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The Renegades are a group of supervillains who work together for their mutual benefit. Not driven by any overall ideology or goal, they instead are motivated mainly by the desire to get rich through committing super-powered crimes.


Overall, the team is lead by Graviton who founded it with his second in command, Firebomb. However, the team’s members are all seen as relative equals, no one being any more or less valuable then the others. In an oddly egalitarian move for a supervillain group, they do their best to see that every member is treated equally, especially in the division of the takings of their heists.

For the most part, their operations focus on stealing money, valuables, high-tech resources and the like. They seem to prefer robbery to all other crimes; they rarely will deliberately attack innocent bystanders, preferring to use them as shields and hostages, but almost never deliberately harming them. Of course, those that are injured by collateral damage form their attacks (such as Fracture’s shockwaves) are to be expected.

While the individual members of the Renegades are capable on their own, the team’s most powerful and distinctive trait is their ability to work together and compliment each other’s abilities. To this end, the team has developed strong tactics to exploit their foes while covering for their own weaknesses.

Typically, the team will seek to fight in a situation that prefers them, using cover and taking the high ground. Graviton will try to immobilise any fast-moving enemies, especially those that can fly, while Nerfbat and Killswitch will do their best to weaken their foes and disable their abilities. Once an opponent is pulled into place, Fracture, Firebomb and Brick Outhouse will move in to take them out. The group rarely aims to deliberately kill its foes, but won’t hesitate to do what they need to in order top affect their escape.


At present, the Renegades have six steady members and are not seeking any more. While they are being lead by Graviton, he is secretly planning to leave the team once he has enough money to resume his research. If he were to leave, it is unclear if the group would continue or simply fall apart.

On occasion, they will hire other villains to add muscle to the group or to help with particular tasks or skills that the others lack. Similarly, they have also worked for other villains who have been willing to pay them enough.

Current MembershipEdit

Known AssociatesEdit

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