The Scarlet Spectre is a series of comic books created by Thomas Arrigoni (AKA Bluemetrox)


The Scarlet Spectre revolves around its title character, Jenny Walker, AKA the Scarlet Spectre, a vigilante detective operating in London. She comes out of retirement when her brother, the Exterminator returns from the dead to wreak havoc once more



Chapter One:Edit

The book opens with the narrator talking about a dream she has. It entails a group of costumed soldiers moving through a jungle, perceived through the eyes of the narrator. They reach a town, and the narrator says they have been told to wait. One of them, who the narrator identifies as "Frank", his face covered by a mask, turns around and says he is going in anyway. The narrator attempts to stop him, but he knocks her to the ground and tells the rest of the group not to try and stop him. It then switches to a view of Frank slaughtering the villagers with a flamethrower, laughing.

The view cuts to a picture of a blonde woman waking up in bed (the narrator). She identifies herself as Jenny Walker, a secretary at an office block in Canary Wharf. She prepares for work, and leaves. On her walk to work, Jenny passes a group of gangsters raping a woman. She pauses for a moment, clenches her fists, and moves on. Jenny laments on how different things were, back when "I did what I did". She flashes back to a time when she was a vigilante called the Scarlet Spectre, who terrorized criminals in London and helped fight corruption within the authorities with her brother Frank, the Exterminator. Together, they took down several gangs and helped re-establish a functioning police force.

She goes on to reminisce how vigilantes were outlawed when Frank went on a killing spree after a riot and managed to almost level Whitechapel. He was killed in a firefight afterwards. She retired and got a job at an office block. Jenny then notes how street crime rose after the Scarlet Spectre disappeared. A gang calling themselves the Street Kings took over areas of the East End. They run protection rackets, steal food and money, and pay the police to look the other way. Their leader was a particularly vicious man named Haus.

After spending the day at work, Jenny heads home. She turns on the TV and watches a soap opera. Looking out of the window, she sees the group of Street Kings attacking a group of people but tells herself to ignore it and continues watching TV. However, eventually, she hears a child cry for help.

The scene cuts to Jenny in her bedroom. She opens her wardrobe, and inside is her Scarlet Spectre uniform. She pulls it on and climbs out of the window, drops down in front of the gang and tells them to stop. One of them laughs and warns her to leave. She refuses and breaks his arm when he tries to stab her. The rest of the gang advance on her, and she quickly dispatches them. The final member pulls out a gun and threatens to shoot. Jenny disarms and knocks him out. She warns the group of people not to wander around late at night and leaves.

Over the next few weeks, she gains notoriety by halting several crimes. The scene cuts to the PM in his office, surrounded by his advisers. They note that the people are beginning to rely more on the Scarlet Spectre than the police, creating an embarrassing scenario for the government. The PM is silent and requests the latest polls. They show that his credibility has fallen since the Spectre's return. He orders that the Scarlet Spectre be arrested.

In a hospital bed, the Exterminator lays comatose. Two nurses talk about the Scarlet Spectre's return. Suddenly, the Exterminator's eyes open and he demands to know where he is. One of the nurses attempts to comfort him and tell him that he is in London, and he has been in a coma. She tells the other nurse to go and get a doctor. After the nurse leaves, the Exterminator asks for a glass of water. When the nurse gives it to him, he smashes the glass and slits her throat with it. He then pulls the IV out of his arm and waits by the door. The second nurse re-enters the room with a doctor and sees the firsts nurses corpse. The doctor rushes forward to stem the bleeding, not noticing the Exterminator emerge from behind the door and throttle the nurse. Sneaking up behind the doctor, he rams the shard of glass he used to kill the nurse into the back of the doctor's neck. The Exterminator then bandages his hands and leaves the room.

Back in jenny's apartment, she watches a news report on her return and notes that she hasn't felt this good in years. Suddenly, the reporter reports that a patient at the Royal London Hospital killed several members of staff and other patients. The hospital is shown with the staff being questioned and the words "The Crusade Continues". Jenny drops her glass, recognizing the Frank's MO. Suddenly, there is a loud explosion and Jenny sees a fire at Belmarsh prison. She pulls on her suit and runs across the rooftops to get to the prison. She drops down onto the road in front of the prison and enters.

Chapter 2Edit

The chapter opens with Jenny running into Belmarsh. The prison has been taken over by the prisoners, and is under siege by the police. Jenny runs towards it, but is stopped by a police officer who attempts to arrest her for vigilantism. She fights him off, but is soon surrounded. The officers rush her, and she fights back, commenting "Fighting cops. How Nostalgic." She then proceeds into the prison, taking down prisoners as she goes. She soon finds a group of guards tied up and being menaced by one her old enemies, Walter Sharp, AKA the Happy Man. She flashes back to her first case.

