This article, The Sovereign Peoples of Planet Wargod, was written by IshmaelOTDOP. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The SPPW is a rebel group founded by Ether Stimul, and his son Janus Stimul after Ether's visit to the moon. Bringing together the peoples of the two largest cities on Mars, Stimul's Landing, and the place where the probe Wargod I was found, the City of Wargod, the SPPW also branches out into several smaller reservations and outposts, and through Ether's valiant efforts, can communicate with The Lunar Rebels that inhabit the moon. Many of the people of Mars were wrongly branded rebels and sentenced to life for treason, whether or not there was any. Many others are criminals that inhabited the death rows, and are simply out for Federation blood. Either way, the murky red marshes of the newly dubbed Planet Wargod make the people prone to violence, and the compounded hatred for the UMFE may just keep them from putting bullet holes in each other for a while.

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