fight Manticore right before the most horrible injury he had (so far) occurred. Manticore swiped his tail across Charlie's face, tearing most of it off along with his left eye and a chunk of his tongue. Then he swung his tail at Charlie's abdomen, penetrating his guts. Charlie was too much in pain to fight the criminal, but that's when Draco Bunin came in and saved everyone. Manticore managed to escape from the scene, but Draco managed to save Charlie's face. Draco scolded Charlie, Carly, and Holly for facing a dangerous criminal. Charlie just said that they didn't have enough members and recruited Draco, then found and recruited Jason.

While trying to pick a leader for the team, Charlie said he should be it because he was the oldest. When Drake said that technically he was the oldest, Charlie responded with, "Well, I'm Cuter".

History of the ChangelingsEdit

Thousands of years ago many faeries did a practice of making Changelings. They would take the baby of a human and replace it with their own, sometimes to raise the human baby as their own, but most other times to have their child benefit from being raised by humans, like technology or breast milk.

The faeries that did this were usually elves and dwarfs, because they could easily disguise their children as humans. Other faeries, like dragons, unicorns, and sphinxes had a less easier time.

Eventually the golden age of faeries was over and they realized that their population was declining because of the continuing destruction of the environment and the fact that rarely anyone believed in them. So as a last-ditch effort to save their species, every single fairy decided to have changelings.

Needless to say this didn't work out so well.

The changelings or many faeries would look human, but only so much. They would have tails, scales, an unusual appetite, amongst other things. Of course, the humans didn't know about the faeries so they tries explaining the phenomenon with crazy science

The changelings also have many powers. "Mutant schools" were created so that they would learn to harness their powers, and not use them. Many don't use their powers much so they can live a normal life.

As of now, faeries are disguising their children as humans better than ever, so it appears that the "Mutant Epidemic" is declining, when in actuality it is increasing and soon the entire population of humans would be replaced by faeries who look like humans.

Oh well, what are you going to do?