Jenny finds a body with a smile carved into his face. She notes that there have been a lot of murders like that in the past week, and begins searching for evidence. As before, the killer has been careful not to leave behind anything that could be used to track him down. What she does find though, are traces of bleach. She filters her goggles to highlight the bleach and sets off on the trail. She finds it leads her to a bar. She goes inside.

Back in the prison, Jenny climbs up into the vents. The Happy Man continues circling his prisoners and tells them what he plans to do to them. One guard breaks down and pleads to be release. Sharp refuses and slits his throat. He then tells the other guards not to look so sad. He says he will make them smile too. Then he begins carving a smile into his victim's face. At this point, Jenny kicks a vent open and drops down into the room, Sharp grins and says "Oh, it's you. Are you looking for happiness too, Spectre?" She says nothing and runs at him. Sharp dives out the way and kicks her in the stomach. He then attempts to stab her, but she rolls out of the way. After punching him again, he sweeps her legs out from underneath her and she falls to the floor, smacking her head on the ground. Dazed, she watches as he returns to the guards and thinks to herself "I'm getting sloppy. Lucky girl" and remembers how she found him the first time.

Inside the bar, the patrons turn and look at her. One wolf-whistles. Another comments on her legs. She demands to know who killed the man in the alleyway. The barman tells her not to talk to his patrons that way and swings a pool cue at her head. Jenny blocks and punches him. The other patrons circle her. The scene cuts to a view of the outside of the bar. One of the patrons comes flying out of the window. Back inside, Jenny fights off the other patrons beofre returnsing to the bar. The barman levels a shotgun at her. She knocks it aside, but he manages to hit her shoulder. Noting that the shoulder pad is holding, she kicks him and demands to know where the killer is. He says that it was a guy named Walther Sharp. He bought a round of drinks in exchange for nobody talking about his hobby. She asks where he is, and when the barman says he doesn't know, breaks his arm. He tells her that Sharp has an appartment in Chinatown. She thanks him for his help and slams his head into the table, knocking him unconcious. Jenny turns and looks around the bar, at all the unconcious people and property damage, and thinks to herself "Ten minutes. New record" and then leaves for Chinatown.

Back in Belmarsh, Sharp is preparing to kill another guard. Jenny throws one of her escrima sticks at him and manages to land a roundhouse kick on his jaw. He cries out and runs off down the corridor. Retrieving her boot, she unties the guards and tells them to help the Police. One of them says "It's good to see you again, Spectre" and heads off. Jenny follows sharp down the corridor, remembering his tendency to hide in the shadows. Sharp suddenly drops down from the ceiling and holds his knife to her throat.

Jenny arrives at Sharps appartment. Inside, she can hear a man whistling and someone else sobbing. Quietly, she picks the lock. Suddenly, the door flies open and Sharp grabs her. He throws her into a wall and laughs at the idea of a costumed hero saving her. Jenny get's to her feet and sees the corpse on his table with a smile carved into it's face. Two women are tied up in the corner. Sharp lunges at her with his knife and manages to hit the shoulder where she was shot. Collapsing to the floor in pain, Jenny is pinned down by Sharp. She asks why he's doing this. Sharp tells her that every day he looks around at the world and sees how sad all the people are and that no matter what happens, nothing can change that. Sharp noted that charity doesn't work and so decided it was up to him to put people out of their misery. He decideds to "help" Jenny too. Raising his knife to kill her, his hand is suddenly broken by the Exterminator. Sharp asks who he is, and the Exterminator introduces himself before slamming Sharp's head into a wall. Sharp collapses with a smile on his face.

In the present, Sharp then raises his knife to kill her, but stops suddenly. Looking up, he sees the Exterminator grabbing his arm. Sharp drops the knife and sinks to his knees, head bowed. The Exterminator tells him to go back to his cell, and Sharp quickly runs to his cell. He then hauls Jenny to her feet and asks if she's Ok. Jenny pushes him away and says she didn't need his help. The Exteminator laughs and says "The more thins change, the more they stay the same." Jenny asks why he's doing this. The Exterminator tells her she knows why, and not to follow him. He climbs out of the window.

Then, two armed policemen enter the room and tell Jenny she is under arrest. Too exhausted to resist, she allows the to handcuff her. Taking her outside,she sees the mound of dead cops the Exterminator left behind. She is put into a police car and driven to Scotland Yard.

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